Vodafone Qatar Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of Vodafone Qatar is: +974-7700-7111/ +974-4441-8999/ Toll Free: 800-7111.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): Vodafone Qatar, Al Khaleej St Near Al Jaidah Flyover, Doha, Qatar.
Email Service Support: care.qa@vodafone.com
For Extra Support: www.vodafone.qa
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at +974-7700-7111/ +974-4441-8999/ Toll Free: 800-7111 to get help from Vodafone Qatar.
What is Vodafone Qatar?
Vodafone is an acknowledgment leader in the global telecommunications industry. Vodafone Qatar is a multinational mobile telecommunications industry that provides a huge range of prepaid and postpaid mobile telephony services throughout the world. The Vodafone Qatar company is also known as the dominating mobile network corporation. In the terms of subscription, Vodafone is the second most valuable communications brand in the world. Vodafone Qatar is a public limited firm which provides a large number of services such as voice, fixed line, back-up, Internet, mobile telephony and digital television services. Apart from this, the Vodafone Qatar company also offers website hosting and cloud computing services. The administrative head office of Vodafone, is built up in London, United Kingdom. The company was established in the year of 1982. Vodafone Qatar serves more than 419.4 million customers worldwide. Vodafone is a dedicated to present world class telecommunications infrastructure. The Vodafone Qatar company has strong foothold in more than 21 countries worldwide through its affiliates and subsidiaries. In addition, Vodafone Qatar has presence in 40 different countries through its partner network. In Qatar, the Vodafone Qatar company provides both voice and high speed Internet services to customers.
Contact Number of Vodafone Qatar for All General Inquiries
Phone: +974-7700-7111
Valuable Contact Number of Vodafone Qatar for Additional Information
Phone: +974-4441-8999
Contact Number of Vodafone Qatar for Additional Support
Phone: +974 7039 0189
Toll Free Contact Number of Vodafone Qatar
Phone: 800-7111

Connecting To Vodafone Qatar

Subscribers require help or have any query related Vodafone Qatar corporation's merchandise and facilities, feel easy to speak with assiduous users just dial below mentioned numbers consists as:
Call At: 800 7 111 / 111
Call At: +974 7700 7111
Call At: 110 (from your Vodafone mobile)

Products And Services Rendered By Vodafone Qatar

Vodafone Qatar an industry of supreme and famous telecommunication subsidiary sells and supplies one of the best and conducive array of items and facilities in order to raise client-ages. Here, we are delivering list of some creatives services and items of Vodafone Qatar such as:
  • Telecommunications services
  • Prepaid & Postpaid Services
  • 3G Services
  • Enterprise Internet Solutions
  • Prepaid plans
  • Postpaid Schemes
  • Blackberry
  • Broadband and Mobile Internet Packs, etc.

Career At Vodafone Qatar

At Vodafone Qatar workplace, corporation promised to drive accomplishment and thrive astonishing presence within the territory of Qatar. Vodafone Qatar corporation offers wide career opportunities including one of the great training and advancement courses to assist them to become sophisticated, knowledgeable and dynamic professionals.

Privacy Policy Contact Number Of Vodafone Qatar

Subscribers have any question or complaint regarding privacy statement, kindly contact Customer service representatives by dialing phone number 111 from Vodafone mobile or give a call at:
Call At: +974 7007111

Vodafone Qatar Complaints and Reviews

Customer care female
Ms. Farida Shaikh CallsNov 28, 2018

Ms. Farida Shaikh On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
My number is +97474482170. I lost my phone yesterday. I wanted to deactivate the previous SIM and buy a new SIM with the same number. Can you guide me with this issue?.

Customer care male
Mr. Sameera Rathnayaka CallsSep 19, 2016

Mr. Sameera Rathnayaka On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
Hello sir,

This is Sameera from Sri Lanka. I am interested in Vodafone mobile phones. In Sri Lanka there is nowhere to buy Vodafone mobiles. I would like to buy a Vodafone Smart Platinum 7. My cousin brother works at Qatar Airways in Qatar. Last week I contacted him and he told me there is no any Vodafone Smart Platinum seven mobiles in Qatar. Because he went to a Vodafone store and the employees who work at Vodafone store in Qatar told him there is no any Vodafone Smart Platinum seven mobiles. But I think I can buy a Vodafoen Smart Platinum seven in Qatar. Can you please send me the contact numbers and addresses of Vodafone stores in Qatar where my cousin can buy a Vodafone Smart Platinum 7. Then he will buy the mobile phone as soon as possible. I would be grateful if you would send me the details of Vodafone stores in Qatar in order to buy a Vodafone Smart Platinum 7. Thank you very much

Yours faithfully,
Sameera Rathnayaka .

Customer care male
Mr. Md Murad Hossain CallsJun 25, 2016

Mr. Md Murad Hossain On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
I am from shahaniya labor camp area. Here Dana hyper market, cheating about Vodafone SIM card, all shop sealing SIM only ten riyal, because now no free MB and minute, but danah hyper market telling free MB will come, but when not coming they didn't return money, and treating the labor to send to police. Please help us from these cheaters. And please take a legal action against them.

Customer care male
Mr. Kalaivanan CallsJun 12, 2016

Mr. Kalaivanan On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
Respected sir, I would like to inform our complaint I was recharge mobile on date (10/06/2016) ten QR, I check that balance amount of my mobile, , but my mobile balance three rial was gone please kindly requested solve that my problem.

Customer care female
Ms. jasir CallsMay 08, 2016

Ms. jasir On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
My account balance is lose.I m called customer care.and they don't give a good answer.what Ivan do?

Customer care male
Mr. Kazi Lutfur CallsAug 11, 2015

Mr. Kazi Lutfur On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
Dear sir /madam I am regular user Vodafone internet so before four week my mobile network not in available that I can not use Vodafone internet. Please do anything for my problem 0097470618045.

Customer care male
Mr. Kazi Lutfur CallsAug 11, 2015

Mr. Kazi Lutfur On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
Dear sir /madam I am regular user Vodafone internet so before four week my mobile network not in available that I can not use Vodafone internet. Please can do anything for my problem.

Customer care male
Mr. Ravi Yesupadam CallsJul 21, 2015

Mr. Ravi Yesupadam On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
My name is Ravi yesypadam my mobile number is 30671559 Yesterday to my service is not working i will call to costumer care lines or busyWhat cane i do change the network or you give the re service.

Customer care male
Mr. Hamid CallsMay 28, 2015

Mr. Hamid On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
Dear sir, I charged my mobile number 30926671 with 9. 75 QAR, but it didn’t credit my account. Please fix.

Customer care male
Mr. Glenjoy Oriola CallsApr 12, 2015

Mr. Glenjoy Oriola On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
Salam alaykum, i was now in dubai with my Vodafone sim, but i have a complain about my mobile number 30217564 are someone will using of that in qatar including my viber acount with my name. So how can i deactivate that account? And my mobile number?.

Customer care male
Mr. Sanjib Bhattacharya CallsMar 20, 2015

Mr. Sanjib Bhattacharya On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
My balance of Vodafone connection is cutting two times today. Don't know why. Don't reach customer care. please Guide How I get back me cutting amount.

Customer care male
Mr. Abdul Salam CallsFeb 17, 2015

Mr. Abdul Salam On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
Dear sir i would like to inform you that, i am trying to recharge my Vodafone number which is am facing problem with 00974 30409665 kindly contact me immediate. I hope that you will reply soon. Am trying to call Vodafone customer care number 111 they are not giving any response.

Customer care female
Ms. Pamela Lowen CallsOct 22, 2014

Ms. Pamela Lowen On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
I have been trying to put Internet credit on my number for three days and I am getting a message that I have reached my QR value limit and to try again later or ring customer care. I rang customer care and have been advised there is a technical error and they do not know when it will be fixed. Also advised that I cannot recharge over the phone and to just go to my closest Vodafone Store. I live in Dukhan one hour away from the closest store and have no way of going there. This is not service and cannot tell you how frustrating that there is no orpther remote means of putting credit on my phone. My number is 30287143.

Customer care male
Mr. D.nandhakumar CallsJun 03, 2014

Mr. D.nandhakumar On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
My Vodafone post paid no:70911516 i am unable to do international call from yesterday onwards. I have paid bill updated. When i am calling i am getting call ended in my mobile. Kindly solve the issue. I have given complaint in lulu hypermarket Vodafone out let.

Customer care male
Mr. Siji John CallsJun 01, 2014

Mr. Siji John On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
My telephone number is 40017226 and i am staying in barwa city h5 building. My telephone and internet is not working from today morning. Please check.

Customer care male
Mr. florante CallsOct 20, 2013

Mr. florante On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
I am the one of the speaker of UCC=urbacon company here in Shahaniya camp, back of Shahaniya Electricity Standby Office. We are suffering a very low signal in this place specially to our broadband internet. If there is a possibilities to install antennACCOUNTell site to solve our long time problem. We are about 20,000 worker staying on this Camp Shahaniya. Hope for your kind attention and action to this matter.

Customer care male
Mr. Nagarasu CallsOct 15, 2013

Mr. Nagarasu On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
Thanks i requsted BBW weekly internet data send to SMS 97228 two times still no activeted please i hope my small request grand

Customer care male
Mr. berny CallsSep 25, 2013

Mr. berny On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
Yes, give time to check our place in Shahaniya-CDC former army house if need CELL SITE. oUR BROADBAND is not working properly. Thank you SIR.

Customer care male
Mr. rolf CallsSep 25, 2013

Mr. rolf On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
We are suffering of Vodafone signal at CDC SHAHANIYYA workers camp.500worker using Mobile Broadband on this place w/o CELL SITE. Please check if you concern about us.

Customer care male
Mr. florante CallsSep 25, 2013

Mr. florante On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
we need cell site at Shahaniya for morethan 10,000 workers camp.About3km from round about on the left side coming from Doha. THANKS

Customer care male
Mr. Rameshbabu vannal nagendran CallsAug 07, 2013

Mr. Rameshbabu vannal nagendran On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
Dear Sir,
Now I am not using Vodafone Internet in Qatar because I have returned to my country ten month before (November,2012), but still I am getting Bill alert to my mail. So please close my Account and stop my Bill alert to my mail.
My Account Number is R4125950036

Rameshbabu VN

Customer care male

Mr. RADHAKRISHNAN MAHESH KUMAR On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
I have made online top-up for flexi 35 on 04-08-13 and still now my purchased credit was not credited to my mobile number Checked with Banker and i was informed that QNB already paid the money to vodafoe and i need to check with Vodafone customer care.

Customer care male
Mr. satishgadoo CallsJul 28, 2013

Mr. satishgadoo On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
is it possible to get a duplicate SIM of a Vodafone mobile phone issued from India and lost while travelling from India to kwait please reply at satishgadoo@gmail.com

Customer care male
Mr. Tek Bahadur Jogi CallsJul 17, 2013

Mr. Tek Bahadur Jogi On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
i am tek bahadur jogi i completed monthly bill paid, but my international call all missing/loss so i am not paid balance my bills and iam request please close my account.

i hope you will consider and do the needful.

this is for kind information and necessary action please.


Tek Bahadur Jogi

Customer care male
Mr. gurusankar CallsJul 14, 2013

Mr. gurusankar On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
dear sir ...i am pathmanadan gurusankar ID no - 28714407995

i am using 77063266 number, but it is another person name. he is nuwansiri .

but he left the country already. now i have change the registration for my name. and last few hours i can not talk in that number too much sound comming. please give me a solution . i am getting very important official calls .

thanking you

Customer care male
Mr. rana mohammad raheel CallsJun 21, 2013

Mr. rana mohammad raheel On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
Dear sir iam using post paid no 77209126 the no has blocked from last two days I have too much problem

Customer care male
Mr. Abdulla CallsJun 20, 2013

Mr. Abdulla On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
Mobile number 30114457 blocked due to supected illeagal work-
I personally humiliated when told that Phone was barred due to suspect of illegal work Since my birth I have a very clear record with no single police entry either in Doha or home country or anywhere in the Globe!. I was using the QTL 55673251 for the past eight years without any trouble and recently switched to Voda phone due attractive offer of international Key . failure to reply, i 'll take this to Gulf times and Doha legal Authorities.(email- inas_an@yahoo.com or iali @qatargas.com.qa

Customer care male
Mr. Maria Zenaida CallsMay 15, 2013

Maria Zenaida On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service

Please stop automatic deduction of six Riyals for the Internet Weekly Pack 6. If possible I will only activate when needed.

Thanks and regards,

Mobile number 77354603

Customer care male
Mr. T.K.Suresh CallsApr 30, 2013

T.K.Suresh On Phone To Vodafone Qatar Service
Good morning, i have purchased the SIM in DOHa Qatar for roaming. I tried using from Bangalore (India) to call Doha, it is giving message BAR activated, i want to get it deactivated what i should do. the number is 974-77136985