Yahoo Messenger Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of Yahoo Messenger is: 408-349-3382, 1-781-575-2879, 877-373-6374, 408-349-3300.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo! Inc., 701 First Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94089.
For Extra Support:
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at 408-349-3382, 1-781-575-2879, 877-373-6374, 408-349-3300 to get help from Yahoo Messenger.
What is Yahoo Messenger?
The services was released on 9 march,1988 as it is free online charge service and can be downloaded through internet. It provides many services to the customers through which people can chat and receives mail as making yahoo ID. It also provides voice mail, URL scheme, web cam, Launch cast Radio, Yahoo Games, and Yahoo Audibles and other services, web cam is used for the people who are sitting far away from us through this we can talk face to face with video within a seconds. Its main advantage it helps to stay connected with friends anytime, anywhere on i pad, mobile or PC.

Contacting to Yahoo Messenger Care Support

With the determination to recommend exclusive ways for interaction, the authority is available for global user's to provide assistance regarding installation and other diverse factors. The authority is liable to render authentic information to maximize the belief of it's vital customers through the below mentioned numbers:
  • Sunnyvale, California: Call 94089
  • IR Phone: Call 408-349-3382
  • Company Phone: Call 408-349-3300
  • Toll Free: Call 877-373-6374
    Alternative: 1-781-575-2879
  • Fax: (408) 349-3301
  • To Report Query: Visit

Portfolio and Role of Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is premierly meant for interaction with one another. Yahoo Messenger is a social application or a specific way to stay connected with friends and family. People from global routes are bound by nothing to create groups of large persons and authorized to discuss brief things in a flash. However, the Yahoo Messenger is an extensive network to maintain a close relationship with global friends.
Yahoo Messenger is a podium of connections, and a sound way to maintain close connections beyond political barriers. Yahoo Messenger is enabling user's make video calls, send vice notes, texting and other digital aspects. Yahoo Messenger can be downloaded from Play Store, Itunes, and conventionally is compatible with Android and Apple devises. Moreover, the customers willing to download Yahoo Messenger application, are recommended to follow the given link:

Yahoo Messenger Complaints and Reviews

Customer care male
Mr. Bret Master CallsNov 08, 2016

Mr. Bret Master On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
When are we going to see who is on line it has become very difficult to connect with my contacts.

Customer care male
Mr. Peter Jolley CallsNov 06, 2016

Mr. Peter Jolley On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
Hello i can not send pictures messing on my messenger.

Customer care male
Mr. Gopal Pokhra CallsOct 15, 2016

Respected Sir,
Really we was very gratefully of you coz of Yahoo Messenger. We feel very very nice to use Yahoo Messenger. We was using Yahoo Messenger from last 25 years. But last few days we can not access Yahoo Messenger. Please again open Yahoo Messenger with chat rooms. Really we will very very gratefully of you. If we must pay you for it then also we can pay you extra. Please please again start Yahoo Messenger. Please again start Yahoo Messenger with chat rooms. We will very very gratefully of you whole life.

Customer care female
Ms. Janice Condran CallsSep 30, 2016

Ms. Janice Condran On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
I access my messenger thru my browser and my iPhone. Tonight when I went to use the application. All of my messages were go. These messages dated back to February of 2016. What happened to them. I need to recover them. I am using a MacBook Pro (Yosemite).

Customer care male
Mr. Sana CallsSep 26, 2016

Mr. Sana On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
Hi Team,
My user ID is Sana _nair5553@yahoo. Co. In

There is yahoo messanger Icon in my email home page. Where it show always two unread message notification in it. However I have received those unread message six months back from a stranger and i have read that and deleted that, but still the notification is not dissolved. Kindly investigate and solve my issue as I'm missing the important updates because of this.

Customer care female
Ms. Elizabeth Alaga CallsSep 19, 2016

Ms. Elizabeth Alaga On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
Not able to send messages I am not able to respond back when receive message also when I try to send message another person on my list pops up
also not able to delete names on a list
You took away a functioning messenger that was the best easy to use and fun Also now not able to send video or talk to the person So sad We are all saddened by the lost Yahoo.

Customer care male
Mr. Gary Morrison CallsSep 09, 2016

I can not
find my inbox for mail in new Yahoo Messenger so I can not get mail there
send answer to sparkey. Home@sympatico. Ca.

Customer care female
Ms. Pam Jones CallsAug 26, 2016

Is there anyway to get to get the NEW Yahoo Messenger to flash or alert until the message is read. I never know I have a message. We are trying to run a Dr's office and this is the way I communicate with the Doctor. I CANNOT sit at my computer and watch the screen ALLDAY. I hope this issue can be fixed or we will need to find a new way of communications.

Customer care female
Ms. Therese Moriarty CallsAug 19, 2016

I do not see a way to be able to make the font bigger older people need bigger font seems yall are catering to younger people and forgetting about the older people who use Yahoo Messenger also i hav a dear friend who must use a talking keyboard and it will not work with your new messenger why do yall feel the need to change an ALREADY GOOD THING? sometimes change is not always a good thing.

Customer care female
Ms. Peggy Cotten CallsMay 19, 2016


Customer care female
Ms. Imelda CallsApr 08, 2016

Yahoo Messenger has not been the same since the new upgrade, I am so disappointed by the new version, there are no options for preferences to allow me to retrieve my conversation history.

Customer care female
Ms. Imelda CallsApr 08, 2016

I can not find an answer for my problem, I am unable to retrieve my conversation history from the new Yahoo Messenger app, I need help please its very important.

Customer care male
Mr. Thomas Vidaurreta CallsApr 07, 2016

Mr. Thomas Vidaurreta On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
I have not been able to find where to setup video calling i have windows ten and a web cam installed.

Customer care male
Mr. Rahul Ubale CallsApr 01, 2016

Dear Team i could not show yahoo chat room on my Yahoo Messenger please help me Thanks and Regards, Rahul Ubale mobile : 9664455288.

Customer care male
Mr. Aqib CallsMar 20, 2016

Hii my Yahoo Messenger is not working since afternoon when i am sending messages to my friends it gives me error as trying to connect i am sending from my mobile please help me on this please.

Customer care male
Mr. John Crihfield CallsFeb 10, 2016

My phone Yahoo Messenger will not let me get into it and I would like to no what's going on with it and why its not letting me get on my phone Yahoo Messenger.

Customer care female
Ms. Charity Oberes Berthiaume CallsJan 09, 2016

Ms. Charity Oberes Berthiaume On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
Hello, Can you help me? I can not access my yahoo mail even I signed-in with my password they said they need to confirm my identity and send me text message to the number or send me email the problem is that I lost my mobile phone two weeks ago and I do not have an access to the other email address that I put on my account before. Please help me so I can access to my account without asking any verification code.

Customer care male
Mr. Rajkumar CallsOct 09, 2015

Mr. Rajkumar On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
I have login new ID in, but my yahoo messengers has not open now.

Customer care female
Ms. Brenda Figi CallsSep 05, 2015

Hi my Yahoo Messenger acted up on my iPad so I put on my phone tried logging in, but have forgotten my password and since I signed up my phone number has changed and also my email address.

Customer care male
Mr. Dr. Joy Chakraborty CallsAug 25, 2015

I am using Yahoo Messenger 11. five under Windows 8. one Professional 64 bit OS. Unfortunately whenever I try to chat with somebody no conversation text (incoming as well as outgoing) appears in the chat window. Even emoticons and other audibles are not working. Thought the picture sharing is working fine. I have reinstalled freshly Yahoo IM 11. five and other lower versions, but none is working. I have also reset the browser configuration to default. But still the issue is persisting. Please help to sort out the problem.

Customer care female
Ms. Brookly CallsJul 27, 2015

Ms. Brookly On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
I have requested for help to reset my password i got one email and i emailed back with the information they asked for and i have been waiting for almost an hour on a reply and i have to get into my account asap.

Customer care female
Ms. Tina CallsJul 21, 2015

Ms. Tina On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
The phone number is automatically answered with a message telling you to go to the yahoo website. You do not get to talk to a person and the help board doesn't address all issues. They need a working phone number answered by a human and an email address and an online chat for support. It seems like they are trying to avoid their customers. If they do not want to deal with people they should not be in this business.

Customer care male
Mr. Emeana Uche CallsJun 10, 2015

Mr. Emeana Uche On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
Please,I am Emeana Uche the rightful owner of this very email address stated below, which has been in use for years. But for months now am unable to log on directly with my phone blackberry smartphone unlike before without knowing what the problem could be. Instead of logging in directly through the messenger application I keep encountering much problems accessing my messenger account like I normally do previously. It could be I mistakenly added something wrong which was not suppose to be that could lead to blockage of accessing my account as usual. Which I am unable to identify or sort out what might be the cause. Kindly, help me to re install whatever that might have caused all this to enable me gain access to chat with my friends online. I will be much grateful with your assistance in duo time. Thanks. Emeana Uche .

Customer care male
Mr. Randy Best CallsApr 10, 2015

Mr. Randy Best On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
I have been waiting for about 1/2 hour for an email to confirm my password for messenger and still have not got it. Have not been able to log in for four days and all settings are correct. And NO answers. WHY.

Customer care female
Ms. Kathie Christon CallsMar 16, 2015

Ms. Kathie Christon On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
Someone is using my yahoo messenger account and i am trying to setup another account, but it will not let me setup another account

Customer care female
Ms. Sandra Bonnot CallsMar 02, 2015

Several years ago I had a Yahoo Messenger account. It may still be active, but I do not remember any of the information on it. I'm trying to sign up and am not being allowed to. Says the information is wrong.

Customer care male
Mr. Harish CallsFeb 27, 2015

I am not able to login Yahoo Messenger whenever i am login messenger ever-time show message there was a problem signing into Yahoo Messenger (81003005). So what we do, how can i able to login my id.

Customer care female
Ms. Denise CallsFeb 18, 2015

I am not receiving Yahoo Messenger alerts for days. This is the only thing that doesn't seem to want to alert me when someone messages me. I have uninstalled, powered off, powered on and reinstalled it to no avail. This is a very crappy Yahoo Messenger and no wonder it has a very low rating.

Customer care female
Ms. Marzieh Oghabi CallsFeb 11, 2015

Hello,I can sign in to Yahoo Messenger via computer,, but unfortunately I can not sign in to Yahoo Messenger via cellphone error is: sign in failed-invalid user ID or password. What should I do?

Customer care male
Mr. Sandeep Patil CallsFeb 04, 2015

Mr. Sandeep Patil On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
I am unable to sign in yahoo messenger. Before that i have changed my password. But with new password able to open my mail account.

Customer care male
Mr. Ishrath CallsFeb 04, 2015

Mr. Ishrath On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
Hi sir i need your help i want my last 2011 October to December video chat and voice chat can you help me for that thanks in advance my email what i used on that year is

Customer care male
Mr. Ronald CallsJan 23, 2015

My Yahoo Messenger password, i forgot, please help me. My Yahoo Messenger id:richardferns144, my email

Customer care male
Mr. Michelle Lewis CallsJan 12, 2015

Michelle Lewis On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
I have a person under the name wildgirl7723W that popped up on my child's phone message requesting that she has nude photos She comes from this we address and request she go to wildgirl7723w to see them. Asphaxiwhjh@44kth_8G227_com: my daughter never did anything to provoke this type of message. I have requested she stop but she won't. She writes dirty messages.

Customer care male
Mr. Vinod Dongre CallsJan 07, 2015

I am in Saudi now, i did not open my Yahoo Messenger in mobile. It is blocked there, but in laptop with same id. It is open please. Rectify the problem soon.

Customer care male
Mr. Vinod Dongre CallsJan 07, 2015

My Yahoo Messenger is active in laptop, but not open in mobile please. Open it in mobile, it shows blocked in mobile.

Customer care female
Ms. Leslie Harris CallsJan 06, 2015

I received this message from one of your users. I do not text and they should be reported. I'm unable to attach my photo of message I received. From: tbwaswlpwqpq SUBJ: 4213356024MSG: Get back to me on Yahoo Messenger and i will send you a maughty pic hehe LaRrAiNeHICaReLaKs5845 is me.

Customer care male
Mr. Darrin Albanese CallsDec 25, 2014

Severe complaint being done using Yahoo Messenger. A girl sent me a e-mail w/link, and then used webcam Skype to get me to send money to her for her sick mother overseas. By via western union, this is her user name. (Caroline Brock) uses Skype video and Yahoo Messenger to communicate typing and says she has no audio on Skype and has to use Yahoo Messenger She has a reputation on the net. The photos And the ones posted on her profile, are a completely different girl that showed up on the webcam. Scary, luckily, I did some research after not feeling "right" about the money transfer and I was able to stop the western union payment. She lured me in with (Yahoo Messenger)first, then proceeded with Skype for camera. This is the e-mail she was using also, reported to western union. It is scary, and she also had me show her my house with my Skype and asked if I had guns in the house, and any security cameras etc. I am very concerned because I have a child in my home.

Customer care male
Mr. Kevin CallsDec 23, 2014

Mr. Kevin On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
This is Kevin can you please tell me why I can not get into my yahoo messenger I have not been able to get in to it since seven am today my messenger name is Kevinhite725

Customer care female
Ms. Lynda Lovett CallsDec 19, 2014

I can not sign in to my Yahoo Messenger account, it tells me to reset my LAN settings and my proxy server, I have tried all these options still to no avail, hoping that you can help me solve this problem, Thanking you

Customer care male
Mr. Angel Molina CallsDec 15, 2014

Recently I had to reset my computer to it's original factory settings and lost my Yahoo Messenger, how do I get it back along with all my contacts.

Customer care male
Mr. Dean CallsDec 03, 2014

Mr. Dean On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
Hello my name is Dean and my yahoo identification is and for the last month or so i have been having to log in twice first time saying i have entered the incorrect details, but its always right so what is going on here and the first time log in screen is slightly different than the second after it says that why do i have to re-right my email and password twice it very annoying and i am even considering using a different email account from another company is this just some one stealing all my details or what? as i need privacy with my account for i have sensitive details here
if its not fixed soon i am going elsewhere
thank you.

Customer care male
Mr. Muneer Ahamed CallsAug 07, 2014

Mr. Muneer Ahamed On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
I have problem in yahoo messenger since two days indicating error code. 502. Please do the needful. Thank you.

Customer care male
Mr. Alan Buckley CallsJun 16, 2014

Alan Buckley On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
The following id-janekult685 pretending to be a young woman who is listed on a dating site. FilipinoCupid is messaging people to obtain money by blackmailing them with photos. This ID should be removed

Customer care male
Mr. sidharth CallsNov 06, 2013

Mr. sidharth On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
My ID is, when i want to open yahoo messenger site is asking what is your cousin name, but i forgot my answer help can i open yahoo messenger my ph.number is 09953142267.

Customer care male
Mr. paul CallsAug 10, 2013

Mr. paul On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
can not access my account, password may have been changed, it looks like, new yahoo mail address reply to new yahoo mail address . old yahoo mail address is the problem I can not get in it ,can anybody give me a hand handling this problem?

Customer care male
Mr. Seshadri CallsJul 29, 2013

Mr. Seshadri On Phone To Yahoo Messenger Service
Dear Sir,

In my yahoo profile sheet not provided correct data.I always ignore them. Hence I could not able to conduct key word. Further I forget my mother native birth. Hence I am providing here with the following e mail ID and mobile number.,
My mobile number.09605077022. Kindly update this and do the needful please. Thanking You,