Plenty of Fish Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of Plenty of Fish is: 977-720-6558.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): Plenty of Fish, Vancouver, Canada.
Email Service Support:,
For Extra Support:
Whom to contact for Plenty of Fish?:
You can contact na for any query related to Plenty of Fish.
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at 977-720-6558 to get help from Plenty of Fish.
What is Plenty of Fish?
For Support: 1-604-692-2546

For International Users: 001-604-692-2542

Concerns Or Questions Regarding Company Compliance

Fax: (604) 648-9521

Designated Copyright Agent:
Plentyoffish Media ULC
701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 5400,
Seattle, Washington 98104

Key Services and Features Detail

  • Plenty of Fish is one of the biggest online dating site in the midst of 3 million active users.
  • Plenty of Fish has resulted in producing various success stories of all time.
  • Plenty of Fish is assumed to be the home of love and Affection, Thus results in finding perfect partners to numerous bachelors.
  • The Plenty of Fish popularly active in multiple countries of the world which include Uk, Ireland, Brazil, Australia, And United States of America.
  • In Case of any technical issues or something is not going well, The customer service representatives of the Plenty of Fish are helping you 24x7, And Much More.

Procedure Of Joining Plenty of Fish

Any one can join the Plenty of Fish irrespective of cast region and community. To join Plenty Of Fish One has To go through The following Procedure:
  • Registration: First of all an individual needs to register with Plenty Of Fish. Registration starts with filling an auto generated form that carries provision for filling personal information. Plenty of Fish ask Your name later used as username. You have to provide a valid Email address and confirm it twice, then other information like Gender, Age, Country and Ethnicity. However below Eighteens are not allowed to register. After furnishing details a page carrying terms and conditions appear You have accept the points and then click on I accept option and you will be registered.
  • LogIn: Once you, register with Plenty of Fish login by providing the choosed username and password. After Login you are allowed to chat with online members and also message the members in inbox. Plenty Of Fish receives about 10 million conversations each day. Plenty Of Fish offers a
    platform to chat with new people.
  • Search: Any individual who wants to make a relation has to search for the mates or people under two categories. First category comprises of persons who don't need any specific information about you, one can make friendship by providing details like name, country, Age and gender. Second category comprises of people who want all the information about the Job, Income, property, Children, Family and religion.

How To Turn Off Email Notifications

You may turn these notifications off through Mail Settings, follow:

Know More About Plenty of Fish

Plenty of fish is a online dating site founded in 2003 with headquarters situated in Canada. and 66 employees. Markus frind is the founder and chief executive officer of the company. Plenty of fish website appeared in several lot of music videos such as Natasha Bedingfield's Touch, Kesha's We R Who We R, Flo Rida and Akon's Available etc.

Plenty of fish website established mobile apps for iPhone and Android in 2010. Plenty of fish website use technology such as Microsoft SQL server 2005, ASP.NET 2.0. It is a leading online dating site that is run by a single person. Plenty of fish website is second in the US online dating market and first in Canada and UK.

Plenty of Fish Complaints and Reviews

Customer care male
Mr. Gary CallsNov 21, 2018

Mr. Gary On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Hi I have tried to log in pof and when I do it says that I have a wrong password. I have tried number of times can you help me and tell me what is wrong ?.

Customer care male
Mr. David Theis CallsNov 16, 2018

Mr. David Theis On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I have not been on this site in three years I cancelled years ago. Why am I being charged again? This is not the first time I want my money back in my bank account. This is not fair and I am beyond mad. Once again, this is not the first time this has happened. I thought this was resolved years ago.

Customer care female
Ms. Kim CallsSep 01, 2018

Ms. Kim On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Hi my name is Kim berly and I have been trying for about an hour to get back in to my account and it wont let me first it was saying my connectivity was bad now it is say my log in email is wrong which it is not. What do I need to do to fix this? I upgraded it so I have paid for this.

Customer care male
Mr. CallsDec 10, 2016 On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
hi,iam, trying to rfeset my password. iam not sure which email I use, it couild have been or I have try to reset it with either two and I do not receive any email in either

Customer care male
Mr. Noel CallsDec 09, 2016

Mr. Noel On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Someone has hacked into my profile (luvthe1urwith) and has changed my password. I can not reset password do to and old email address I may have used. I tried my other emails, but to know avail. I can view it my profile said my location is Springfield, Illinois. I DO NOT LIVE THERE. It should say Inman, SC. My phone number is 864-590-xxxx. If you can PLEASE delete my account ASAP that has been hacked Thanks
Noel JR.

Customer care male
Mr. Noel Scammell CallsNov 24, 2016

Mr. Noel Scammell On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I seem to have massive issues logging into my profile. A friend told me our conversation was deleted and my profile has been removed
how soo?
Is the site down
as I cant get my password reset
as i am still waiting for the reset link 24hrs later. Please assist
Much appreciated.

Customer care male
Mr. Pcgeek CallsNov 22, 2016

Mr. Pcgeek On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
A client of mine's account was hacked and email and password changed along with some of the profile details. Mrdunoon was the account. I have tried email (10 times) and calling (which doesn't work) and local number which tells you to email. Regardless I created a new account for my client mrdad1947 and it worked for a few days, but now his IP is blocked by POF so cannot login. Can you delete the mrdunoon account please and unblock his IP for the mrdad1947 account.

Customer care female
Ms. Melissa Emerson CallsNov 20, 2016

Ms. Melissa Emerson On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
There is a man on your website using the screen name WANTLOVE213 posing as a CIA agent working for the DOD and scamming women. He is claiming that he lives in CA. He has stolen his photos from a man who lives in Berlin German by the name Lutz Schweigel. The man using the screen name WANTLOVE213 goes by the name Victor and tells people that his name us Wale Tosin Victor. He tried scamming me. I have filed a report with the police department. He is scamming more women on line and it is my concern that he will continue to do so without your help. He has set up a fake facebook page with this fake identity. Please help in stopping him. I am currently working with the authorities to locate the people behind this scam. If you have any questions I can be reached at or 603-455-3838
Thank you,
Melissa Emerson .

Customer care female
Ms. Margaret CallsNov 15, 2016

Ms. Margaret On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I get an email saying I have messages
I go to the site and put my password in and a note pops up that says it is wrong
Put in my email and we will send you a email. I have tried this and nothing happens. What is wrong?.

Customer care female
Ms. Laura CallsNov 14, 2016

Ms. Laura On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Hi, I just posted a request to have a thread deleted, because I think someone I know might be on there and do not want them and others to see it linked to my profile. I forgot to tell you which thread. My username is LJane_6. The thread is in "Health and Wellness" and is called "feeling depressed and regretful. " Thanks.

Customer care female
Ms. Laura CallsNov 14, 2016

Ms. Laura On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Hi, I posted a thread in the forums tonight which I wish to have deleted. It contains too much personal information, and I'm worried because I think someone I know might be on there, and I do not want them to see it. Please help.

Customer care female
Ms. Jo-lynn Meyers CallsOct 24, 2016

Ms. Jo-lynn Meyers On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I have sent two emails and have not heard back from you. I was a user on your site and all of a sudden yesterday, I could not login. I did not change my user ID or my password. Your site then instructed me to reset my password. I can not do that because now your site is telling me that my email is invalid because its already in use by someone. That someone is me. I haven't received any response from your site either in my inbox, spam or trash files. I've tried calling your site, but the 1-800 number doesn't work and with the 604 number, you do not take messages. I have no clue on how to resolve this issue because there is no way to get a hold of your company. My user name on your site is sleepless in the suburbs. My email address is HELP.

Customer care female
Ms. Jp CallsOct 11, 2016

Ms. Jp On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
POf will not let me login or reset my password. I tried emailing the, but received a generic response that didn't help. I tired calling the phone number, left a message, but received no response. I'm at a loss as to what to do next. It all started this morning with POF notifications going crazy - in three hrs I received 78 message. Seems a little odd to me. And I cant even go into the site to check it.

Customer care female
Ms. Josephine Simone CallsOct 11, 2016

Ms. Josephine Simone On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Hi, my name is Josephine and I was a member til last last year. I've recently had an auto payment made from my Paypal account made on 26 September 2016. I have closed my account and no longer a member so why would you take my payment. Please arrange for it to be refuned. I'm very disappointed that this would happen. It stands to reason that when I close my account I would no longer have any further dealings with you. Josephine

Customer care male
Mr. Phil Banthorpe CallsOct 07, 2016

Mr. Phil Banthorpe On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Hello pof is it possible to have my photos from been revoked so I can delete the two naughty images that a woman asked me to sent to her. So I can have a photo on my profile please so people can see what I look like and I sincerely apologize for doing that
Many thanks.

Customer care male
Mr. Jay Whiten CallsSep 30, 2016

Mr. Jay Whiten On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Jeff )Founder Of POF)

You sure like to bragg about your successes However, you hold little or no regard for your customers Your customer service is a true joke and just a large run you around loop. I have painstakingly followed every step and contacted every phone number. Only to get the same run around. Jay.

Customer care male
Mr. Zed CallsSep 28, 2016

Mr. Zed On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
G'day, i created two accounts yesterday, profile'' password ect:: both account's when trying to log back in'' the password's i created were not recognised, there for, i cant access my acount's, to edit or delete,
they are as follows, Rocklobster56 and Flounderzz can you please delete these profile's, for me'' as I am unable to access either, because the password i used, doesnt work, i've tried to email you, , but they all come back. I've reported this to the local government agency, consumer affairs, please look up my profiles and remove them from your site, two different email addresses, thank you.

Customer care female
Ms. Pati CallsSep 19, 2016

Ms. Pati On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Someone has put my email address on their account for PreciousPam818. I did a pw reset and tried to delete the account. However it is still active. I am receiving a ton of emails of possibilities that I am not looking for. Can you help me please.

Customer care female
Ms. Debbie CallsSep 17, 2016

Ms. Debbie On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I cant get into my account. It says the user name or password is wrong, try to reset it b its not sending me the link to do so. I was on here befor for like three years the same thing happen. I deleted that acount awhile ago thought I would give it a try again now have a new account and its doing the same thing is happen, I've done nothing to have my account deleted PLEASE FIX IT. I would like it back as soon as possible PLEASE, My user name is GoNanaGo.

Customer care male
Mr. Nick Pease CallsSep 15, 2016

Mr. Nick Pease On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I joined pof on the 22/09/16 and paid £81. 40 for my membership. I joined because I believed that I would be able to send/receive offline photos though messaging. I was wrong and also found out that this service is reserved for females only. I understand logically why you do this however it is still sexist

I was unhappy with the service you provide and immediately sent a cancellation and refund request on the 22/08/16 (the same day). As I had not used the service for more than 30 minutes I expected the refund to happen without a problem. It is now the 16/09/2016. I have not received any communication from you. As far as I am aware I am still a member
I would like to formally request cancellation and a refund please.

Customer care female
Ms. Edna Nabess CallsSep 13, 2016

Ms. Edna Nabess On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I have a complaint, that someone by the name of Tracy has been hacking into my account, she's been sending emails to a bunch of men using my profile name and photos, I do not know who this Tracy is and how this could be happening What can I do about this?.

Customer care male
Mr. Benjamin CallsSep 12, 2016

I'm in Istanbul Turkey, trying everyday to open account with Plenty of Fish, but all the sign up attempt I have made always tell me that the username have been chosen or contain character that is not allowed, I even have the Pof App on my Android phone, but the same issue. Please can someone help me out with solutions to solving this problem, my phone number and email address, +905354211877

Customer care male
Mr. Mr Kevin Bromfield CallsSep 09, 2016

Mr. Mr Kevin Bromfield On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
On thursday August8th i decided to upgrade my pof account for 12 months at the listed cost of £6. 78 per month, which i thought would be affordable to me. Shortly afterwards i checked my bank account and was alarmed to see that pof had taken £81. 40. This is not what i signed up for and i can not afford. I have avoided using the upgraded account on purpose and i will only use the upgraded account if i am refunded £74. 62 which would leave pof £6. 78 and then i will happily continue with paying £6. 78 for the full 12 months. Otherwise could you refund the full £81. 40 and i will close the account. Thanks, yours faithfully Mr K. J. Bromfield.

Customer care female
Ms. Mayumi CallsSep 08, 2016

Ms. Mayumi On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
-+1647 719 1467 I'm complaining about renewal about my account last year I stop in your site due I'm
Not capable in your site because I have brain canser I under the medication and I seen you collect the renewal payment and I'm surprise. Can I refund the money the payment number MM T91 GX475 Mayumi my name in id.

Customer care male
Mr. Tina Moore CallsSep 02, 2016

Mr. Tina Moore On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I was on POF today and now It says I have the wrong sign on info and that my email doesn't show up to reset my password My User name is TJM859 AND MY PSWD IS change123. My email is And has been the whole time. Please call me as soon as possible 901-830-8801.

Customer care female
Ms. Tanya Collins Durham CallsAug 24, 2016

Ms. Tanya Collins Durham On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
My husband and I are divorcing he has had several accounts. And has been accused by my five year old daughter of touching her. He is registered through children services. He creates accounts and it trying to get girls and is trying to get their snapchat accounts and also trying to get them to send them adult pictures with their inside dogs if they have any. I have seen the messages and there are lots and lots he deletes the account and in a few months makes another. He has two last names as so do I when I married him his full name is Andrew Blake Collins Durham. He could go by Andrew Collins, Andrew Durham, Andy Collins, Andy Durham. He lives in Savannah Tennessee and works for Marquette transportation in Paducah Kentucky. He has been married the entire time and is currently still married we are in the middle of a bad divorce. I suggest he never be allowed to have a account again to make this a safe dating site. I believe he is a pedofile.

Customer care male
Mr. Russell Smith CallsAug 22, 2016

Mr. Russell Smith On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
This email is being sent in regards to my personal pictures that are being used on this POF website without my consent and or knowledge. The name of the account using my pictures is Russie3456. This upsetting event has been a source of stress, and disruption to my personal life and I will not stand for the slander or disrespect to my privacy and character. Upon speaking to some peers we have reviewed your site and found many of our personal pictures as profiles which was not created by us. I am expecting to hear from your customer service department regarding this matter very soon as well as deleting my picture and that profile. Failure to respond to me will result in myself taking further action such as reporting you to the BBB, and seeking legal action against your company. Again the name of this fake profile is Russie3456.

Customer care female
Ms. Marion Nyveen CallsAug 20, 2016

Ms. Marion Nyveen On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I was contacted by one of POF's subscribers. I met him yesterday outside in a park and he seemed a little odd and secretive. Unfortunately, I gave him my email address and he sent me a very inappropriate message. I thing that he should be blocked from your site. His POF name is: dr__montreal88

Thank you.

Customer care male
Mr. Luvexert CallsAug 10, 2016

Mr. Luvexert On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I was not aware that the rules said no explicit photos and so i lost my uploading privileges. So now now my profile sucks. U could have at least gave a warning, or a notice of my violation first. It was not more than two days since i upgraded my membership. I am seriously fucking mad. That was my last 38 dollars, which i was to spend it on bus transportation to take me to school daily. But i am lonely and desperate for companionship, now i have no way to school, no money, and i am still all alone in this cruel world. Just know that i am going to commit suicide, and in my suicide note i am going to make it clear that it was your site that i trusted, but instead you left me busted, and iT will BE all on facebook for the people, as well as the MEDIA TO KNOW WHAT YOU DO TO PEOPLE VULNERABILITY.

Customer care male
Mr. Bill Borscheid CallsAug 04, 2016

Mr. Bill Borscheid On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I believe my account has malicious activity going on, hacked, my profile is wildbill644, apparently there is another profile on the site the same as mine, but without pictures, it seems now that my phone has been hacked into also and wont work anymore, please please help, do I have to delete my profile and start over. thanks please call with answers at 763-682-4335. Thanks ~Bill.

Customer care female
Ms. Rachel Hernandez CallsJul 28, 2016

Ms. Rachel Hernandez On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Someone has been using my stolen credit card for a purchase of some kind something and wasn't me made a account with my phone and used my credit card for 81$purchase it's not me and I need to STOP it to be refunded 81. 00 purchase could I get in touch with someone to help me in the matter.

Customer care male
Mr. Crownvick41 CallsJul 27, 2016

Mr. Crownvick41 On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I am writing this message to inquire as to why I cannot log into my account. Furthermore, I have sent several email requests to reset my password and have received no response. My username and password worked earlier, and when switching from looking at matches in my city to the my matches tab, it logged me out. I have received 11 messages from members that I cannot respond to until this issue is resolved. Could you please inform me of what is going on, and how long it will take to fix it. I do not wish to have to recreate my profile again.

Customer care male
Mr. Jon Fanning CallsJul 26, 2016

Mr. Jon Fanning On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
585-764-7199 mobile number. Hi my name is Jon and I have had a POF account for three yrs and it was working fine and now I can not log in and I am using correct user ID and pw. So, I made a new one and was able to login and use it for that day, but as soon as I log out I can not get back in again. Same issue. Please contact me.

Customer care female
Ms. Sweenlovely39 CallsJul 25, 2016

Ms. Sweenlovely39 On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Hi. I created a profile last night and I tried logging in this morning and it say my profile is missing and I need to create another profile. This is the second time this had happened to me the first time I paid for the site and i could nit find my profile the following day. Please help. Thank you. Joy.

Customer care male
Mr. Steve Hennaman CallsJul 24, 2016

Mr. Steve Hennaman On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Hello, my name is Steve Hennaman username stevehman or email I can not log into my POF acct. It won't accept my password and I didn't change it. Can you help me figure this out? THX My phone is 814-932-0452.

Customer care male
Mr. Rick Beaver CallsJul 23, 2016

Mr. Rick Beaver On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
The system won't allow me to edit my profile. It was written when I had cancer, and I'm OK now. I keep getting letters of sympathy and condolence not dates How do I change my profile? Do I have to delete myself out of your system and start over? Or can you now not edit your profile unless you upgrade first? POF hasn't done much for me maybe three dates all told.

Customer care female
Ms. Dale CallsJul 11, 2016

Ms. Dale On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I forgot my password and everytime I put in my e-mail to receive instructions or for POF to give me a new password, nothing arrives? Is there something wrong with the system that's not recognizing my e-mail address? It's the only one I have. Thank you
Ms Dale Dundas.

Customer care female
Ms. Jackie Allatson CallsJul 07, 2016

Ms. Jackie Allatson On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I'm hoping you can help me. I cancelled and deleted my account with POF over two months ago, but money has been taken from my account for a further three months subscription. I deleted my profile and understood I wouldn't be charged again, I am not happy at all.

Customer care male
Mr. Richard Beaver CallsJul 01, 2016

Mr. Richard Beaver On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I am unable to edit my profile. To read the existing profile I'm someone going into a journey thrpogh cancer. Been through it and came out OK. Someone messaged me about it and much to my surprise, my old profile is still up I've tried five times now, rewrote it every time and it will not save the changes. I'm feeling better and am gettinterested in women again. Help.

Customer care male
Mr. Quavokeyz CallsJun 27, 2016

Mr. Quavokeyz On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
My pic name is Quavokeyz and I can not log in and wen I was my messages would not send please delete ny account and send my and reply I'm very angry about this and do not want to take it to any legal matter due to bogus service thanks have a nice day.

Customer care female
Ms. Dawn Pomposello CallsJun 13, 2016

Ms. Dawn Pomposello On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I have tried on numerous occasions to cancel my subscription without having to deactivate my account. I have been trying for a week yesterday my bank account was automatically debited and again I have been charged to extend my subscription. I do want to stay on POF just not as a paying subscriber. Please refund my bank account. Your process to cancel a subscription needs to be reevaluated obvisiously it is not user friendly. My cell is 720-988-0037. My user name is Dawn_Marie14.

Customer care female
Ms. Dragana Golubovic CallsJun 13, 2016

Ms. Dragana Golubovic On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I canèt sign in, it says that my password is incorrect. When I request an email with the instructions how to change it, nothing happens. No emails Itès beed like that for days, and this happened when I paid the membership for a year. Now I am a member, but I cant access my account.

Customer care female
Ms. Nicky Vass CallsJun 13, 2016

Ms. Nicky Vass On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I paid for a one off three month upgrade to see if my sent messages had been read. I have now been billed again with NO authorization. Please reimburse me and ensure you do not bill me again. How do I shut my account down. The option on the phone does NOTHING. My user name is cowries and I am in Perth Australia.

Customer care female
Ms. Jonlyn Cook CallsJun 12, 2016

Ms. Jonlyn Cook On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I got off your site because you have no respect for peoples privacy I did a search of just my first name and city what shows up, but my user name and photo on pof and it says want to see full profile click here. That is total crap and I wish I could sue your butts.

Customer care male
Mr. Sakthi CallsJun 01, 2016

Mr. Sakthi On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service

I needs refund amount as i have been permanently deleted my Account from POF. Below are my details

Date of the amount taken: 5/27/2016
Amount taken: 81. 40
Last four digit of my card number is 9080
POF ID used: Sakthi 87

Please let me know if you any further details required

Sakthi .

Customer care male
Mr. Jason Macleod CallsMay 28, 2016

Mr. Jason Macleod On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I received an email to verify my account, I have never created an account with yourselves and think this could be malicious as I've just came out of a 20 year long relationship. I haven't verified or viewed the account and would like to have it deleted
Regards, Jason Macleod .

Customer care female
Ms. Joane CallsMay 22, 2016

Ms. Joane On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
My profile has been deleted for no reason. I've tried getting in one day only to get a message that my password was wrong. I tried making a new profile only to have it deleted within 24 hours. POF won't let me back on. I have done nothing wrong to be banned from the site. My profile name is browneyedgurl_1970. I tried emailing customer care, but only received a generic email telling me they can not answer every email. Ha Useless. Please reactivate my profile. I haven't done anything to deserve this. My email should be in your files.

Customer care female
Ms. Angel Mullins CallsApr 26, 2016

Ms. Angel Mullins On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Yes, I purchased two month subscription for 38. 70. I believed it to be a one time fee. I was just harged on my card two more months. I want my card credited the money back as soon as possible. I did not ask for two more months. Thank you AM.

Customer care female
Ms. Teresa Meloury CallsMar 19, 2016

Ms. Teresa Meloury On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Hello I have not been on my account for a while. Pof doesn't seem to recognise my email account that I originally signed up with : Au
It recognises that my username has already been taken. Annederby30. I
Not getting emails or notifications. It's like I've been wiped. Please help me get back on pof. Thank you
Please try this email
meloury. Teresa. A@edumail. Vic. Gov. Au.

Customer care female
Ms. Samantha CallsMar 07, 2016

Ms. Samantha On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I was wondering is there anyway you guys would be able to delete a profile on your own. My friend said to me for the longest he's been deleting his, but he still gets emails, but I do not think that. He's already in a relationship and he shouldn't be betraying her like that. I just want my buddy to do better; he has a good lady already and he knows that. He doesn't belong there, just curious if you guys can do that. It's sickening that some men actually be lying to their ladies who they claim to love all for some lady that's up to no good.

Customer care female
Ms. Autumn Romance CallsMar 06, 2016

Ms. Autumn Romance On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I've been trying to log in to my POF account without success, supposedly my email address in not valid, can not imagine what happened be because is I get email all the time. Also I heard from couple of people that they can' access my profile. Very strange. My Log name is Autumn Romance and hope you'll resolve the problem


Customer care female
Ms. Jessica Stewart CallsMar 06, 2016

Ms. Jessica Stewart On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I need acuse to the conversation between LilCuteness an meetnewpeople902 this is a police matter. He has been harassing me asking me to sell me self an pictures an much more then threatened me when i kept saying no i am not interested he has taking this matter over the top which has made me make it into a police matter. I need these messages for the police so this can be dealt with properly. Please an thank

HE BROUGHT MY YEAR OLD INTO IT because i said no i do not have sex for money or drugs an told him to leave me alone an has threatened me.

Customer care female
Ms. Arlene Mabee CallsFeb 22, 2016

Ms. Arlene Mabee On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I have a free membership to POF and I am wondering about the UPGRADE?
do THE $$$ amounts listed come out of the Visa account used on a MONTHLY BASIS or is it a ONE TIME FEE.

Please advise so I can UPGRADE my POF membership?


Customer care male
Mr. Robert Ryan CallsFeb 09, 2016

Mr. Robert Ryan On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
On Friday you took 38. 70 out of my account 2/5/2016, I cancelled my account the same day, what gives you the right to take out money when I cancelled I want my 38. 70 put back in my account my name is Robert Ryan I was known as bobbys46, phone number is 847/306/2727 address 4235 richmere dr. New port richey florida 34652, credit card last four numbers 8933 email Not a happy man right now.

Customer care male
Mr. Andrew CallsFeb 08, 2016

Mr. Andrew On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Good evening

i have a problem i want fixed ASAP. Because i have sent five emails about this issue. And no response. My account with pof has been deleted twice now. And i am really pissed off about it. And i am even more pissed off that i have not received an email back from pof about this issue. Please find out why my accounts keep disappearing. My email address is. User name. Sherzinger. I expect your replay asap

regards an unhappy customer
Andrew .

Customer care female
Ms. Brenda Lee CallsJan 30, 2016

Ms. Brenda Lee On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Hi, I had a POF profile, but deleted it and forgot to tell PayPal to stop the reoccurring payment so on January 27, 2016 they sent you a payment. I am writing to request the payment be please be reversed. The details are as follows:My Name is: Brenda Lee My POF User Name was: ASweetBThe amount of the charge was: $57. 63It was paid through my RBC account: 04982-50884 on January 28, 2016Via Paypal item : PP -004-549-685-796 on January 27, 2016In case you require it my telephone number is (705) 692-7635Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your anticipated cooperation. Ms. Brenda Lee .

Customer care female
Ms. Rubydayle CallsJan 26, 2016

Dear Plenty of Fish

I would like to put in a complaint as I have now sent several emails regarding my inability to access my POF account without any response. I joined very recently and I had started having some lovely conversations with a few men and one in particular. The next morning I went to access my account and was presented with a constant message saying 'wrong email, database doesn't recognise my name , etc). So I sent you an email as suggested. And later I tried to re-register which seemed to happen after having to repeat all the steps as I lost my original profile etc. And bang it disappeared again and again I sent an email and another one later as you have never responded. I feel very disappointed as a friend recommended your site and I am a genuine woman.

Customer care male
Mr. Paul J Burkhardt CallsJan 20, 2016

Hello, my name is Paul J Burkhardt username PJB555. I seem to be having trouble logging into my Plenty of Fish account. Please let me know what I must do to correct this problem. I can not imagine that I did something wrong, I have not been rude. I have read your terms of service and can not find anything that I have done that would be in violation of any of your policies. I ran a computer cleaner that may have removed a cookie from you, but I can not tell for sure. Please assist me with this situation. Thank You
Paul J Burkhardt
1 (845)392-7548.

Customer care female
Ms. Linda Wilson CallsJan 17, 2016

Ms. Linda Wilson On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service

My username SunFunAdventure has been my username for many years and I have always used

Until about an hour ago my email address and login password has been comprimised. My password and is no longer recognized by POF. Please reinstate my email address: and I can change my password. Hello again, a guy friend of mine said my SunFunAdventurer account has been comprised by a user from Aberdeen Maryland saying she is a teacher no children does not drive. My interests are the same, but some of about me has been altered. Looking forward to hearing back from you, Linda.

Customer care female
Ms. Gwyn Van Schaik CallsJan 15, 2016

Ms. Gwyn Van Schaik On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Everytime i make my account. After a few hours it signes me out and will not sign me back in. It links me to indicate a password change and then when i put my email address in, it tells me that that email is not linked to any pof account. DESPITE the fact that i have a welcome to pof email TO that address please help me.

Customer care male
Mr. Lonnie Freeman CallsJan 15, 2016

Mr. Lonnie Freeman On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I am 70 years old. I had my account compromised a while back by a visitor who was staying in my computer room as my daughters guest. He tried to access any and all sex and dating sites he could which crashed my computer and I had to replace it. However from then on there were certain people I could not contact because it said that my profile had searched for people for sex. I am NOT interested in the sexual part of any relationship. But I cannot keep up my friends who I have established over the years if I change my profile. I will lose them. I am interested in being an upgraded member only if I can get that stigma removed. Is there anyway to do this?.

Customer care male
Mr. Robert Hampton CallsJan 05, 2016

Mr. Robert Hampton On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Yes my use name is teddyhove1985 and I was writing cause honestly I made a mistake on Purchase Y'all membership I drop my phone on the ground and my button accepted the membership. Is there anyway I can get my money back on to my debit card a refund please. My name is Robert Hampton . How long do it take for the refund to hit the card.

Customer care male
Mr. Alan Leavitt CallsDec 28, 2015

Mr. Alan Leavitt On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
My reason for contacting you is that i can, t get any responce when i go to loge in. Or when i give you my only e mail address i belive some one has hacked my profile and account with you i have only the one email address it is, ,, , can you find out what the problem is. I can, t message or read my messages to a dear lady i have come to known thank you Alan Leavitt . P. S please reply with answer or has my profile been deleted by you and reasons.

Customer care male
Mr. Alan Leavitt CallsDec 28, 2015

Mr. Alan Leavitt On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Pof i have been useing your site for four yrs how and today December 28 i got a message from a dear lady friend i go to log in and can, t. It appears pof has no record of my account my email is not vailed by your site and i have had the same email address for five yrs i did not up grade my accont. Reason pof is a free site can you correst this matter for me please. Thank yo alan. Leavitt.

Customer care female
Ms. Constance Bennett CallsDec 27, 2015

Hi, I am unable to access my account. I was able, however, to make three or more profiles. I can not delete any of those because I can not log in. The last one I made up was Oceangirl154. I get an error message stating that my email address in not recognized, but it's the only one I use for Plenty of Fish. I have written probably three or more letters to you since September 2015. I would really appreciate it if someone could fix this for me. I really enjoyed your dating site when I was able to use it as I found a couple of friends. Please help me with this. Also I have your email address in my contact list and also have gone into spam and straightened that mess out. Thanks, Connie.

Customer care female
Ms. Tammy Costas CallsDec 14, 2015

Ms. Tammy Costas On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Hello, My username is GenuinelyTrue15 and I am not an upgraded member. A patron has told me that clients are allowed to write comments on my profile without me being able to see them. Is this true because I was informed there are comments that do not reflect who I am. How do I get these removed and also put a block on future comments?.

Customer care male
Mr. O.crittenden CallsDec 08, 2015

Mr. O.crittenden On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I have been off this wed site for over a year, There was a bunch of weirdo's and crazy people. I hated it I have tried several times to unsubscribe and Delete my subscription. POF made it real easy to try the site out and almost impossible to delete it. This site has caused me mental stress and I have retained a Attorney who is looking into it now.

Customer care female
Ms. Lisa Miller CallsDec 07, 2015

Ms. Lisa Miller On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I am dating someone from POF and we both hid our accounts, but continue to get emails from people. I find it very distracting if I hide my account and he hides it why do we still keep getting action when we are hidden. I do not want to delete the account in case we do not work out. Please advise on why this happens.

Customer care female
Ms. Diane Bobofchak CallsDec 01, 2015

Ms. Diane Bobofchak On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I was online this evening and corresponding via email on the POF website under my user ID I briefly walked away and when I returned to my tablet, all the email correspondence was gone along with my favorites other messages sent to POF users, my pictures for my profile along with the entire profile we're all gone. I logged out and try to log back in and the site informed me the pop up message that my password was incorrect. I restarted the tablet and repeated the same process and it failed again. I uninstalled and reinstall the POF app on my tablet and attempted login again and it failedI created a quick temporary new account with new password and once established I was not able to access that link either. Please advise what next step should be taken to resolve the problem or inform me if it was a problem on your end. Thank you, DianeUsername: ladydi41967New temp Username: ladydi19674.

Customer care male
Mr. Richard Cornish CallsNov 30, 2015

Mr. Richard Cornish On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I still cant receive any reply messages from you people. 2nd request to fix it. Either fix it or refund my $ and cancel my subscription. I have made several connections. I cant open to respond. FIXIT. NOW 8598167941 my tele .

Customer care female
Ms. Mandy Thornton CallsNov 27, 2015

I joined Plenty of Fish in July 2015. I decided it wasn't for me so I tried to log back into my account to delete my membership as I did not want to renew, but it would not allow me to do this and I have unfortunately been charged for another four months membership which I do not want. Money has been taken from my bank account and I cannot cancel my membership as it will not accept my log in details. Please could you help me as I do not want any more money to be taken from my account. Thank you.

Customer care male
Mr. Jonathon Poloski CallsNov 17, 2015

Mr. Jonathon Poloski On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I paid for a membership last night for 12 months at 7. 99 a month. I received an email saying i was charged the entire year instead of for one month. The 977 number i called is no longer in service. Can you email me at please. Thank you.

Customer care female
Ms. Pat Rogers CallsNov 14, 2015

Ms. Pat Rogers On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I am unable to log into my POF account. It won't accept my user name and password. I think it may have been hacked. The other day I got an E-mail message saying that an unrecognizable device had been used to log into my account. T hen when I tried to log in it wouldn't let me. It won't even let me change my password because it says it does 't recognize my E-mail. Please help me fix this problem. I have been unable to reach POF by phone. My E-mail is My user name is wishlist2 and password is trisha1Thank you, Pat Rogers .

Customer care female
Ms. Melody Favero CallsNov 11, 2015

Ms. Melody Favero On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Please help This is my pof accountI am not sure what to do as I have had my account hacked last night. Please call me as there is no answer at the number I called. 403 660 8307 to tell me my account has been disabled. Thank you Melody.

Customer care male
Mr. Eric Froehler CallsNov 10, 2015

Mr. Eric Froehler On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
My account is still being charged after a year after I have deleted my profile. I DEMAND I be refunded for the last two charges of $38. 70 form July 27th ad October 26th, and my information be removed from your databases. My phone number is (916) 320-7040. Thank you.

Customer care male
Mr. Eric Froehler CallsNov 10, 2015

Mr. Eric Froehler On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I deleted my profile over a year ago and I am still being charged for your services. I have been charged $38. 70 on July 27th and again more recently on October 26th. I demand that my account be refunded for those two months and my account information be deleted. Thank you.

Customer care female
Ms. Breda Curran CallsNov 07, 2015

Ms. Breda Curran On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I was set up on POF by a group of users as I believe with malicious intent and I require a phone call. I am based in Ireland and would appreciate if you could contact me. I can provide the usernames involved and hope that you will be able to trace these to IP addresses. My telephone number is 00353 (0)89 4423699. Thank you. My name is Breda Curran and my username is LadyGoGo2016. It is a long story, but I will explain all to you when you telephone me.

Customer care male
Mr. Gilbert Formella CallsNov 02, 2015

Mr. Gilbert Formella On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
To Whom It May Concern, My Mobile Number is 416 568 3594. My Username on POF is gillie401My POF Profile page has been hacked into, my password has been removed as well as my email attached to POF. The photo's on my POF page has been removed and in place are photo's of another person, the description on my profile page remain intact. I'm a Paid Membership of POF. I demand that you investigate this immediately, I want my profile page deleted as soon as possible, my personal information can be compromised As well, I request a full refund of $40 taken from my credit card Sept. one 2015. I've contacted my credit card provider to dispute the charge, the dispute has been submitted Nov. one 2015Your prompt response would be greatly appreciated.

Customer care female
Ms. Pamela Peck CallsOct 28, 2015

Ms. Pamela Peck On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
My site was working until I went to Europe. I returned to the US on Sunday, but it still won't work. It won't accept my password and then when I try to reset it it says my email is not recognized. I have tried to delete my account and then do a new one with a different email, but that doesn't work either. My email is, my user name is pam unplugged, my phone number is 574-8767806. It won't upload a pic to the field below.

Customer care male
Mr. Jack Schilla CallsOct 26, 2015

Dear Plenty of Fish, I see my deceased ex wife still has an ad on Plenty of Fish. She passed away over two years ago at Dupuyer, Montana. Her name was Pat Schilla, or Pat Freer, and or her maiden name was Pat Daly, and her P. O. F. Identification is Lucky Irish 483. Please feel free to call The Pondera County Courthouse in Conrad, Montana, if you wish to verify the fact she passed away some time ago.

Customer care male
Mr. Carl House CallsOct 12, 2015

Mr. Carl House On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
The 977 number is no longing service and they do not answer the other number. This company is a scam. I deleted my profile over a month ago, but I'm still receiving emails from them saying people are interested in meeting me and monthly top profile pics. Nowhere on their email does it have a phone number to call customer service and you can not opt out of the emails without a user name and password. Witch I no longer have. If my profile has been completely deleted as they claim why am I still receiving email profiles. This company should be fined or shut down for non compliance.

Customer care female
Ms. karyn taylor CallsSep 25, 2015

Ms. karyn taylor On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Please for the love of god contact me. i am seriously going crazy trying to reach you. i am based in Australia my email is but i am no longer receiving any e mail from pof.. and it is not my settings. or in junk. or in archive, 2 weeks now. it should not be so hard to reach you, :(

Customer care female
Ms. bryan grochowina CallsSep 04, 2015

Ms. bryan grochowina On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I have a situation where there is a fake account of mine I'm being accused of having an account. I have never made an account I am trying to find out when this account was setup and any other information you can give. I am military so this is a very serious situation I am married and I believe my wife is the one that made the account I need anything that can prove my innocence. Thank you

Customer care female
Ms. Cheryl Wohlgamuth CallsJul 20, 2015

My profile is still on Plenty of Fish even after I have deleted it many years ago. I am a business person I cannot afford to have this account exposed. I need this account deleted. Please Delete. Username: happyeyes. Email Address is not recognized on Plenty of Fish, but here it is: This page is not letting me post the pic your require.

Customer care male
Mr. Billy Montez CallsJun 29, 2015

Mr. Billy Montez On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I used the reset link to rest my password for my account here is my username bjmclovin03, every time I try to put my e-mail address it says it did not recognize it or its in the system please help me please let me know and what is Yals customer service phone number.

Customer care male
Mr. Clare Gilroy CallsMar 26, 2015

Mr. Clare Gilroy On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Helloi have set up a account with yourself and paid the money afet only 24 hours all my details have gone. And my email address to re set my password is not recognized i can not afford to pay money out for this to happen and i have sent email with no come back i am very upset and angry.

Customer care female
Ms. AJay CallsMar 04, 2015

Ms. AJay On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I have just sent the creator a msg thru POF but unsure if it will get read. My husband was also on this and is now stalking me and abusing me. I am really scared and need to be deleted urgently. U unfortunately don't give an option to delete. I tried hiding my profile but it did not work. Please please delete me know as I'm unsure what he will do next. My username is AJay72 and his is Davejavoo. Thank u for your prompt attention to this matter.

Customer care female
Ms. Susan dunetz CallsMar 01, 2015

Ms. Susan dunetz On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
Judy Palumbo got me and my new boyfriend kicked off of POF. She was mad at him because she used him for an expensive meal and then insulted him because he was "too short" and he Told her that he was depressed and she made it worse. Then for spite she got me kicked off as well. I didn't do anything wrong and never would. Thank you Suzii

Customer care female
Ms. galen CallsFeb 27, 2015

Ms. galen On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I need help finding a message. This sent me her number I just hadn't had time to do anything with it. She said she was going to delete her account and she did already before I could call or write her. Please help I. Holden29.

Customer care female
Ms. John Ellender CallsFeb 16, 2015

Ms. John Ellender On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I've already deleted my account and I'm not going to sign back. You are being notified to stop sending email. If this matter is not resolved in a reasonable time period, I will be forced to pursue legal action. Thank you for your time. John

Customer care female
Ms. Debby edmonds CallsFeb 04, 2015

Ms. Debby edmonds On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
The guy tdb86brown is messaging me about wanting to have sex with my 12 year old daughter n telling me what he will do to her. He also says he has a 10 daughter n he does it to her. I'm new on here and I'm bout to blast this guy on the news in Alabama so I would appreciate some help. Thanks

Customer care female
Ms. Megan CallsFeb 04, 2015

Ms. Megan On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I was a user of the pof free site about six months or so ago and have since deleted my account my user name would have been nightowlgirl1994 or nightowlgirl94 the second one I think is right one well anyway I was wondering if there was anyway to retrieve the sent and reserved messages from September 2014 through the time that my account was deleted please email me back at I have also emailed you at with this same question hope to hear back from you

Customer care male
Mr. Arlene Lockinger CallsJan 19, 2015

Arlene Lockinger On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I was talking to a gentleman on your site justwanna1 from Indian Head and did hit a wrong button and it did delete our conversation and his profile.Could his profile please be put back on the site so I can contact him and we can continue our conversation. Thank you

Customer care female
Ms. Trudy Hunt CallsDec 28, 2014

Ms. Trudy Hunt On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
It appears as though my account has been compromised or hacked. I was talking to a gentleman. Gave him my number this a. M. He phoned me to tell me that my profile is "different"- contains all my wording,, but has different pictures. I also can not access my account and POF doesn't recognize the one and only email address I have. Please delete my account- i. E. Bailabelle with access code of HuntWood5.

Customer care male
Mr. Sean CallsDec 20, 2014

Mr. Sean On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I can not access my account anymore ! want to know why please? says my email address is not in database but clearly was so someone for some reason has blocked or deleted my account - can this be explained to me please - i have not done anything wrong there.

Customer care female
Ms. Belinda Walters CallsDec 19, 2014

Ms. Belinda Walters On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I would like to know whether you can trace messages sent from a specific laptop. I believe that all pc's have a specific IP number. Someone has been sending messages to someone and has then informed the person it was not them. If you cannot assist I will need to call the police.

Customer care female
Ms. Christina McDonough CallsDec 18, 2014

Ms. Christina McDonough On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I have sent three emails to customercare@pof. Com and have not received a response. My account was compromised and hacked into yesterday my username is greeneyes_1968 there is now a girl who looks 19 years old with pictures up and living in ontario. I live in calgary and i am 46. My personnel information is in that account. Please direct me to assistance this a horrifying experience Thank you.

Customer care male
Mr. Marvin CallsDec 09, 2014

I have a problem with you site Plenty of Fish for some time now and it a joke, I have a problem with my profile keep been delete all the time and despite all the emails I have sent you not one member of team as got back to me in what the problem is it been going on a year and a half now and the problem is that the site keeps delete my profile for no reason I am not stepping outside of your term or conditions policy and am not been rude to their members so I do not understand why I am been delete off your site all the time it dating site and all I want to do is enjoy the service of it, but also if I try to reset my email I get a message saying it not a valid email address how this is possible is a joke too as I use the hotmail email almost everyday for the past three years and I got other people email me on it so it is a valid email address. So can someone please get in touch with me over this matter.

Customer care male
Mr. Henry CallsDec 06, 2014

Mr. Henry On Phone To Plenty of Fish Service
I was under the impression that the eight month plan was 10. 18 I was told if I want to switch to the three month plan I can I requested that and haven't heard anything back. I cant afford the eight month program it took my money I was suppose to use to get my phone bill paid.