Woolworths South Africa Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of Woolworths South Africa is: 0860 022002 / 0860 100 987 /0860 100 445.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): Woolworths South Africa, 79 Roeland St Cape Town 8001, South Africa.
Email Service Support: custserv@woolworths.co.za
For Extra Support: Woolworths.com.au
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at 0860 022002 / 0860 100 987 /0860 100 445 to get help from Woolworths South Africa.
What is Woolworths South Africa?
Woolworths Holdings Limited is a worldwide available retail store. Woolworths is one of the biggest in the nation, patterned on Represents and Spencer of the United Kingdom. The Woolworths product now has a sequence of food shops. Woolworths South Africa first opened on 30 Oct 1931 in Plein Street Cape Town. Woolworths managed through both business and series stores throughout South Africa and nearby countries. Woolworth’s products are sold at 149 business shops, 51 worldwide series shops throughout the rest of Africa and the Middle Eastern and 69 South Africa series shops national. Woolworths Holdings Limited was established by Max Sonnenberg and Rich. Woolworths Limited was founded in 1924. Its first store was opened in Sydney's Imperial Arcade. The same customer service number of Woolworths South Africa listed above is also used for Woolworths South Africa careers, Woolworths South Africa head office, Woolworths South Africa catalog 2012, Woolworths South Africa recipes, Woolworths South Africa history, Woolworths South Africa scandal, Woolworths South Africa head office contact details and Woolworths South Africa news.

Important Contact Numbers And Email Id's Of Woolworths South Africa

Following is the list of important email Id's and contact numbers by the help of which interested person may get necessary information about Woolworths South Africa
General Enquiries0860 022 002custserv@woolworths.co.za
Woolworths Online0860 100 987shop@woolworths.co.za
WRewards0861 502 050rewards@woolworths.co.za
My School Enquiries0860 100 445cs@vmp.co.za
Financial Services021 411 5000queries@wfs.co.za

About Woolworths South Africa

Woolworths is a string of retail stores, headquartered in Cape Town, South Africaworks primarily through its subsidiaries, Woolworths (Pty) Ltd, Woolworths Monetary Administrations (Pty) Ltd and Nation Street Constrained (Au). At Johannesburg Stock Exchange it is listed among the top 100 companies. In South Africa the Woolworth is commonly known as Woolies. Woolworths is the main retailer of its kind in the nation, offering fashion designs, eatables, home-ware and cosmetics products under its own particular brand name. Woolworths, additionally offers a financial services through its partnership with Absa Bank. Woolworths products are sold at 149 corporate stores, 51 global license stores all over the Africa and the Center East and 69 South African license stores across the country. In the history of Woolworths it was an association with Marks & Spencer (M&S) of London. For more online shopping and for more details about the products please visits its official website http://www.woolworths.co.za

Woolworths South Africa Complaints and Reviews

Customer care female
Ms. Miriel CallsNov 24, 2016

Ms. Miriel On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Good day

Purchased a pie at your Bryanston branch and I am now treating a burn mark on my face and arm that's how hot it was.

Customer care female
Ms. Sabitha Maharaj CallsNov 09, 2016

Ms. Sabitha Maharaj On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I was given a handbag by my daughter two years ago as a mothers days gift. I was really happy to take this on my holiday as I did not use it and it was new. I travelled to Seychelles and India oct/nov came back on the five November 2016. To my disappointment this bag was an embarrassment to me on my travels. The bag just peeled and looked so bad. I always believe in woolworths quality and I have been shopping there as well for years and recently purchased clothes for my holiday, but this handbag was really a very sad experience on my travels. My mobile is +27 837762664.

Customer care female
Ms. Jane Bartie CallsOct 17, 2016

Ms. Jane Bartie On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Today I am a very disappointed and frustrated, now ex-client, of Woolworths SA. I will never shop or support anything linked to Woolworths SA. In 2010 I lost my job and had to go under Debt Review. According to my Debt Councilor, we had a court order that stated what I had to repay, which I did. Now that the original amounts have been paid IN FULL, I am being harrassed by debt collectors, not just one, but 2. I'm at the point now that I will go to the Consumer Board and log a complaint. What's done is done now.

Customer care female
Ms. Inge Kaul CallsSep 20, 2016

Ms. Inge Kaul On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Ti whom it may concern,
I am a vitality member and nominated your store for my healthy purchases. I noticed next to my purchase on my receipt WT VIT or just VIT on its own also a letter A or C and nobody in the stores has been able to explain what this mean. Surely there is a valid reason while these letters appear on my till slip. Please help. Kind regards Inge Kaul .

Customer care female
Ms. Metty Themba CallsSep 16, 2016

Ms. Metty Themba On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I once took a loan with you and I've been paying this loan for long now and it does not seem to get down I understand you handed me over to the attorneys when I lost my job and I could not afford my installment so I negotiated with them to pay Road every month with they agreed to that since 2012 up until now I'm still paying and there is no difference so I want to know what is happening where is the money going towards if not the loan they even do not want to give me the settlement amount I ask for. My ID NUMBER is 6901080364089. NAME:Metty Themba
I will appreciate if I get a respond on this issue. Thank you.

Customer care male
Mr. Elsabe Scholtz CallsJul 19, 2016

Mr. Elsabe Scholtz On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I would like to bring to your attention that the lady that works at the counter at Gateway Mall Durban selling roast chickens should not be working with the public. She is the most unfriendly person who drags herself from the area at the back of the counter and glares at one - no smile, no "can I help you?" nothing. On top of this she seems to be racists too. She helped all the black customers one after another and when a new black customer arrives she immediately helped them. All the time glaring at me as if to challenge me to say something Needless to say I didn't buy the chicken, I went to Spar to buy the chicken. This lady will definitely cost you a lot of sales. I will never go back that is for sure.

Customer care female
Ms. Una Van Tilburg CallsJul 02, 2016

Ms. Una Van Tilburg On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I purchased a pair of cargo type shorts for my husband in possibly Nov 15 to put away for our trip to UK which we do every year for six months - the weather has not been good so only wore these shorts last month and when I was iron them I noticed that there was a hole in the pocket ling plus the button on the front was all frayed and stitching coming loose - this is the third time I have had to return goods to Woolworths - the last one was a shift dress which I think had the wrong size back (like the back 38 and front 36) it kept riding up my neck - so that was returned - what had happened to the Quality Control at Woolwooths - I paid a good price for the cargo shorts and would like you to advise what I should do - will only be back in SA end August - I have had an account with W/W for about 30years or when you first opened account - this is not good enough as paid I think R350. 00 - part of my acc number is 6007 8501.

Customer care male
Mr. Siphiwe Maseko CallsMay 20, 2016

Mr. Siphiwe Maseko On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
My name is siphiwe johannes maseko ive been accused of having an account with your shop of which ive never opened an account with woolworths, last year i submitted a complain after my bank told me whats happening that some one cloned my id and stuff. i did an affidavit and i spoke to one of your frauds department lady and explained my self. so why are yo law representatives harrasing me ? and since well your the ones who took my name to them you give them everything in terms of details. i wont say nothing because i came to you guys and didn't get help. 0763707910.

Customer care female
Ms. Antonia Selepe CallsMay 17, 2016

Ms. Antonia Selepe On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I went to buy a dress at Woolworths Sunny park branch Sunday of the 07/05/2016. I went to the till section and unfortunately it took three cashiers about seven minutes to assist me. It looked that cashiers had their own interpersonal conflict going on as each of them instructed me to go to the next till. This was done so without any proper explanation. Both two ladies(cashiers) instructed me do go to the third male cashier who eventually helped me. It is very disappointing to see such big store with employees who do not get along and make their workplace challenges affect customers. I would not want to go back to a store where it will take me seven minutes to pay at the till whilst there is no queue. In future, please advise your employees not to fight in front of customers. Kind regards, Antonia.

Customer care male
Mr. Noor Boolay CallsMay 17, 2016

Mr. Noor Boolay On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
good day, i visited woolworths mosselbay mall on thursday 12/05/2016 at 14:50 and noticed that the freezer that held the halaal chicken products was stacked with pork and other red meat products. i called for a manager and explained to him a (eben) that it cannot be allowed as woolworths takes its innitiative to supply halaal products to its customers for it to messed up with cross contamination and also not fair on the kosher customers and customers that don't eat red meat for this to be together. he called another manager a (delport) and they wanted to justify that because it is not a halaal store they may do that. i do not think it is fair on none eating pork/meat customers for the products to be mixed and their staff should be educated regarding this including managers foremost. hope to receive a response from your department.

Customer care male
Mr. Natascha CallsMay 03, 2016

Mr. Natascha On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Ek het Vrydag and 850g Malval poeding gekoop en toe ek hom oop maak was ek bitter teleurgesteld. Dit was nie naastenby die standaard waaraan ek gewoond was nie. Die hele een hoek van die poeding was feitlik weg/platgeval. Ek het glad nie and strokie meer nie en na my seuntjie my gesmeek het om hom gaar te maak was ek nie lus vir die hassle om hom terug te vat nie. Ek het immers fotos geneem. Dit was regtig vir my sleg, aangesien ek eerder duurder betaal het omdat ek die kwaliteit van Woolworths verwag het. Indien iemand my kan bel sal ek dit graag waardeer. Natascha .

Customer care female
Ms. Bernice Dos Santos CallsApr 29, 2016

Ms. Bernice Dos Santos On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I have had an account (Account number 6007 8501 1307 7851) for more than 20 years. I purchased a pair of shoes for my son for school in January 2016 at a high cost of R500, they are now currently in for repairs as the workmanship on the shoes was appalling. I really do not expect this from Woolworths, for the cost incurred one would expect the shoes to last much longer.

Customer care female
Ms. Penny CallsMar 23, 2016

Ms. Penny On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I visited the Morningside branch this morning and asked for a toasted sandwich and coffee. The coffee arrived quite quickly, but the food took some time. The coffee wasn't hot and by the time the food came, I was glad that one of the waitresses offered to heat it up. The sandwich was cold, rubbery and the service was non-existent. NOT a good experience in what I used to think of as an up-market store. Was it because I didn't spend much? Or because I am elderly and not worth much consideration? By the way - clever of you to make it so difficult to make a complaint.

Customer care female
Ms. Erika Hamilton CallsFeb 24, 2016

Ms. Erika Hamilton On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Good Day

I am taking Trouble to complain after several times this has happened, instead of posting this on social media. I bought a twin pack pineapples at Woolworths Cobble Walk on Monday to find AGAIN that one of them (although it looks perfect on the outside) is rotten on the inside up to 3/4 way through the fruit. This has now happened to me a couple of times and also experienced this with your "Ripe and Ready" very expensive Avocado's where the inside of the fruit is brown/black even after shopping at another branch nl. Durbanville Palm Grove and everytime I just throw the pineapples and Avo's away. Is there a money back guarantee on all the pineapples and Avo's I have thrown away to date as I cannot be expected to drive the store everytime. I am a loyal Woollies shopper, but considering changing from Woolworths for fruit/Veg shopping and Food Lovers Market as their quality is equally good, but prices a lot better than Woolworths.

Customer care female
Ms. Asanda Meddy Twala CallsFeb 16, 2016

Ms. Asanda Meddy Twala On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Good day

I trust this email finds you well,

I have lodge the inquiry yesterday I have not received the response on this matter. I have received a call from Woolworths customer care team, saying I am have an outstanding balance with Woolworths of R180. ? To my surprise I have settle the account last year. I ask the lady what is the balance for she said it's for service fee. I ask her the service for? as its not my first time to settle my account with Woolworths and the was no service fee charged. What services fee must I paid. Hope this matter will be handle with a urgently respond. My contact number is 072 2366 419
ID Number: 7806080451084
Ref number is 20160215-338293224. Kind regards,

Meddy Asanda Twala.

Customer care female
Ms. Jill Webster CallsDec 24, 2015

Ms. Jill Webster On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
My daughter was at your Farramere store this morning at 7. 30. The shelves were empty and had not been restocked for the Christmas rush Eg: four coleslaw salads, no trifles, three watermelons etc. The list goes on. Apparently there was a truck at the back which was off loading. The is disgusting service, knowing what kind of a rush you have on Christmas eve. The customers were absolutely fuming. My daughter then left the store and went and did her shopping at Pick and Pay in Farramere. This is totally unacceptable and feel your store management and the logistics division should be taken to task on this matter. I myself are a regular shopper at Woolworths. Very disappointing.

Customer care female
Ms. Amy Moodley CallsNov 28, 2015

Ms. Amy Moodley On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
O292875169 woolworths order number online. My delivery was scheduled for 2-5pm. It is now 5. 24pm and no sign of Woolworths I always shop online and i have just learnt that you are proud to have UTI onboard well i am not impressed in the least i have a function on tonight and no sign of woolworths. I am highly disappointed and unhappy.

Customer care female
Ms. Charmaine Hackland CallsOct 07, 2015

Ms. Charmaine Hackland On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Dear Sir / Madam. I have to say I was very disappointed when I recently visited a new Woolworths store in Bela Bela, Limpopo, South Africa. I was in the store with my daughter when a lady walked into the Woolwoths window from the outside. There were no markings on the windows to warn you and you honestly could not see the glass. We nearly did the same thing. She was injured, had a badly bruised nose and blood was dripping from her face. I asked the floor supervisor to tend to her, but he refused. Said it happened outside the shop. Must say I find that unacceptable and disappointing Please could you get this particular store to rectify this danger immediately as this is a retirement town and this is likely to happen to some poor older lady with much more serious injury. You are welcome to contact me for more information.

Customer care female
Ms. Rika Tome CallsSep 30, 2015

Ms. Rika Tome On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Dear Sir/Madam, Just before the public holiday on the 9th of August, my husband bought two containers of fresh pasta at the Woolworths Engen store at Cornwill view in Elardus Park, Pretoria. One container was perfect, but the other one, when we wanted to eat it the following evening (well before the expiry date on the 11th of August, was completely blue at the bottom of the container when we turned it upside down. It was clear that it was rotten. I find this completely unacceptable, especially from a store like Woolworths where quality and freshness is guaranteed. It is the first time I buy something from Woolworths that is rotten. I tried to attach a photograph which I took at the time without any success. I can send it to you if you provide me with an email address. Rika Tome (0828215362).

Customer care female
Ms. Nnana CallsSep 23, 2015

Ms. Nnana On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
The woollies food at Park rand is always under stocked on basics and I always wonder why they exist in the first place. I have complained a various occasions to management, but there has not been any improvement. It is closer to where I work, but I find it is always pointless to drive there. This morning I went looking for dried either beef or game boerewors, also for fish henering (excuse my spelling)alternatively lunchbox chicken fillets. Trust me there was none of these. Please improve.

Customer care female
Ms. Joy Swingewood CallsMay 22, 2015

Ms. Joy Swingewood On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I used to buy the mini salami bites in a little pouch that was blue for plain and red for spicy. What has happened to them? You now sell a very stringy version of them in a little bag. These are really terrible. They are dry and the casing tough. Please bring back the others. Why change something when the quality of the original was so much better?.

Customer care male
Mr. Adnaan Solomon CallsApr 20, 2015

Mr. Adnaan Solomon On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I am hugely disappointed at the quality of the shoe that I bought from your stores in December last year, the shoe is barely a couple of months old and the sole looks like it is splitting I mean come know man if you pay so much for something you would think it will last for sometime. I always associated Woolworth with Quality, but this time around I must say I am disappointed. I need to know what I must do with the shoe as I do not have the till slip anymore.

Customer care female
Ms. Daniella Poilly CallsFeb 26, 2015

Ms. Daniella Poilly On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Hello, I bought nectarines yesterday from your Kloof KZN branch, when I opened them at home they were rotten and the sell by date has NOT been reached yet. I also bought a tray of carrot and pecan muffins and they were stale, do you not ask yourself why all the muffins are sold out except these ones and this is everyday? I keep telling myself to complain about the poor service from your tellers, in the good old days they actually gave you a smile when you got to the till, but now they just scream at you. plastic bag.

Customer care female
Ms. Namhla Shabalala CallsDec 23, 2014

Ms. Namhla Shabalala On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Woolworths Boardwalk Richards Bay on the 23. 13. 2015 at 15:30. I went to the Woolies Cafe just to have a late healthy lunch since i am 07 months pregnant. We waited at the entry point as the sign was requesting us to wait to be seated. I was ignored i got irritated; one of the waitresses came to the table next to where i was standing. I asked her if we can go in and seat. She said yes with such an attitude. We sat down as there a lot of seats that were free. We waited for the Menus until it was obvious that we were being punished for complaining about being ignored for waiting to be seated as the restaurant was not busy. We ended up leaving to look for another restaurant as i was hungry. I was very irritated and disappointed by such behavior. Woolworths is my store and NEVER had i experienced such treatment before at that Cafe or any Woolies Cafe for that matter.

Customer care female
Ms. Ethel Manuel CallsDec 22, 2014

Ms. Ethel Manuel On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
My husband and I bought six liters long life milk from Woolworths at Blue Route Mall. We normally purchase full cream milk, but because the low fat milk was cheaper we decided on that instead. As per the pictures attached before the milk is poured in the black tea looks fine. After pouring the milk in there are fatty bubbles which float on the surface. It looks as if there is sunlight dish washing liquid floating on top. I initially thought this was the problem, but made a point of rinsing cups thoroughly with boiling water then making tea again. The same thing happens each time. It's quite disgusting and I have now thrown away numerous cups of tea and coffee because of the milk. I do not understand why the low fat milk does this as it only expires in May 2015; and it is definitely not off. Please explain why this is happening with all six liters - I cannot just throw the milk away.

Customer care male
Mr. Peter CallsDec 16, 2014

Mr. Peter On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I have a complain about a certain person at festival mall his name is Mzolisi he is not giving us the best of service as customers he couldn't help me out as a customer an I had to go out to checkers an I got a better service than I got at your shop so it's clear that your stuff knows nothing about policies towards customers an customer service an I will be more than willing to stop my family shopping there again.

Customer care female
Ms. Nicolette De Sousa CallsDec 14, 2014

Ms. Nicolette De Sousa On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I had a terrible experience today in Woolworths Hemingways. My dress got caught in the escalator. I started screaming and crying with panic as more of my dress was getting pulled in. At the bottom I managed to rip myself free. I was so traumatized that I nearly fainted. Staff members stood and watched from a distance and didn't come to my aid. Another customer went and found a pair of scissors and cut the ends of my dress. I fully understand that it is not Woolworths fault, but I would expect that your staff would be trained to deal with and come to the aid of your loyal customers when they are in distress in your stores. I am very disappointed.

Customer care female
Ms. Nazlie CallsNov 10, 2014

Ms. Nazlie On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I think your service is pathetic. I bought a pair of sandals at canalwalk as i was paying i ask the guy if that shoes is the same size he look at it and said yes i told him the one looks bigger than the other when i got home, it was a six and a nine all the back to vangate to exchange it because i did not go to canal walk, double petrol because i stay in cape town. Last week i bought my son two shirts in Canalwalk, he told the lady the one packet is open and she told him the shirt is fine, came home the shirt got a lite pink mark between the buttons. I took it to Adderley street Saturday to exchange a lady help me in the department and i took it too customer service where they swap it when i got home it was not a 39 collar shirt, but a 43 collar do your staff know what they doing.

Customer care female
Ms. Carina CallsNov 07, 2014

Ms. Carina On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
No complaint just a complement. I was looking for creame cheese, couldn't find anywhere, then a stuart went looking in the store and reported that there was no stock. I was in the queue to pay. He came running after me with the cheese. Well done, that's what i call service. Thank you so much. Woolies Magalies View will see us again.

Customer care female
Ms. Anusha Nadasen CallsNov 07, 2014

Ms. Anusha Nadasen On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Dear Madam / SirI went to the Melrose Arch Woolworths yesterday. Besides for the fact that the teller was so rude, the lady at the cooked chicken section was even worse. The dough of the pie I purchased was raw - completely raw. This is most disgusting and such a turn off. I am disappointed at the lack of service and unfriendliness, but most of all in the quality of this particular item.

Customer care female
Ms. Teressa Roux CallsNov 03, 2014

Ms. Teressa Roux On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I was very disappointed yesterday, when we went through to Woolworths in Eastgate. They had a special on chickens - roasted, but only to find that there were not enough cooked chickens for the people in the line. We went twice and both times, we were unable to purchase on chicken. I think that Woolworths should ensure that when it is months end that they do not have specials like these because of the pressure on the staff and the people in the shop. We were told to wait 20 minutes and later we were told to wait 30 minutes. Really, with a child in the shop and we must now stand and wait. The other problem was because of the renovations taking place the shop was over crowded and nobody knew where to stand when paying. Please Woolworths, you can do better than this.

Customer care female
Ms. Gael Minnie CallsOct 19, 2014

Ms. Gael Minnie On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I bought beef mince from Woolworths store in Waterkloof, Pretoria, three packets.
It tastes like liver and smells awful. The first packet i used to make my own famous hamburgers, not even any sauces could mask the smell or the taste of that food. The second packet my staff used for lunch, what was leftover i heated up for the dogs, that smells awful! not taste and smell of off rotten meat, but of bad quality and liver.
Could you please look into this matter and give me feedback?
Gael Minnie.

Customer care female
Ms. Tumi Kgope CallsOct 12, 2014

Ms. Tumi Kgope On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
On Friday, 10th of October, i went in to Woolworths Sammy marks to do my regular shopping. It was late afternoon at about four 'o'clock when i was assisted by a cashier named Lesego Baloyi. The service i got from her was really bad, i gave her my Woolworths store card to pay, after signing on the receipt, she asked me to sign again, i understood that cause as i explained to her, i had shortened my signature cause it was long so i always sign like that when i purchased there. I gave her my ID to prove i was the owner of the card, she didn't even look at my ID book she very rudely told me to go make another card cause next time they won't help me. I suggest some kind of training to that cashier on how to talk to customers. Cause if i get this kind of attitude in that store ever again, then I'll have no choice, but to post on hell opeter so the whole country will know how Woolworths cashiers treat their customers. I'll be happy if you'll look into this.

Customer care female
Ms. Lynettebschreuder CallsNov 18, 2013

Ms. Lynettebschreuder On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Hello am an avid fan of and shopper at woolworths in the westways shopping centre helderkruin roodepoort. We also rate this woolworths caf as the best in this area and have a sit down coffeebrunchlunch there every day. I have, Much to my dismay, Been informed that this caf will close down as a sit down facility and will only be a take away restaurant as from next week November this is a great disappointment and loss for the people of this munity. Can i please ask why this decision was made and if it could be reevaluated i would really appreciate it to have this delightful caf still available as a sit down caf thank you. Lynette schreuder.

Customer care female
Ms. Lungile CallsNov 11, 2013

Ms. Lungile On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Good day Sir/Madam

Im Lungile Mngadi and I am a customer to your beautiful brand that keeps up with the fashion, health trends and mostly COMFORT!

One of my favourite things to buy from you is underwear and slippers especially and have been impressed by your pump slippers for reasons that are simply for comfort and that they suit my petite size four feet one of the best for me since you have introduced them in your line.

Now I am not happy for the mere fact that until recently I have not seemed to find any in your JHB branches as my pair from early this year is well lets say we have spent good times warming up my cold feet.

I would hate to think that you have stopped producing them for this summer as they are the only pair I LOVE, your other type of slippers have done nothing for my feet for they feel heavy to the thick sole which later results in me having foot cramps as if í am wearing concrete shoes.

Please I would appreciate it if you brought them back this summer.

Customer care male
Mr. Johnny Zondo CallsOct 28, 2013

Mr. Johnny Zondo On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Good day,

Please assist me with Statement of Account for the following accounts. 1. Woolworths Credit Card, 2. Woolworths Instore Card. Its been a while that I do not receive a statement of any of the abovementioned accounts. If possible email them to (johnny.zondo@harmoney.co.za)

My ID number : 730917 5368081
Adress: P.O. Box 55274, Eerstemyn, 9466.

Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

Customer care female
Ms. Danise Zuidmeer CallsOct 14, 2013

Ms. Danise Zuidmeer On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I am now writing this letter that is long overdue - I have had bad service numerous times at Woolworths in the Somerset Mall. Most of the staff has such bad attitudes and when you complain they just look you up and down. On visiting the shop today lunch time (between 13h00 and 14h00) – half of the tills were closed – the remaining two tills had such long quest, when on asking what was the problem one of the supervisors replied – its Monday.
It’s really not a pleasure to shop at Woolworths in the Somerset Mall as of their bad service.
Alternately I would rather drive to Woolworths at Waterstone in Somerset west where they give the best service I have ever experience. The staff is so friendly, helpful and although the quest are long sometimes there is always a supervisor that will assist and show clients to the next available till.

Customer care female
Ms. Debbie Vlaanderen CallsOct 08, 2013

Ms. Debbie Vlaanderen On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I would like to put into writing my frustration in trying to buy my son's school pants. Tried Bayside they sent me to Canal Walk. They said Canal walk had 18 prs. When I got there they had none and said could be in their stock room which is in Montague Gardens. Took my no and called me to say put aside two pairs at Bayside.
When I got there they were the incorrect size. No one seemed to be able to help me so eventually called the manager. You have been promoting your online shopping so thought I would try buy them online. You do not have boys school pants on your online shop.

Customer care male
Mr. Peter Luus CallsOct 01, 2013

Mr. Peter Luus On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Dear Woolies
I am being harassed by a R DALY attorney! I did reply to them to stop this ,but it is getting to a point where I am about to get extremely rude! First of all the person they are looking for is not me, 2nd I did not give my email to Woolies to get harassed. And last ,I am paid up to date! So please let them remove my email of their database or except if i am getting very rude!

Customer care female
Ms. Susan CallsSep 30, 2013

Ms. Susan On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Got a baby grow as a gift for my new born little girl. The item is damaged and I wanted to exchange it. I was told it was last year’s sales item. I did not want a refund, just an exchange so my daughter could wear the item. I was told it is not policy. This is a damaged item and i thought Woolworths quality and customer service was the best. Well i was not satisfied and if this is the case and i can not exchange a damaged item, i am disappointed in the service of Woolworths and will shop for my daughters clothing elsewhere. I am not wanting the money for the item. I would like it replaced as it is damaged (Quality problem).
Many thanks Susan Frankel - susansonline@yahoo.co.uk or 0849771158

Customer care female
Ms. Annalize CallsSep 20, 2013

Ms. Annalize On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I normally love shopping at Woolworths. Recently Woolworths The Grove's shopping carts are so filthy that you cannot shop in clothes or defiitely not in food section. As i also have a baby with me when I shop, I could not find a baby seat in a trolley that is clean and not broken. Staff just shrug-off the concern of the dirty trolleys. I vowed never to shop at Woolworths again and to date for 30 years I have been buying everything from Woolworths. I am also spreading the word of the filth....... disgusting

Customer care female
Ms. Bronwen Turner CallsSep 19, 2013

Ms. Bronwen Turner On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Imagine my surprise at the beginning of Spring walking into Woolies, which I do most days, to find Xmas items appearing on the shelves.

Please please please Woolworths, do not do this to us.
Xmas is in December, respect that. You are spoiling Xmas for us. It is a special time of the year and you are killing it. All my friends have the same complaint and we have all vowed not to buy a single Xmas looking item until the 15th November.

Customer care male
Mr. MARIUS CallsSep 18, 2013

Mr. MARIUS On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service

Customer care female
Ms. naz CallsSep 16, 2013

Ms. naz On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
hi. I am a regular customer at woolworths store n1 city. i bought the woolies custard and caramel danish on 16September 2013. i was very dissapointed with the quality of this product. the pastry was hard the filling was barely there. i opened the danish to see and there was a spot of caramel only. it was dry and very unappetising. i buy this product five times a week and after my experience now i was put off from buying again. will you please look into this matter Thank you. i can be contacted on naz@wpbts.or.za

Customer care female
Ms. Pauline Govender CallsSep 16, 2013

Ms. Pauline Govender On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I do not have my account number however my ID is 6310260178089.

I called at woolworths centurion and the Customer Service desk advised that my account was handed over would not provide me with any information just the number of the Attorneys, that is unacceptable.

I have been under debt review since 2009 and in this time Woolworths have handed over my account. This is unlawful.

Please note that consumer assist (debt councillors) nor yourselves advised that I was being handed over, yet continued to accept payments from consumer assist.

Woolworths have never provided any statements since I have been under debt review.

Please advise the date the account was handed over and the debt amount at that time. Please ensure that the interest I have been charged also reflects.

I require the follwing please:

statments from 01/01/2009 to the date the last payment was received from consumer assist.

Customer care male
Mr. Peter Ntsieng CallsSep 06, 2013

Mr. Peter Ntsieng On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I need a settlement letter of my account .I will be happy if it can be sent to me as soon as possible,I am from the woolworths in water front in Bloemfontein,they help very well,but I am still waiting for the letter to be e-mail to me,as I already given my e-mail,so here is it again:peter.ntsieng23@gmail.com,please make it now,because I need it as today.

Thank you in advance

My cell:0784925999

Customer care male
Mr. Dr J Kock CallsSep 04, 2013

Mr. Dr J Kock On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Woolworths staff's negative attitude to Afrikaans speaking customers:
I regularly shop at the Woolworths Garden Center branch in Cape Town. I have become increasingly aware of the fact that staff members refuse to greet and thank Afrikaans speaking customers in Afrikaans.
A typical incident happened at the paypoint today when I asked the till attendant why she doesn't answer me in Afrikaans while it is clear that she has no difficulty in understanding our conversation. I told her that I would appreciate it if she could just tell me:"Ek is meer gemaklik om kliente in Engels te bedien". She matriculated with Afrikaans as second language and this sentece should be well within her command.She was sullen and refused to say a single word to me. I asked her to call the manager to discuss this matter of her unfriendly and unprofessional behaviour. The manager was friendly, but could not persuade her to greet me in Afrikaans. Please inform me what your language policy is. I

Customer care male
Mr. Hw CallsSep 03, 2013

Mr. Hw On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I was called today on my cellphone by this number 0873100938 by a poor english speaking male person who wanted to me to open an account at Woolworth. Is this authentic and if so where did Woolworth obtained my name and cell-phone nr: never provided my details to Woolworth and there is no public cellphone directory. Is this a scam that uses Woolworth or harrassment by Woolworth?

Customer care female
Ms. khumo CallsAug 28, 2013

Ms. khumo On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
not happy with woolworths as i always measure my bra size the this time i was told that they cant find the tape and the other lady found the tape, but culdnt measure me and i was told that i ca not fit the bra which i was shocked cos i do my bra fitting at woolworths and buy my lingrie there....veri sad this was just not the rite way to me feel like i do not kwn wat am doin

Customer care female
Ms. sally CallsAug 27, 2013

Ms. sally On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I am very unhappy customer.I bought a fruit salad last week and found a hair in it be4 I opened it.I did how ever call your customer care who gave me a
reference number I asured me it would be collected that afternoon or the next day. Its nw a week later and have not heard one word from woolworths. So were is customers service.

Customer care female
Ms. cikizwa CallsAug 26, 2013

Ms. cikizwa On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I bought boots on 13 August in Canal Walk, R450 they were on sale, when I fitted them @ home, they didn't fit, the zip do not zip through all the way to the top because my legs are bigger than these boots, , but when I return them today they do not want to take them because they say the boots have been worn, I never wore the boots and I am the only female in my house, I want a way forward as I do not want to pay for boots I can not wear, you can contact me on 0712936079 / cikizwap@vodamail.co.za

Customer care female
Ms. Heather Venables CallsAug 23, 2013

Ms. Heather Venables On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I have a ten year old son and for the past five years at least, i have struggled to buy him anything at all at Woolworths. All of your stores in Jo'burg have a huge number of girl's clothes and very few for boys. This is not consistent with the number of men's clothes you have, especially at Sandton, which would otherwise lead me to believe that you were focusing on the female market. When there have been literally one or two items, such as tracksuit pants for boys, they have been horrible shades of grey, brown and dark green, very unpleasant for kids.The other tracksuits, when available, have Spiderman , etc on them, which my son won't wear at his age. No plain long sleeved-shirts for him either which used to be available.A while ago i went to find him a jersey- not ONE in your stores-in the middle of winter! I also looked at your recent sale-only a few striped tops, but rows for girls. At Edgars i always struggle to decide what to buy and it is possible to get classic as well as fun lines

Customer care male
Mr. Bernard Lester CallsAug 20, 2013

Mr. Bernard Lester On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
My wife and I have been customers of Woolworths for more than 40 years, however this is now going to come to an end. On Saturday, 17 August 2013 I bought two packs of men's socks which have three in a pack at the Somerset West store. My wife, thinking she was doing me a favor, she took it out of the packing and placed them in my wardrobe. Yesterday morning when I tried to put a pair on I found I could not get my size nine foot into them at all. In fact, I could hardly get my hand into them and they are skin tight over my arm. I tried returning them to the store, but they refused to accept them. When I inquired as to sizes, I was told size 4-7 are deemed men's sizes and catered for. It would appear the same goes for clothing,as a hand full of size 38 and up paints and XL and up tops are place on the racks the day the stock comes in.I shall donate the socks to some needy child as it does not fit men as stated and it will be the last time I or my wife will have dealings with Woolworths.

Customer care female
Ms. Mary Arendse CallsAug 19, 2013

Ms. Mary Arendse On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
The people inspecting the Woolworths ladies stockings, are doing amlousy job. The last pairs of stockings that I have been buying from Woolworths comes out of the packaging with tiny holes all over. These include the three in a pack as well as the single pairs. It is so emabarrassing when going somewhere and you have to wear low and bad quality clothes from WW. The sad part is that you cannot return because yo have already removed it from the packaging and put on for wearing. You are loosing credibility as I and my friend and family spend THOUSANDS at your store, but this will come to an end

Customer care male
Mr. Nicholas CallsAug 19, 2013

Mr. Nicholas On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I have purchased frozen berries a week ago from Woolworths, Sandridge. I have eaten them on Wednesday night and after that had a running tummy. I was admitted in hospital on Friday, 16 August 2013 because of food poisoning thru the berries from Woollies. this is unacceptable and has caused damage to my body and also days off from work and kicked up my medical bills. I would like this issue to be resolved and someone to get back to me as soon as possible.

Customer care female
Ms. S Pretorius CallsAug 15, 2013

Ms. S Pretorius On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I have a huge issue with the Canal Walk woolworths particularly country road. I ordered a tshirt a while ago, they never phoned me and on my next visit to the store it was hanging on the rail. During the sale a guy told me a certain jersey doesn't come in Xl - well there are two at the Waterfront. I ordered a pair of pants from Cavendish after Canal Walk told me there were none in the Country - well I found them at Cavendish and two weeks later have heard nothing. I phoned Canal Walk only to be cut off by qthe assistant. After phoning back she informed me - the stock room is closed, there are no managers on the floor and passed me on to another sales assistant who got the story completely mixed up after I once again told my story and thought she had to send the pants to Cavendish. If this is supposed to be a premier brand at a premier store well you need to reload and rethink.

Customer care female
Ms. Linda Stuurman CallsAug 14, 2013

Ms. Linda Stuurman On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
It was my niece's birthday on the 12 August, i purchased a cake at woolworths as i always do. i bought chocolate sponge cake and vanilla sponge cake, but i was so unhappy about the vanilla sponge cake it was so stale and i could feel it when i was cutting it. It was very stale, it felt like i was eating bread with caramel.I am so disappoint with Woolies.
Purchaesd: 12 August 13
Sell by : 15 August 13
Best before: 16 August 13
Bar Code: six 009 000 590 805

my contact number 0711194040

Customer care female
Ms. Christina CallsAug 12, 2013

Ms. Christina On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
On the 06 August I stopped at a garage at Midrand Jhb with a Woolworths store to purchase a pasta salad,after paying for it I was told that there was no untensils available.i was on my way back to Mozambique and this held up my trip since I had to return the item and then purchase something else. then on my way I stopped at the Woolworts store in Nelpsruit at Riverside Mall.I purchased a Madeira loaf and the Woolworths custard. My surprise when it was time to serve my guests dessert the custard was bad and the Madeira loaf had the baking paper stuck inside the cake and damaged half the cake

Customer care female
Ms. yumnah williams CallsAug 08, 2013

Ms. yumnah williams On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Offering services you cannot guarantee.I wanted a pants from kc which they never had in the size I was looking for.I was then offered the service of having it sent from waterfront to kc.that was on the 5/7 and I was told it would take three weeks.nobody phoned me so I went to check after three weeks because I wanted it for eid.I was then told the order was placed at waterfront, but it was in the stockroom which was not instore.the stockroom apparently has a backlog of I do not know how long.how is that my problem they can not tell me when ill get it.I want it before friday y must I look four sumthing else

Customer care female
Ms. Nontando CallsAug 06, 2013

Ms. Nontando On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I am not even a Woolworths customer, but I have been put on the ITC for an account that has a 0 balance, was never transacted on and I never received a card for. The legal team is good at listing people 's names without following due processes, but drag their feet when they need to rectify the issue. I will log a dispute against your legal team with an affidavit to the Transunion as I refuse to hold on for hours on end as if Airtime grows on trees!

Customer care female
Ms. mrs potter CallsAug 06, 2013

Ms. mrs potter On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
i have for many years bought my underwear from woolworths, the old barely there bra line was very well made- my problem is that in the larger sizes the straps are too thin- whoever designs the bras should take cognizance of the fact that anyone with a bra size of d upwards needs a wider strap, otherwise the strap cuts into once's shoulders. i am referring to the pretty coloured bras mainly, you do have them in the larger size cups, but the straps are often the same size as the ones with the small cup size and there are an awful lot of us out there with larger boobs that like pretty underwear

Customer care female
Ms. lettie CallsAug 05, 2013

Ms. lettie On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Hi! I had an account with you for some time now and it was quiet a privilege however, I no longer work and have settled my account and loan with you recently I now wish to terminate and close my account and/or any contractual agreement I may have heard with you. My details are as follows÷
Name: Makesele Lettie
Surname: Semono
I'd number 630303 0919 080

Customer care female
Ms. Zillah CallsAug 05, 2013

Ms. Zillah On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Polyester filled pillows.
I have purchased two polyester filled pillow approx 2/3 years ago. The pillows are completely flat (and cannot be "puffed" up). The pillows can thus not be used as they are about three cm in height.Latex pillows purchased else where (comparably priced), 2/3 years ago, are still usable, and have not lost their "spring".
I do not want a refund, I want Woolworths to re-assess the quality of this item. I am prepared to deliver the pillows to Cresta Woolworths if I have assurance that they will be delivered to the appropriate dept/buyer for re-assessment.
Zillah Phillips

Customer care female
Ms. Nonhlanhla CallsAug 04, 2013

Ms. Nonhlanhla On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Hie I wud like 2kno how long does it tek for your managers to attend to an alarm /bell rang by the cashier. I was @ Lambton store today (16h45) asked for a gift card and the manager or supervisor took her time to come and authourize bell was rang 3-4times, the store was not busy, another employee was asked by the cashier (Khensane Zwane)to call her she (Ruth)told her she will come and came @ her own tym ,she did not even say y she took long to come or apologise ,n y does the store hav to rely on 1person?

Customer care male
Mr. Dean Papiah CallsAug 02, 2013

Mr. Dean Papiah On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Hello.I purchased a container of fresh coconut from the woolies store at olivedale. Jhb. Last friday 26th July 2013. I ate some and then noticed a chicken feather stuck on a piece of coconut. Absolutly disgusting. I do not eat meat on a friday due to my religeon and I fined this within my food. This wasn't something I would exspect from woolies knowing of your high standards. I did report this to the store manager immeidiatly over the phone as well as returning to the store its been a full week and I have had no feedback whatsoever.

Customer care male
Mr. Kerneels Bezuidenhout CallsAug 01, 2013

Mr. Kerneels Bezuidenhout On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Your are buying lamp and sheep from cavallier abbatior at bynestpoort and they are opperating for the last ten years whithout a water use lisend. We are living every day whith the smell of dead and rotthen meat while they wil tell us that it is the stunk of money that we are smelling.they are in the prosess of exstending there abbatior and we will suffer more for them tow make more many! They do not even lived here. Whe will staring two gampange against you

Customer care male
Mr. Mince CallsJul 30, 2013

Mr. Mince On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Good Day

I bought groceries at Woolies at Canal walk on Saturday evening. I cooked the mince last nite, the mince had a funny smell and the mince was off.

I also bought the lamb pack at woolies same nite, I am worried that the meat is off.

I have food poison now. I am extremely dissappointed.

I am furious more than anything else this is the second time that this is happening at woolies and i never reported the matter. I bought a lamb pack at Woolies at NY one city mall.

I do not buy meat anywhere else for my family, i only buy at woolies.

I still have the slip

Customer care female
Ms. Elizma CallsJul 29, 2013

Ms. Elizma On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I ordered a pair of men's trousers from our local WW in the Nonesi Mall on 21 July 2013. I was told that the pants would be in Queenstown on the Wednesday 24 July. it is now more than a week later. yesterday I went to WW to collect the order, but it wasn't there and could not even be located, and then the staff member was too busy having lunch to assist me, and the rest of the staff on duty found it quite amusing that I was standing around waiting for someone to assist me. the service level is non existent in QTN! This is NOT the first time, but I've just had more than enough of this!

Customer care female
Ms. Mankwana CallsJul 25, 2013

Ms. Mankwana On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I was assaulted by the woolies.three trolley guys this evening at mall of the north. They said Iam not allowed to take their trolley that late they want to go home. They left me to pack my goods baught from woolies when I was on my way one stopped the trolley by force hurting my stomach and said we do not look for a fight we want that trolley. I was very scared so I just did as they asked.

Customer care female
Ms. ESTHER CallsJul 23, 2013

Ms. ESTHER On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service

Customer care female
Ms. Quelsar CallsJul 20, 2013

Ms. Quelsar On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
highveld mall food - witbank

Friday 19th July I purchased two BBQ chickens expecting the usual good quality from woolworths.I was highly disappointed in the food, when I cut both chickens parts of the breast were uncooked and the meat around the leg and thigh bones was still bloody,one cannot eat chicken that is partially cooked it is a health risk! .I do not have transport to take the chickens back to the store as i rely on a lift to do my shopping once a week.Just thought you should be informed.Highly disappointed.

Customer care female
Ms. Madelane CallsJul 19, 2013

Ms. Madelane On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I bought a large pack of Woolworths chicken for roasting at Woolies Tygervalley. The free range kind. I buy my chicken from Woolworths because of the chicken being of a good quality and the fact that it is clean. This pack of chicken had feathers and hair on it! I could not believe my eyes. I pay much more for your products, but then I expect better quality!

Not a happy customer,
Madelane Crafford

Customer care female
Ms. Zee OReilly CallsJul 17, 2013

Ms. Zee OReilly On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I am extremely disappointed in the inferior quality of Woolworth's tights, opaque tights and the stockings. It is shocking to be paying R35.00 for one pair and they ladder within the first wear or after washing have all these little holes in them. I have now experienced this with three pairs in a row and I am appalled that I have had to pay R35.00 to wear a pair of tights once. Woolworth's always used to have great quality! What on earth happened?
From a truly disappointed customer.

Customer care female
Ms. charmaine skea CallsJul 16, 2013

Ms. charmaine skea On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I have found on three separate occasions when buying my flowers over the last three or four months and which I do twice a month. purchasing your expensive 149 -00 bunch of roses that they rot and do not last more than four or five days. this never used to happen, but is becoming very frustrating. besides the fact that using your complaint online is not the simplest or easiest.

Customer care female
Ms. Erika Parkes CallsJul 16, 2013

Ms. Erika Parkes On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Hi Guys, there seems to be a problem with your products especially bread and rusks, i bought a whole lot of rusks for clients in the office, all of them got heartburn - said the rusks tasted like there was too much baking powder in.. Batch 87577 best before date 29 September 2013... Clients even said savory's was dry.. I am a Woolies Baby and do not buy anywhere els, but being embarrassed i do not like.

Customer care male
Mr. sello mapogole CallsJul 14, 2013

Mr. sello mapogole On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I have bought an Mtn blackberry 9320 at woolworths OR Tambo international airport,the problem is on my receipt it shows that I must get an airtime worth of R60, but I didn't got it,the lady who helpd me told me that when I buy airtime I'll get 50 percent free airtime of which I know about it.what must I do to get this airtime.
Complainant Sello Mapogole,contact number 0843717768 or msmapogole@gmail.com

Customer care male
Mr. Vernon Sass CallsJul 11, 2013

Mr. Vernon Sass On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
Good Day,

Please be advised that i recently contacted your Head Office and was not satisfied with your customer service.I then requested my account be closed. I have been emailing your Financial services dept. to confirm "account closed" to no avail. This is the reason i closed my account in the first place because of poor customer service. Please address account Ref# 321436341

Customer care female
Ms. Ansie CallsJul 09, 2013

Ms. Ansie On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I bought slippers at woolworths two months ago, I wish I could send you a photo of it, the biggest waste of money ever. I will put a photo of it on your facebook wall with my complaint. This is not the only problem. I bought shirts for my husband in December, the collars of the shirts are torn and it wasn't cheap shirts. I am very very unhappy. Will never buy anything at woolworths again and I am a regular customer

Customer care female
Ms. Spunita CallsJul 05, 2013

Ms. Spunita On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
I bought some items at Woolworths Newcastle mail. During the payment process I could not remember my debit card pun number, Fortuanatly my husband was there with his card that are linked to my account and we were able to conclude the transaction. When trying to return the item At the branch in town I was refused cause I did not have the same debit card with me dispute the fact that both cards was linked to the same account. No where on the return policy does it state I must have the debit card with me that was used during the purchase

Customer care male
Mr. Michelle Sawn Sparke CallsApr 02, 2013

Michelle Sawn Sparke On Phone To Woolworths South Africa Service
As a customer who Shops at Woolies about five time a week I am becoming very unhappy with the service I receive, this is not only at one store as I shop in three in the area. Firstly if you arrive early in the morning to shop you have to make your way around packers in every isle, is it not possible to pack one isle at a time so we can get our shopping done. I have a one year old grand child that I look after every day and cannot fine a usable baby chair with a cover. Today was the last straw when I finally left my shopping and found another store for my shopping.