RCA Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of RCA is: +1-877-252-6873.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): RCA, 10330 North Meridian Street Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.
For Extra Support: www.rca.com
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at +1-877-252-6873 to get help from RCA.
What is RCA?
The RCA is a flagship brand of Technicolor SA which was formerly referred to as the Thomson Multimedia or the Thomson Incorporation. The Technicolor SA is a private sector undertaking company trades as Euronext Company listed in NYSE Euronext, Paris. This company protects and monetizes over forty thousand patents portfolio inclusive of MP3/MP3HD etc. It is a multiple business runner and trademarks their products and services under the RCA brand. The Technicolor introduced several products including telephones, Audio/Video products, Car Stereo, consumer electronics & home appliance, computers and Laptops and Mobile Television. In addition, the company also works in the field of professional communications, accessories and remote controls etc. Furthermore, the RCA was a business conglomerate associated to many of products and services. The RCA was conceptualized as the RCA Corporation or the Radio Corporation of America in 1919. This company did business successfully for sixty seven years and in 1986 it was acquired by the Thomson Incorporation. The Technicolor Company deals in Photo-phones, electric phonographs videodiscs and televisions under the RCA Trademark Brand.

Customer Service Numbers of RCA

RCA Tablet Customer Service Number
Phone: 1-877-252-6873 or 1-855-475-9646
RCA LED TV Customer Service Number
Phone: 888-977-6722
RCA Audio and Video Product Customer Service Number
Phone: 800-433-7316
RCA Digital Audio Product Customer Service Number
Phone: 866-449-7112
RCA Accessories
Phone: 800-645-4994
MP3,Clock Radios, iPod Docks, Universal Remotes, and Digital Antenna.
Customer Service Number of RCA DVD
Phone: 866-444-6478
Customer Service Number of RCA Commercial Product
Phone: 800-722-2161
Customer Service Number of RCA Accessory Product
Phone: 800-264-8854
Customer Service Number of RCA Telephone Product
Phone: 800-511-3180
Customer Service Number of RCA MSNTV Product
Phone: 800-722-9599
Customer Service Number of RCA DRC8335 Product
Phone: 877-805-0519

Products of RCA:

RCA sells various types of consumer electronics ranging from T.V., Audio and Video, Blu Ray and DVD Players, Accessories, and Appliances.

Get Answers of Common Queries:

A customer can get the answers of his or her queries by visiting this link, www.rca.com/support/support-faqs.

Headquarters of RCA:

Since RCA is the subsidiary of Technicolor SA, it is headquartered in the latter's location in the USA.

RCA Complaints and Reviews

Customer care male
Mr. Haresh Kumar R CallsOct 24, 2016

Hi, May i know is there any service center in India for RCA tablet.

Customer care male
Mr. Jewel R Odell CallsOct 07, 2016

My boyfriend changed the receiver channel on out RCA converter box and now I can not find it what do I do.

Customer care female
Ms. Derri Coats-henry CallsSep 24, 2016

I bought a RCA portable room air conditioner my rugs are getting wet the manual says drain it, but does not tell me how so that I can understand. I need help draining the conditioner from the bottom back of it.

Customer care female
Ms. Derri Coats-henry CallsSep 24, 2016

Ms. Derri Coats-henry On Phone To RCA Service
I bought a room air conditioner portable it leeks getting my rug wet I need to know how to drain it. The manual says drain it from the bottom it does not tell me how. My help I need is how do I drain it from the bottom ?.

Customer care male
Mr. Ruben Simon CallsAug 12, 2016

I want to learn about the RCA "window air conditioner with heater" that Lowe's sells for $374, but I can not find a way to contact anyone online, nor can I find them online. My local Lowe's doesn't have access to it. Please tell me how to get the specifications, customer reviews, and how to buy one.

Customer care male
Mr. Ramesh Halikhede CallsJul 13, 2016

Mr. Ramesh Halikhede On Phone To RCA Service
I want display with touch pad for my tab rct6303w87. You can provide me ? Please reply me as early.

Customer care male
Mr. S M Bhandarkar CallsJun 20, 2016

Sent me details of RCA tablet service center in Mumbai, India.

Customer care female
Ms. Leslie Nelson CallsJun 14, 2016

Ms. Leslie Nelson On Phone To RCA Service
My number is 316-491-3189. All I'm looking for is a phone number for the customer device in your digital converter box. I purchased one in DEC of 2015, and it stopped working. Turns on an that's it. My name by the way is Leslie Nelson of Wichita KS. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon. I'm now without entertainment.

Customer care male
Mr. Jerry Leazer CallsJun 06, 2016

I am looking for parts for an RCA Antenna Rotor.

Customer care female
Ms. Terrie King CallsMay 09, 2016

RCA Tablet - Pro10 with keyboard. The tablet will no longer power ON. This is my third time having to send back a tablet in less the two years. I was without my first tablet almost 30 days due to shipping and repair time. RCA immediately sent me a new upgraded tablet the second time my tablet would no power ON. I was able to return old table in their box with shipping label they provided. Not having to be without my tablet for another 30days was great. Now that the new tablet will no longer power ON, I again have to wait 30 day as I did for the first one. If you trust customers enough to sent them replacement tablets on second repair, why not on third repair. Being without my tablet for another 30 days is very frustrating. That is not good customer support. I had just purchased another RCA tablet for my adult son as a gift. After my warranty has expired on this tablet I will seriously reconsider RCA as a product choice for any device in my household.

Customer care male
Mr. Judewin CallsMay 02, 2016

We have purchased RCA Tablet )Cambio W101 V2). I am facing lot of problem. Battery is draining very fast. In this registration I want to talk to the service provider. please Call me at +91 9994422610

J. J.

Customer care male
Mr. Judewin CallsApr 06, 2016

Hello Sir, I ma from India. I have recently got RCA cambio w101 V2Auto play is not working. Lap is not detected. Please guide. Also please provide the Toll free number in India to get in touch with your tech team or Customer service team. Regards, Judewin 91 9994422610.

Customer care male
Mr. Troy Scott CallsJan 27, 2016

From the day the tablet arrived via Walmart. It never seemed to hold a charge. The battery life got shorter and shorter as time went on. One day the tablet shut down and would never except a charge again. We called Walmart over and over again for weeks. Finally when I got talked to someone 01/26/2016 approximately 3pm, they told me to bring it in with the receipt and they would replace it. After driving from north philly to south philly in the snow in heavy traffic. I was told they wouldn't honor the one year warranty that we was told the tablet had when we purchased it. I like to know if RCA would replace my tablet or refund my money. Thank you Mr. And Mrs. Scott. Please call 2157586710.

Customer care male
Mr. Mark Audette CallsSep 14, 2015

Mr. Mark Audette On Phone To RCA Service
On one channel audio is set on Spanish, the others in English display says Spanish only on one channel what gives?.

Customer care female
Ms. Linda Coates CallsJun 25, 2015

I purchased a RCA 50" TV on November 7, 2014 for my fiance for a Christmas present. At Christmas time we were looking for a house and we decided to leave the TV unopened so that it would stay safely wrapped and new in its box until we found a new home. We moved to our current address on June 15, 2015. We unwrapped the TV, set it up in it's new home only to find that it was defective. I called the number on the owners manual, they sent a technician out and he said the damage was not repairable. He said RCA would not do anything because the TV was not opened and found damaged at the time of purchase. We called the Kmart where I purchased the TV and they would not honor the 12 month warranty either I am very disappointed that I spent over $400 on the TV and now we have to buy another one with no compensation for the damaged one.

Customer care female
Ms. Camille Reams CallsMay 20, 2015

What direction should I point my RCA ANT751 Durable Compact Outdoor Antenna which I have mounted in my attic? Also, should I have put the antenna outside? The reviews on Amazon indicated it would work just as well indoors, but I have poor reception even though i am in a city Greenville, SC 29605.

Customer care male
Mr. Frank Alicea CallsApr 07, 2015

Mr. Frank Alicea On Phone To RCA Service
Still waiting on a product since March. Please call me at 347-702-2328 or email me at, titoalicea2011@hotmail.com Thank You, My name is, Frank Alicea .

Customer care male
Mr. Trina Dumas CallsApr 06, 2015

Mr. Trina Dumas On Phone To RCA Service
I have been trying since January to get my pro ten tablet replaced no one seems to be able to answer emails or phone calls when I finally get something done your repair department sent me the wrong tablet I finally got someone on the phone and was rokd it would be corrected and they would send the correct tablet that was February 12 nothing has shown up and I can not get an email answered or a human being on the phone tired of it I will be trying to find corporate if not fixed in three days Trina Dumas 850-890-0115.

Customer care male
Mr. Robert& Wanda Richard CallsApr 01, 2015

Can you please send me a voucher for a new tablet. Not asking for much just stand behind your product. I have went threw your Customer service, after calling over 30 times. Promised ten days new one would be here it took lots of emails. And 36 days later got it three HOURS LATER WENT Back LIKE 1st one. Now they say will send another replacement Please just sent me $120. 00 and I will send you your two bad tablets and a copy of the receipt from new one. I do not trust getting another RCA, but this is bad business.

Customer care male
Mr. Robert & Wanda Richard CallsApr 01, 2015

Mr. Robert & Wanda Richard On Phone To RCA Service
I got a table three weeks went black. Walmart not take back after 15 days in touch with your Customer service Called 30 times in one day all I got was. Sorry we can not help you at this time call again they said a new one here in ten days. After promise after email etc. 36. Days got different one. After three HOURS IT WENT OUT. BLACK Just like the first one back to customer service, all they keep saying is we can send replacement. i am so frustrated and ticked off i cannot believe rca would do this. i am paying for internet i can not use for a tablet i cannot use so going on four months I ask for a voucher or $120. 00 that it costs at Walmart, but they won't budge kept hanging on every day thinking it would come. Now really do not you think this is a horrible way to treat your customers. I checked online after the first one went out and EVERYONE SAID THE SAME. THEY GO BLACK. NO GOOD. BUT YOU ALL HAVE THE MONEY AND I HAVE 2? Of these no good tablets.

Customer care female
Ms. Julia Hill CallsMar 25, 2015

I have a RCA 10. one Tablet 16GB Quad Core I got it on the 19, 2015 of February and when I went to turn in back on after using it. It wouldn't come turn on on March 22nd, 2015. I need to know what I need to do to get a refund or another tablet. Thank you.

Customer care female
Ms. Catherine R, Hutson CallsMar 24, 2015

Brand New Pro10 EDITION TABLET WITH KEYBOARD FOLIO. I received as a Christmas Gift 2014. It has frozen up and will not do anything as of 3/22/2015. Not even turn on. I WAS TOLD THAT IS WAS PURCHASED AT A WALMART, and that I can not take it back to them. So what am I to do? I AM 76 YEARS YOUNG, and trust me the computer has not been over used. Hopefully some one can do something. I know it was not cheap. It is a RCA Pro ten Edition Thank You in advance for any help you may give. Catherine R. Hutson (phone) 850-635-1831.

Customer care male
Mr. Ciari Green CallsMar 21, 2015

Mr. Ciari Green On Phone To RCA Service
I just purchased Ri383 Gyro Speaker. This unit did not come with a adapter cord for plug in. My complaint is when I use my ipod it runs power and does not remain charged because is powered by batteries. I would like to request a replacement adapter cord.

Customer care female
Ms. Garnett G. CallsMar 19, 2015

I purchased a RCA Tablet from Wal-Mart.com, the device has died. I have purchased a new charger and device is still not powering on. I took it to be checked at a electronics store and they could not figure out why it was not powering on. I paid $143 for this device and now it is not usable and Wal-Mart advises the return period has expired. I NEED A RESOLUTION TO THIS ISSUE, AS THIS DEVICE IS TOTALLY DEAD.

Customer care female
Ms. Karen Walker CallsMar 06, 2015

Ms. Karen Walker On Phone To RCA Service
i has try to called about a 10" tablet i got it for a Christmas gife i can not get to tall to a person how do i send it back for another one it just quilt working it only over two month old i have try for a week and the store won't take it back called me 30407225057

Customer care female
Ms. Barbara Miller CallsFeb 02, 2015

I have a RCA Streaming device and I just got Comcast WI-FI and the guy from Nexflix think RCA need to upgrade my device so that I can go online. Because now I can not get the RCA device to go online. When I had Clear I had no problem, but now that I have a faster internet it won't go online. Please help.

Customer care female
Ms. Wanda Qualls CallsJan 30, 2015

Ms. Wanda Qualls On Phone To RCA Service
All I received was a message to go to webpage for customer support was a dead end. I filed a claim on a 10inch tablet and I need a new one to replace the faulty one purchased as a Christmas gift. I purchased the insurance on this product too.

Customer care female
Ms. Marie CallsDec 16, 2014

Ms. Marie On Phone To RCA Service
I do not know what that means, My MP3 player stopped working since I have not used it for several months. What can I do now?

Customer care female
Ms. Marie CallsDec 16, 2014

Ms. Marie On Phone To RCA Service
My mp3 player stopped working. How do i start it again? I have a bunch of my music in there and now it does not work.

Customer care male
Mr. jose alvarez CallsAug 27, 2013

Mr. jose alvarez On Phone To RCA Service
I have a home theater, and when in use is overheated and begins to issue a smell of carbon dioxide. what I need to change or give me back the cost.
I await your prompt response, or if I do not receive any notification departs mde you'll have to file a lawsuit against your company.
Thank you.
att. jose alvarez.
my email is. josealva83@hotmail.com

Customer care male
Mr. Chuck CallsAug 09, 2013

CD player RCA RP3013E. How do I restart the cd in the middle with out going back to the 1st of the cd?

Customer care female
Ms. Aura CallsJul 29, 2013

I don´t know where in NYC I can purchase a replacement part for a RCA Boom Box model # RCD330A

Customer care female
Ms. Aura Avella CallsJul 29, 2013

NYC. address to get a lens replacement for a RCA Boom Box model #RCD330A (Telephone #?) in New York City USA

Customer care female
Ms. loren CallsJul 10, 2013

Ms. loren On Phone To RCA Service
None of of the codes work for my rca universal remote for my memoerx dvd player. What should i do?

Customer care female
Ms. Vickie CallsJul 05, 2013

Ms. Vickie On Phone To RCA Service
I have antenna tv. Suddenly about two weeks ago, I could no longer access all the channels. I can only get ABC, the CW and PBS. What happened? Before then I could get the channels above as well as CBS, NBC, Antenna TV and more? My name is Vickie Patterson and my email address is patterson.vickie694@gmail.com and my phone number is 980-333-9468. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Customer care female
Ms. Brittany Byrd CallsJun 25, 2013

I have an RCA television manufactured in 2004. I called the out-of-date customer support number (from the RCA website) for televisions made during this period. I need help manually unlocking a FPA lock from my television without a remote. Is my TV now useless?