PayPal Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of PayPal is: +1(402) 935-2050, 1800 212 3852.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): PayPal, 2211 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95131, United States.
Email Service Support:
For Extra Support:
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at +1(402) 935-2050, 1800 212 3852 to get help from PayPal.
What is PayPal?
PayPal, an international e-commerce business is known around the world for its biggest facility of online payment processors. It is an online money transferring services. Today, Paypal does business in more than 193 countries with 26 currencies. The PayPal was started in the year of 1999 as a money transfer service. It is an easy way to pay via Mobile device, online, and internet. PayPal also provides a better way to shopping. PayPal makes it possible for people from all around the world to purchase and sell off the internet and use a secured method that is safe and efficient for moving money in exchange for goods.

Paypal Operations

PayPal has global command office situated in San Jose, California, United State of America. PayPal is all over the world identified e-commerce corporation, with over 100 million members internationally. The enterprise is focused on worldwide development and advancement through its vendor services department and offering e-payments for suppliers on eBay. The company has worldwide presence. PayPal reveals anti-phishing assistance on their internet site. With 132 million active accounts in 193 marketplaces and 25 currencies across the world, PayPal allows worldwide commerce, handling a lot more than 7.7 million payments each and every day.

Paypal Working Functionality

PayPal is the world's leading payment company works as payment processing system for online vendors, commercial users, auction sites for that it charges a fee. Paypal has been operating in more than two hundred markets serving approximately one hundred fifty two million active users. It allows users to send, receive, and holds currency in twenty six different currencies across the globe. There are few major countries across the Globe that don't support PayPal are Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. With the coming of 2010, many reputed banks of Japan suspended the use of PayPal for personal account holders. After one year in 2011, PayPal had to make few changes to the User Agreement for Indians to obey rules and regulations given by the Reserve Bank of India. In 2013, PayPal increased the per transaction limit to USD $10,000. According to the company's report, PayPal is quite secure and in the case of any dis-satisfaction, customer can file complaint within forty five days.

PayPal Headquarters:

Presently, PayPal has been operating in over One Hundred Ninety Three countries and customer can send, receive money globally in twenty six currencies. All the operations of Paypal are handled from the headquarters located at address given below.
2211 North First Street
San Jose, California 95131, United States.

Contact Number of Paypal Headquarters:

+1(402) 935-2050 Customer can contact the headquarters of PayPal between the office timings at number given above.

Email id Paypal:
Write directly to PayPal head office for all the customer queries, such as online payment, merchant account, PayPal credit and all other complaints.
Paypal customer service number 3838 1

Website of PayPal: Customers can create their PayPal account on the official website of Paypal and access the Benefits offered by the company. Moreover, on official website of PayPal customers get direct access to other services like career at Paypal, PayPal Customer Support, PayPal charges, etc.

PayPal Customer Service Number:

1800 212 3852 Contact the customer service number of PayPal for file complaint and to get the information regarding the services of PayPal.

Paypal Send Money: Access this URL to send money directly to your clients by registering email id and selecting amount and currency on form.

Jobs at Paypal: Check out all the latest jobs at PayPal following this URL and look for career opportunity at PayPal.

PayPal Business: Make your business smooth using the convenient and safe payment option from PayPal.Customers can accept payment anywhere using Paypal.
Paypal customer service number 3838 5

Paypal Login: To use webportal of Paypal, users need to create account and after than users and easily login to their PayPal account. Access directly login page of PayPal using this URL.

PayPal Android Application: Download the mobile application of PayPal and enjoy the all features of PayPal anywhere, using your phone.

Paypal customer service number 3838 2

Paypal Mobile Application for iTunes: You can download PayPal mobile application for Iphone using this URL.

Paypal Fees: Check out all the fees and charges of Paypal following this URL.

Paypal Customer Support Email id: If you get fake emails from PayPal, you are requested to forward that mail at this email address.
Paypal customer service number 3838 3

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PayPal Complaints and Reviews

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Mr. Woody Pliescott CallsOct 27, 2018

I wanted to talk to a live service person about the setting up of a PayPal account to accept credit card for my civic organization dues collection. After completing a survey the phone hung up. After doing this two times I figured PayPal was not interested.

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Ms. Sudha CallsFeb 25, 2015

Ms. Sudha On Phone To PayPal Service
Hi, There has been deductions of test amount of (1 $ each - Twice). But these transactions have not gone through. Can you please check and get back. I had tried with different accounts.

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I have tried to transfer money from my bank account to my paypal, but it has still not arrived nearly three weeks later. What can i do? Please email me.

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