Virgin Active South Africa Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of Virgin Active South Africa is: 0860 200911 , 021 684 3000.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): Virgin Active South Africa, Rondebosch, Cape peninsula western cape, ZA, South Africa.
For Extra Support:
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at 0860 200911 , 021 684 3000 to get help from Virgin Active South Africa.
What is Virgin Active South Africa?
Virgin Active is a chain of health clubs spread in many countries like South Africa, Namibia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Australia and United Kingdom. The company was launched in 1998 by Richard Branson. Virgin mobile Active has created more than 200 labeled organizations worldwide, employing approximately 50,000 people, in 29 countries. Virgin mobile Cash South Africa-America Virgin Active's mission is to bring positive change to people's lives released in 2006. Like all Virgin mobile organizations, Virgin mobile Cash was released to give clients a better deal. We aim to provide clients a range of great financial loans that are clear and understandable and provide good value. Virgin mobile has 104 Clubs and many more in the pipeline, company getting people moving and feeling great all over South Africa. The same service number of Virgin Active South Africa listed above is also used for my Virgin Active, planet fitness, Discovery health, planet fitness South Africa, Discovery vitality, Standard Bank, property 24 and Gumtree.
Valuable Contact Number for General Inquiries
Phone Number: 0860 200 911
Additional Contact Number for General Support
Phone Number: 021 684 3000
Important Contact Number for Virgin Telecom
Phone Number: +27 11 676 5000

Virgin Active South Africa Complaints and Reviews

Customer care female
Ms. Nozipho CallsNov 16, 2016

Ms. Nozipho On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
I would like to stop my membership with virgin active, 0789923498.

Customer care male
Mr. P. Moodley CallsNov 14, 2016

Mr. P. Moodley On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
The problems associated with Virgin Active Mount Edge Combe continues. A few years ago members complained about poor equipment, we were subsequently advised that the club is due for an upgrade, but still waiting. The treadmills are on the verge of collapse. The V-Cycle bikes are inferior in quality and are overdue for replacement, the last time this was upgraded we received reconditioned bikes from other clubs. The cardio equipment are all antiques. To top it all for weeks now members have been complaining about poor maintenance within the male showers, with some panels collapsing, the shower heads must be held in order to have a shower, yet it all falls on deaf ears. Members have been giving negative comments when asked about the status of this club, but to no avail. Please advise on what it would take to have this club upgraded? Does Virgin Active require member injuries?.

Customer care male
Mr. Deon CallsNov 09, 2016

Mr. Deon On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Good Morning

Although it is a compliment for Virgin Active Bluff that the gym is extremely well populated, for individuals who has to wait long periods to access equipment, this is very frustrating
A large proportion of individuals are from the Chatworth, Montclair, Woodlands, Yellowwoodpark and Woodhaven area. Is it not time to open a Virgin active in our area, come on guys, give it serious thought. Property is available in the Montclair area.

Customer care female
Ms. Sanaaz CallsNov 03, 2016

Ms. Sanaaz On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Goodday i had a problem with my bank account. Will i be able to pay my gym fees by the gym that i am attending?.

Customer care male
Mr. Jason Grant CallsOct 17, 2016

Mr. Jason Grant On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Good day, I have moved to Namibia, my contract is for another year and the closest Virgin is a 3. five hour drive away so i would like to cancel my contract and want to know the cost implications. There is no where on your site a mail contact to email and i am not willing to spend hours on a call centre holding. P{lease contact me soonest via email.

Customer care female
Ms. Helen Schoeman CallsOct 17, 2016

Ms. Helen Schoeman On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
I am with virgin active at voda world, my son is 11 years old and he is limited using the gyming equipment. So what he likes the most is to swim, but unfortunately someone needs to be with him while he is swimming. What I do not understand is if we must watch over him, when are we going to gym. My son is a very good swimmer, and I understand that he is under age, but why cant virgin active get someone to watch over the children. I feel why must I watch over my son while he is swimming, like the manager Jonas at virgin active said they do not have a qualified swimming coach I myself is not a qualified coach, but I must watch over my child.

Customer care male
Mr. Trevor James CallsOct 17, 2016

Mr. Trevor James On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service

Customer care male
Mr. Okkie Snyman CallsOct 04, 2016

Mr. Okkie Snyman On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Good day,

I am a member of Virgin Active Club in Potchefstroom, and moved to Heidelberg. There is no Virgin Active gym there and I also terminated my membership with Discovery Vitality. Kindly cancel my membership with you. Thank you for the good service I enjoyed through the years, I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends. Kind regards

OP Snyman.

Customer care male
Mr. Michael Coates CallsSep 30, 2016

Mr. Michael Coates On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Good day, I'm a medically retired )quadruple heart bypass plus three heart attack and very high blood pressure. Sunningdale staff and manage ment are fantastic However yesterday morning on the weights section I was verbally abused and threatened with extreme violence by a much much younger very aggressive member. I was reduced to tears and very bad chest pains , etc that could not go to the gym today. I am now scared to go to the gym as this member has threatened to get my name and details then to beat me up and teach me a lesson. The management know of this and are great. Aware of this. My concern to them is that they give him my details etc. Please what must I do as I am considering getting my lawyer involved. I must stress the manager and the staff there are wonderful I am just to scared to go back unless he is banned from the gym. I have witnesses. Kindest Regards Michael Coates.

Customer care male
Mr. Brian Wandile Mtshali CallsSep 13, 2016

Mr. Brian Wandile Mtshali On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
I had a vitality membership which came to an end at the end of August, one of the consultants from Virgin Active by the name Paradise contacted and advised that he will assist me to change from a normal membership to Multiply. He promised that my Multiply will be activated on the 1st of September however that never happened. I was double debited for both my “normal” membership plus Multiply and multiply membership as well. Due to my account being overdrawn, now my some of my funds are rejected including my multiply which means I’m not active to access my gym. Should I be turned back from any Virgin active, the CEO will know my mane.

Customer care male
Mr. Grant CallsAug 15, 2016

Mr. Grant On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
I want to cancel my contract. Please contact me. Grant Doubell
ID 530612 5159 083
mobile number is +0 82 605 1193.

Customer care female
Ms. Lindsy Bolus CallsAug 14, 2016

Ms. Lindsy Bolus On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
I would like to change my bank details so that my virgin debit order comes off my new bank account. Please provide fax number to which I need to send this documentation.

Customer care male
Mr. Nicholus Tshukudu CallsAug 14, 2016

Mr. Nicholus Tshukudu On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
I came in to gym at virgin active red in Braamfontein, and the staff members came to only me and started shouting at me about taking a picture of my girlfriend at gym, he said I can not do that. I asked him if those were the rules and if I signed for that in my contract. He said yes and I asked him for a copy of my contact to see where that is stated, I didn't get what I requested, all I got was more shouting in front of all other members, which left me embarrassed and angry, I can not believe that this is the way a number one rated gym treated their members. I'm extremely disgusted with the treatment. This needs to change.

Customer care female
Ms. Kobie CallsJul 26, 2016

Ms. Kobie On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
I Gym @ the Vanderbijlpark Branch every day, and really we are fed up with the management @ this branch. Everyday we have to ask why the aircon's doesn't work, they tell us the same story and even in summer, we are busy with the problem, if we ask is the aircon broken then they just say no, be will attent to it. But the next day the same only the fans is blowing. In the Winter and in the summer we have to struggle with this problem. There is a new Gym opening "Planet Fitness", and with this problem persisting you will loose allot off the members.

Customer care male
Mr. Francois CallsJul 20, 2016

Mr. Francois On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
To whom it my concern

I am been calling and sending emails for my gym contract to be cancelled. Its has been going on for more than a month and still there is money been taken off from my wife account. See below the mail I have send and no response from any one of the staff'

I have send emails and call from London to be informed that my virgin gym member ship is been closed and that no money will come of my wife's account seeing that she was the main member on our discovery health cover. Again there was an amount of R800 TAKEN OFF her account from Virgin gym Can some one please explain this to me? Because I was inform that there will be no money taken off her account. If you do not believe me PLEASE listen to your recordings. Also please refund us that money that was taken off I am not paying for an member ship that I am not going to use and was informed that it was closed. Please assist in this matter soon. Regards
Francois Erwee
+44 7534148385.

Customer care female
Ms. Tshepang CallsJul 01, 2016

Ms. Tshepang On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
To whom it may concern,

I would like to ask that you may please give me your banking details so that I can go pay up my account and I want to cancel my membership. The last time I tried to they told me I will have to pay a fine because I haven't been with you for ten months. I'm struggling to understand why ten months because a normal contract should have a waiting period of three months. I find it better and more affordable to join the school gym instead of virgin active, because I can have unlimited access and it is more affordable for a student. Ths should make the 6th month with you guys and I want out. Next time try not to involve my parents when it comes to you guys needing. I am a student and do not always have time to answer my phone. Thank you
Tshepang .

Customer care female
Ms. Matsidiso Matsekanya CallsMay 29, 2016

Ms. Matsidiso Matsekanya On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
I was a member at vaginactive then I lost my work still they never understand they only wanted me to pay then I try borrow money from people' to pay and never finish they call me if I want to un sign the contract I said yes still they charge money okey can atlist you people give me a way to pay every month to finish and then I'll start gym at another gym after I pay I got a piece job I'm doing but I don't wish to go back to you guys after what you put me thru I love to gym pls contact me

Customer care male
Mr. Lyn Cairns CallsMar 29, 2016

Mr. Lyn Cairns On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Good day
The customer service at your Nelspruit branch is appalling. I had already complained to the manager today and on the weekend about the fact that scheduled spinning classes did not happen as the instructor did not pitch and the staff on duty did not organise for someone to take the class. To top it off, I arrived for a 17h30 class today to find the club in darkness and to be told - only when I asked at reception - that due to no electricity (the centre is under construction and on tight deadline, I do understand) that there would be no class. Why was there nobody at the front door communicating with club members - or even a hand written sign to this effect. I am really tired of this particular gym's very poor customer service record - and lack of maintenance in their spinning studio - to boot. It seems those complaints have also been ignored.

Customer care female
Ms. Mavis Monoto CallsMar 29, 2016

Ms. Mavis Monoto On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Good day, I am Virgin Active member and I attend classes mainly at Vodaworld. On Sunday I went to Vodaworld and I found a notice stating that Friday class)combo class at 06:00) has been cancelled due to low attendance. The manager or whoever is responsible for the cancellation did not bother to consult with us the members who attends regularly to state their problem or intentions. We were also not given an alternative class if the combo class has less attendances. We as the regulars who attend classes on Friday at 06:00, we feel that the management did not consider our feelings and also did not care about our arrangements. We come to the gym because there are classes that accommodates our schedules. This is a disrespectful to paying members. I would like to have a response as a matter of urgency. Kind regards, Mavis Monoto .

Customer care female
Ms. Nireen CallsMar 10, 2016

Ms. Nireen On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Good morning

Please note I have taken two contracts (R875. 00)installment starting 01-03-16, I went into your club (Mt. Edgecombe) 28-02-16. I asked the consulants if you have any promotions etc. He said nothing accept FEBRUARY is free and not sure in March. My contract signed 28-02-16 and contract start 01-03-16. I called the consulant to find out why I am not liable for a free bag, he said I signed 28-02-16(knowing leap year)two days difference. I do not think it is fair, in a matter of two days, that I cannot be afforded the opportunity of a free bag, I have not been to the gym since 28-02-16. I have not benefited the two days in February.

Customer care female
Ms. Palesa CallsMar 08, 2016

Ms. Palesa On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Good day

May I kindly have a virgin active bag please virgin active I also need to be a 100% proudly virgin member. Thanx
Palesa .

Customer care male
Mr. Karel Du Preez CallsFeb 04, 2016

Mr. Karel Du Preez On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
I have been a member of Virgin active through discovery Vitality for 14 years. My nearest club is Faerie Glen. I am very frustrated with the facilities. You can go to any of the bicycles on the top floor to find that at least halve of the bicycles television monitors do not have any signal. I have reported this over a year ago to the club manager. I have also repeatedly reported it to Lucas one of the floor managers. These guys just do nothing about it. Also the bicycles and treadmills are so dirty because are not cleaned regularly after a member has sweated it out on them. I trust you are going to look into this. Firstly I hope I get reaction from you because alas I have no joy from the club.

Customer care male
Mr. Conrad Smit CallsFeb 03, 2016

Mr. Conrad Smit On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Hi - I am being constantly harassed by Virgin Active's collection agency for an account I have nothing to do with. They do not answer my emails and seem determined to get money from me even though I have given them all the details of the confusion.

Customer care female
Ms. Carol Powell CallsFeb 02, 2016

Ms. Carol Powell On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
4 0 0 four six nine 0 two nine eight Membership number

I joined Virgin Active on Sunday 31 January 2016 and received the contract stating that I will be debited with R450. 00, however, I was quoted R212. 00 for myself and R102. 00 for my daughter, I paid R50. 00 joining fee cash. Therefor R314. 00 should have been deducted from my account, however, I have just checked my banking account and see that my account has been debited with
01/02/2016 VIRGIN ACTX7779221:46016 -630. 00

Could you please explain. Please reverse this immediately and debit my account with the correct amount. I am going into the bank tomorrow morning at 11H00 to dispute the debit order if I do not receive a suitable answer by then.

Customer care female
Ms. Alicia CallsJan 03, 2016

Ms. Alicia On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Hello My name is Alicia Meecham

I recently became member at Virgin active Red retail crossing. Today January 3rd 2016 I went to gym at 2pm and it was closed. I would like to know why it was closed and why the members were not informed. Thank you Alicia
081 343 6083.

Customer care female
Ms. Sonto CallsSep 30, 2015

Ms. Sonto On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Good dayI would like to receive my tax invoice/monthly statement via email.

Customer care male
Mr. Kevin Ackerberg CallsSep 10, 2015

Mr. Kevin Ackerberg On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
I have been a member of Virgin for many years. I have recently relocated back to Durban from Port Elizabeth, therefore, I would like to change gyms from Summer stand in Port Elizabeth to Westville gym in Durban. However, I have been informed that I have to pay R138. 00 to transfer gyms. My question is: How much money do you spend on marketing to attract new customers yearly? Then you have to give away promotional gifts as well. I have been a loyal member for years and now you are going to force me to leave your gym over R138. 00.common sense must tell you that this is not a good business decision.

Customer care female
Ms. Nicolett Barends CallsSep 03, 2015

Ms. Nicolett Barends On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
I have made full payment in August after being handed over and yesterday paid my monthly fees for September and I'm still not allowed to enter the gym because its not cleared on the system I'm going to virgin active everyday since last week and phonin. Mbd.

Customer care male
Mr. Patrick Swanepoel CallsAug 26, 2015

Mr. Patrick Swanepoel On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
I cancelled my membership as February 22 being my last day. Well needless to say it still is NOT cancelled and I am still been debited. I even phoned to double check it was done and the incompetent operator confirmed everything was cancelled. Extremely poor service.

Customer care male
Mr. Vishal V Suryawanshi CallsJun 24, 2015

Mr. Vishal V Suryawanshi On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
I have already mailed you. Every month money is deducting from my account. Please stop my virgin active gym card for temporary purpose. If not possible stop service. Now I am in India. Whenever I will come I will activate my card. Virgin card number is 1433278273. Looking for positive response asap.

Customer care female
Ms. Melody Zivira CallsJun 02, 2015

Ms. Melody Zivira On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Mine is not a complaint, but I just want to let you know that I want you to put my membership on hold for now, I won't be able to come to the gym from now up to March 2016. I hope to be back after then. Thank you in advance.

Customer care male
Mr. Johan Brand CallsMay 11, 2015

Mr. Johan Brand On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
The sauna at Wembley Square are falling apart. The timber on the walls are rotten and a fellow member almost sat on a rusted nail last night Second person to witness this is Pieter Steenberg 082 554 5648If needed I will go and take photographs of the rotten walls and broken seats.

Customer care male
Mr. Jeremy CallsApr 14, 2015

Mr. Jeremy On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
This is pathetic that a so called flagship gym MENLYN has no generator to power up during this time of load shedding at six pm With the amount of members and also from a company like Virgin one would of expected that provision would have been made to accommodate its clients The place is in total darkness and half the equipment works off electricity so most just leave A solution has to be prioritized with such a big company no excuse is good enough.

Customer care male
Mr. Robert Cameron CallsApr 11, 2015

Mr. Robert Cameron On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Good day. I would like to know how Virgin Active accommodates scholars who turn 18 when in grade 12. This must happen on a regular basis because children go to school in the year they turn seven and will end up turning 18 in grade 12. Surely the scholar must be accommodated to the end of the grade 12 year. I find it hard to believe that this individual must now sign a contract while still at school. Please advise me on how Virgin Active sees this situation. Thank you, Robert. 0835590860.

Customer care female
Ms. Indrani Sivanna CallsApr 02, 2015

Ms. Indrani Sivanna On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
I was an active member of your gateway gym until a few months ago when i removed myself as a member. at that time my kids aged 12 and 14 were still members as well as my husband with the use of my discovery vitality. I had not removed them and was not advised to remove them. recently they went to the gym but was denied access, apparently i will have to pay another amount for them to be on the gym. I cant understand why i have to pay an initiation fee for them when they were not removed in the first place as my husband is still a active member.

Customer care female
Ms. Charne Adams CallsMar 06, 2015

Ms. Charne Adams On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Riyaaz from kenilworth center virgin active had open an account with my details without my permission. He pestered me to come have a look at the gym facilities and when i agreed to go have a look he said we just need to do some paper work so if i do accept then they have the paper work. He told me he would give me five days to think about it even though i told him i cnt afford it im getting married this year. He the submitted the papers the same day. How i found out is when i got a call asking y i did not make payment on my membership then i told the guy i did not open a membership. RiyaaZ was sneaker cause he also took a pic of me saying it was for fb. I am disappointed and so very angry. He used me and he gave me false information. I will not make any payment given to me for riyaaz had stole my information and opened a membership without my permission.

Customer care female
Ms. Tlangelani Lorraine CallsMar 03, 2015

Ms. Tlangelani Lorraine On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
I hope you're well. May I please have your banking details. And just confirm for me if the cancellation fee that i'm suppose to pay is R605.00 that I was discounted due to the fact that i'm no longer working. So I would like to pay the amount and cancel my membership. My account is frozen and can only be able to close it once i've paid the amount. My ID number: 901001 1193 083 Cell number: 076 367 4873 Email address: Thanking you in advance.

Customer care female
Ms. Nicoline Rousseau CallsMar 02, 2015

Ms. Nicoline Rousseau On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
I am not able to get through to you on the customer call number - I waited six minutes so I decided to put the phone down it was becoming too expensive (Monday 2/3 at 10:00). I have tried to bring down the cost of my monthly installment - phoning a number of times the last two months. Instead, it keeps going up. I personally use the gym in winter; my son throughout the year. It has now gone up with another R22. I am thinking of canceling my personal membership. If I do that, but keep paying my son's fee, will I have to pay a joining fee again when my son starts paying for himself and I can afford membership for myself again?Contract4003166170.

Customer care male
Mr. Les Richardson CallsFeb 24, 2015

Mr. Les Richardson On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Your 0860 number is not working, your 021 number remained unanswered after eight minutes. I am a member of Faerie Glen Gym. I have complained before about the smelly showers and lack of soap as well as inconsistent pool temps,, but did not receive a reply. I want to try another Gym close by, please can i have access to Silverlakes or Morreletta park gyms to test their pool.

Customer care female
Ms. Kandi CallsFeb 22, 2015

Ms. Kandi On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
I have just walked out the randburg virgine active after booking a sun bed. I arrived there at the reception the person was really sweet. He told us where to go to the sun beds. We went up stairs only to find that these ridiculous sun beds you need to pay. I am fuming as NO where does it say you need to pau for this. We then found a lady walking towards us working there we preceded to ask her and all what got was a yes you need to pay?is that the way us members should bw treated I do not think so I do not think this is right coming from a big well known company. As book a sun bed online is with all the other classes that you do not pay for. And worst of all on Thursday I also made a booking for a sunbed at the northgate branch only to arrive to get told oh sorry its under construction? Like seriously? What is going. I am highly disappointed in this I really am.

Customer care female
Ms. B. Mulligan CallsFeb 17, 2015

Ms. B. Mulligan On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Incorrect amount taken off my account on the 1st of February 2015. Despite talking to the consultants at the gym, emailing the accounts department and speaking personally to the manager I am still waiting. 17 days later for a refund. Everyone agrees a mistake was made, but no one can fix it.

Customer care female
Ms. Papadi Matolo CallsFeb 12, 2015

Ms. Papadi Matolo On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Good dayname: Papadi Matolo - 7705070527087Good dayI have been struggling to get my kids national membership cards. I requested for the cards to be changed, but I was told that selloane at Germiston branch is the only person that can change. I have been to the branch at different occasions and every time she is not available. If this problem is not resolved I will cancel my membership and I will not pay cancellation fees.

Customer care female
Ms. Liza Frank CallsJan 19, 2015

Ms. Liza Frank On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
I was a member at Cresta previously, I went on the 29th of December 2014 to take out a new membership. I paid my RS 1500. 00 enrolled my two children on separate contracts (took out three contracts). Went to the gym twice. They phoned me when I was on leave for the kids birth certificates which should have been sorted out when I enrolled. They then phoned me a week later asking for a copy of identity document. Why was a copy of my identity document not made in the first place. When I lost my temper a little and told the sales gent that I should not have to run around because after him because he didn't do his job properly and I want to cancel. He replied and said "please do". He then proceeded to give me his e-mail again to send him the required documents again. I find this very unprofessional.

Customer care male
Mr. Jan CallsNov 14, 2014

Mr. Jan On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
To whom it may concern,
I wish to log a complaint regarding the equipment of the Virgin Active Showground’s Bloemfontein that is not in a working condition. The following is a list of faulty equipment:
Free-weights (See attach Pictures) this broken has cost me four tracksuit pants with cost of R400 each - R1600. 00. Treadmill
Elliptical trainer - note that the standard of resistance of any of this equipment is within functional level
I am knowledgeable regarding the fact the Virgin Active does not take responsibility loss or damage, it unacceptable that Virgin Active keeps faulty equipment available that led to my damages clothing. Also, the workable accessories of the Cable equipment are not sufficient for the number of persons who use the gym while the accessories are not broken and outdated according to present training standards. To my knowledge the Virgin Active Bloemfontein has sufficient and up-dated accessories for cable equipment. Why?

Customer care male
Mr. Johan CallsSep 11, 2014

Mr. Johan On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Hello, my name is johan. I have a customer complaint and i have been a virgin member for years.Please email me or contact me at 0718795611. I would prefer to send the complaint on email.
So that i can included all the details.

Customer care male
Mr. jp CallsSep 26, 2013

Mr. jp On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
You guys did a debit order on the 25th and not on the 1st so there was no money in my account, i made it veryyyyyy clear that the debit order must go through on the 1st, so the consultants told me its a mistake sorry, all cool, but now when i wanto get a fone contract i cant do anything because it shows on my bank statement.So CELLC wants a letter from virgin indicating the mistake, but at my club in strand they say thay cant do anything no letter no nothing, this is not my fault and i do not have to sit with this, now head office also tells me they cant do anything, so now my life must stand still for three months because of a virgin mistake, i find it impossibe to see that you guys cant do anything about this and i find it veryyyyy unproffesional from virgin, i am stoping my account with virgin no matter my 2year contract, if you guys only want my money, but does not want to help me out when you made a mistake its unpractical for me to be with virgin, and if you want to take me to court for

Customer care male
Mr. Trinity CallsSep 23, 2013

Mr. Trinity On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Good day,

On saturday September 21 I went to the gym at sunnyside Pretoria, as is my norm and when i got to the entrance i was told that my account was in arrears. On making further enquiry as to why i was not informed in time as payment was supposed to go off as a debit order, the gentleman at the reception instead of giving me proper explanation decided to mock me for failure to pay. His rudeness was very offensive. I believe it is only equitable that i get proper notification in time and where your workers insist they followed proper procedure in letting me know, which was not done, then they must carry due respect toward me in my relation to the service.

Customer care male
Mr. motseki mokonyane CallsAug 05, 2013

Mr. motseki mokonyane On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
I have a problem that I always have to fight with other members at the Horizon view club in Roodepoort over how to use the circuit because there is no one maning the circuit. Some People wants to sit on the machines in the supercircuit and do their sets while we want to use the circuit the right way and move with the timer. This happens during pick hour and its really boring and insensitive.

Customer care male
Mr. W van Bergen CallsJun 07, 2013

Mr. W van Bergen On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
The reducing of aquacise classes from two to one per week which saves VA less than R600 pm after spending millions last year on renovation of club
Two members have already changed to planet Fitness due to this down scaling
Requests have fallen on deaf ears talking to club manager Cobus and manager Tracey Lee ay call centre is impossible to reach and never returns calls

Customer care male
Mr. Carrie CallsApr 23, 2013

Carrie On Phone To Virgin Active South Africa Service
Signed up with virgin active,I was promised a bag,as there were no bags in stock.the consultant also had failed to mention that my stuff could not be kept over night,having to be inconvenienced about why my goods were not on the locker I had placed them in.causing stress and uncertainty. I had found out that they have bags now in stock and asked for one and was told that I couldnt get one by both sales manager and front desk staff of bluff branch.with attitude customer service I pathetically poor'.from Carrie 073577995