Western Union Germany Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of Western Union Germany is: 0800 181 1797 / +32- (0) 2 639 7107.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): Western Union Germany, Germany.
For Extra Support: www.westernunion.com
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at 0800 181 1797 / +32- (0) 2 639 7107 to get help from Western Union Germany.
What is Western Union Germany?
The Western Union offers money transfer from website or money order services. Western Union's website allows users to send and receive funds to others, pay bills, or purchase gift cards etc. Western Union Germany has over 470,000 agent locations in 200 nations around the world. The corporation net income is US$ 909.9 million in 2010. The corporation handled 147 million money transfers. Ezra Cornell is the originator of the association. Western Union Germany is the bulkiest financial service industry in the world. There were over 150,000 Western Union agent places authorize with the technology to transfer money to a cell phone. Its electronic client payment services are available.
Western Union Germany is globally recognized financial sector devoted to serve customers with online credit facilities and mobilizes the standard of living. Western Union Germany is configured to expand the perception of customers by promoting to transfer credit in every corner of the nation. However, the customers are pleased to initiate transfer process online and conventionally can transfer a handful amount of credit to global routes. The institution is playing a premier role by evaluating anticipation of customer with frequent access to perform multiple operation within quick time frame.

Western Union Germany Customer Care Support

Western Union Germany is decent in assisting customers with precise information and permits its assets to establish a direct link with authority through the following given numbers:
For general Queries:
  • Within Germany: Call 0800 181 1797 (daily from 8:00 clock until 23:00 clock)
  • Outside Germany: +32- (0) 2 639 7107

For English Customers:
  • Phone: +49 (0) 69 8509 8373
  • Mon-Fri: 8.00-20.00 clock
  • For Queries: Visit https://www.westernunion.de/WUCOMWEB/staticMid.do?method=load&pagename=helpContactUs

Western Union Germany Services and Facilities

Western Union Germany is an institution of expectations and delights customers with the possibilities to transfer and receive money in quick time frame. Western Union Germany is fixed to serve vital ingredients by enabling customers to meet expectations in legitimate manner and authorizes customers to transfer money online via: http://www.westernunion.de/de/Home.page. However, the customers can easily access to transfer money to global parts by registering an account via: https://www.westernunion.de/WUCOMWEB/registerPersonalInfo.do?method=load&nextPageSecure=Y&countryCode=DE&languageCode=de
In addition to this, the enterprise is devoted to offer timely opportunities for job seekers and permits to raise a perfect career via given link: http://corporate.westernunion.com/Career_Center.html

Western Union Germany Complaints and Reviews

Customer care male
Mr. Stephen Moore CallsJun 09, 2015

Mr. Stephen Moore On Phone To Western Union Germany Service
I have sent money to Stefan Pabstin Germany 20 May 2015. He advises me Western Union can not find it. I contacted WU in Australia and they say you people do have it. The MTCN is 5619114977 if you can locate it would you please let Mr Pabst know. His email is lanevskiportrait@web. DeKind regardsStephen G Moore.

Customer care male
Mr. Malik Usman Ali CallsApr 16, 2015

Mr. Malik Usman Ali On Phone To Western Union Germany Service
Actually, my name is Malik Usman Ali from Sialkot, Pakistan and my customer sent me the money from Germany and when he sent me the money 46. 15 Euro according to his promised with MTCN number 5985240300 dated : 9/4/2015, But when I went to local Western Union office, Sialkot, Pakistan theyregret to say that money is draw by someone. So that, please help me in this regard. I am much oblige to you. Here I am attaching the Western Union receipt which was sent by my customer in Germany. Regards, Malik Usman Ali .

Customer care male
Mr. Roland Wolf CallsDec 30, 2014

Mr. Roland Wolf On Phone To Western Union Germany Service
Late this afternoon, I tried to transfer 340 € using my bank account (Germany)to a payee in Germany. The order was rejected and I had togo to the Post Office and was charged 20 € instead of five €. My account is accessible through roland33wolf@aol.comI already reported this and was given this number is 141230-001844. As I did not yet know how much they would charge me I would like to addthe question whether I could get 15 € refunded as the service did notwork properly. The transaction number with the post is 4869176137.

Customer care male
Mr. Takemore Chagomoka CallsOct 25, 2014

Mr. Takemore Chagomoka On Phone To Western Union Germany Service
I am presently in Northern Region of Ghana, and have a problem accessing your website. I urgently need to do some money transfers out of the country. Please regularize the situation.

Customer care female
Ms. Eileen Bogweh Nchanji CallsOct 25, 2014

Ms. Eileen Bogweh Nchanji On Phone To Western Union Germany Service
I have not been able to access the western union website internationally, to send money for two days now. I will like to know why, is it under repairs? I am presently in Ghana, and the website doesn't open.

Customer care male
Mr. Patroi Stefan CallsSep 01, 2013

Mr. Patroi Stefan On Phone To Western Union Germany Service
My name is PATROI STEFAN GEORGE. As we discuss by telephone earlyer, yesterday I sent from an agency in Amsterdam, Nederland 1800 euro to Romania for PATROI ELENA. The MTCN number is 578-123-6328. The receiver cannot pick-up the money because her complete name is PATROI ELENA ECATERINA.
Please help me to complete the transfer, considering that I am a sailor and I will not arrive in Amsterdam anymore.
I am waiting for your response.

Thank you in advance
Patroi Stefan

Customer care male
Mr. harry CallsApr 02, 2013

harry On Phone To Western Union Germany Service
my prepaid-card 5339381000010970 not accept in thailand???? your emploeyer in wiesbaden sales this card worldwide???i have muchz problems for my money.....and extra charge thats not legal business!