Mtn Uganda Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of Mtn Uganda is: +256 31 212 0333 / +256 31 212 0013 / +256771231230.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): Mtn Uganda, MTN Towers, 22 Hannington Road, P.O. Box 24624 Kampala, Uganda.
Email Service Support:
For Extra Support:
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at +256 31 212 0333 / +256 31 212 0013 / +256771231230 to get help from Mtn Uganda.
What is Mtn Uganda?
MTN Uganda is the subsidiary of the MTN Group which is the largest provider of telecommunications services in South Africa. MTN serves in more than 22 countries across the world. MTN started its business in Uganda on 21 October 1998. It is leading telecommunications Company in Uganda. MTN Uganda offers a broad line of fixed wireless and Mobile telecommunication services to 6 Million customers all over the country. MTN Uganda eleven customer service centres which are located different parts of Uganda such as Arua, Gulu, Jinja, Kampala, Mbale and Mbarara. MTN was setup in South Africa in the year 1994. Its worldwide headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. MTN Uganda offers many services on the cellphone technologies such as GSM, CDMA, GPRS, EDGE, WiMAX, Fiber Optic and HSDPA. MTN Uganda provide services at global level and has proven worth, to serve better. The telecom company provide services under prepaid and postpaid plans. The telecom undertaking allows customers to make international calls as the company provide international roaming services. MTN Uganda also provide text message services and mobile internet services.

Customer Care Contacts Of MTN Uganda

MTN Uganda is a customer centered telecom company that understands the value of customer relations thus assures all the possible customer services. The company has devised various helpline channels to facilitate customers as the company customer care executives are always there to answer queries and questions. To contact MTN Uganda use fallowing numbers:
  • Prepaid customers: +256771231230
  • Post-paid customers: +256771211210
  • MTN Sales and Billing: +256 31 212 0008
  • Office Contact: +256 31 212 0333

Online Contacts Of MTN Uganda

MTN Uganda assures all types of customer care services that consists of both online and offline services. The online customer support of undertaking allows customers to collect information about the plans and services. Customers are empowered to trace the location of nearest MTN store online. To avail the online support of MTN Uganda do, fallow the links:

Mtn Uganda Complaints and Reviews

Customer care male
Mr. Mutebi CallsNov 29, 2018

Mr. Mutebi On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
I reported number 0773310955 purported to come from MTN on the 16th October 2018. The person called indicating that I worn a gift or information like that. I advised that I did not participate in anything and knew telephone numbers originating from MTN. I checked and found that the number seemed not registered and raised a question as to whether you allow numbers that are not registered in your system given the requirements for us all to have ours registered. I also asked as to what should happen or be done should another person, whose number is not registered call trying to fleece us. I have never received any feedback.

Customer care female
Ms. Gloria Asiimwe CallsNov 17, 2018

Ms. Gloria Asiimwe On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Gloria Asiimwe and my line number is +256773345173. Yesterday i sent 59, 000/= to +254791399462 transaction ID number is 73754437 till now its not received, i checked on my MTN mobile money account balance amount has been deducted. Please assist. Looking forward for your assistance. Regards,

Customer care male
Mr. Huxley Kombe Nyale CallsJun 16, 2016

Mr. Huxley Kombe Nyale On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
I have a problem with my line does not go through which is in kenya number 0780725348.

Customer care female
Ms. Elizah CallsMay 17, 2016

Ms. Elizah On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
For Christ sake unblock my number i called in and i was given this reference number 3874367 and i think 24 hours should not turn out to be 96 and stop taking off my MBS after loading. By the end of today if its NOT unblocked inform me i switch to another line i think my loyality has costed me enough.

Customer care male
Mr. Yusuf Atiku Abdalla CallsApr 06, 2016

I live and work in Lusaka Zambia. I have been having problems will loading airtime on my Uganda MTN number 0782006042 even though the facility used to work quite efficiently; and occasionally my phone posts messages to suggest that I am registered on Airtel instead of MTN. These have inconvenienced the use of my Mtn Uganda roaming services greatly. Please ensure that these problems are resolved forthwith. Thanks. Yusuf Atiku Abdalla (Uganda)NB. Just to note that my phone was registered in Uganda.

Customer care male
Mr. Yiga Lawrence CallsMar 02, 2016

Mr. Yiga Lawrence On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
Am Lawrence working in abudhabi U. A. E. Kindly i wish to know from you about how much money i can save/keep in my mtn mobile money wallet. I have got a problem of my centenary bank account which was closed when i took almost two years without it being active. Now i have tried to send money on it, but it was refered back to me claiming that my account was indeed inactive. Its with due respet that i wish to use my mobile money wallet to save my money safely until when i reactivate my bank account. Though still i would wish to know the maximum amount of money i can keep on my mobile money wallet. Thanks looking forward for a positive response.

Customer care male
Mr. Okello Sam Herbert CallsDec 07, 2015

Mr. Okello Sam Herbert On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
My spouse's phone number 0782363628 is inactive since 6th December 2015, why? My contact is 0772 594 222.

Customer care male
Mr. Kyalisiima Arthur David CallsDec 01, 2015

Mr. Kyalisiima Arthur David On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
Hi, I appreciate your service, but you guys take long to answer to attend to someone when calling the helpline 100. Kindly assist and direct me on how to find a caller tune code on my phone. Thanks.

Customer care male
Mr. Amolo James CallsNov 11, 2015

Mr. Amolo James On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
Good afternoon my line 0778865610 can not connect with other mtn numbers, but can connect with other networks whenever i call mtn numbers i am told my account balance is too low to complete this call and yet i have enough credit to call the mtn number i called customer care line 123, but i was not helped its now six month please help me.

Customer care male
Mr. Ssebugwawo Marvin CallsNov 03, 2015

Mr. Ssebugwawo Marvin On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
Good afternoon, i bought yaka for Shs. 15, 000 with my mtn mobile number is0775-565850, for umeme account number is01454425461, transaction ID:1812098801 on Mon, 02/11/2015 at 20:51, but i haven't yet received the txt message with my token number. Urgent assistance is required. ThanksMarvin0775565850.

Customer care male
Mr. Turyahabwe Dononzio CallsSep 03, 2015

Mr. Turyahabwe Dononzio On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
My phone is asking me personal unique key code and I i do not know it i called customer care number of 123 and 122, but no helpthanks.

Customer care male
Mr. Fred Kawuzi CallsAug 19, 2015

Mr. Fred Kawuzi On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
1. I am on official duties outside Uganda. I sent my family some assistance in $ Dollars for the sick in Mulago Hospital. 2. There was a mistake by the person feeding in the communication 252616471864 is my number, 256776 800999 is the precipitant No and 256771 800999 is the wrong number. The Business money dealer doesn't know how to help me as he cant call the money back nor transfer it to the right person. 3. WE NEED GUIDANCE ON THE WAY FORWARD TO RECOVER THE MONEY BACK OR THE INTENDED PARTY TO GET IT. 4. I am not a thiefKINDLY HELP MY SICK PEOPLE GET THAT MONEYFred. 0779 5591180616 471864.

Customer care female
Ms. Deborah Alibu CallsAug 07, 2015

Ms. Deborah Alibu On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
On three Aug 2015 I applied to send 52, 000 to an Airtel number. I was only asked for a secret code number, which I gave. My mini statement says it is on voucher. Please can this be reversed and credited back to my wallet on 0772507221.

Customer care female
Ms. Ndagire Joan CallsAug 05, 2015

Ms. Ndagire Joan On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
My line has been temporarily blocked and yet i need to use it urgently. I need your help please because i am very far away from the customer service centers.

Customer care male
Mr. Katongole Musa CallsAug 04, 2015

Mr. Katongole Musa On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
I have acquire an iphone, initially l was using Samsung. However now can not access mobile money service. Please l need your assistance. Thanks.

Customer care male
Mr. Ongaria Stephen Bosco CallsJul 13, 2015

Mr. Ongaria Stephen Bosco On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
My SIM is blocked, as i was trying to set password and it is now blocked since last year November up to now is still blocked, please help me to open it. My contact line which is been blocked is 256779735318.

Customer care male
Mr. Julius Ocwinyo CallsMar 16, 2015

Mr. Julius Ocwinyo On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
This morning I sent 15, 000/- by MTN Mobile Money to a registered mobile number, 256-783 635 426. However, only 10, 000/- was transferred to the recipient's account, so I had to send a further 12, 000/-, which up to this moment hasn't yet registered on his account. Furthermore, both times I was requested for codes despite the fact that the recipient has registered with MTN Mobile Money. I would be most grateful to receive a response regarding what could have gone wrong and how the anomalies can be rectified.

Customer care male
Mr. Anderson CallsFeb 20, 2015

Mr. Anderson On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
I had some friend of mine sending me money, then he sent it to a wrong number of MTN. The gentleman who received the money when we contacted him he decided to switch off his phone. That was on 18th/2/2015 then on 19th /2/2015 he put it on back, when we again contacted him he gave the phone to alady. We i contacted the police they demanded 50000 for tracking so i visited mtn customer Wandegenya so the told me once someone removes money from the phone they cant block his number which is unfair to me. The receiver is sula walusimbi on 0786270221 the amount is 37600 so help me out. My number is 0781899259.

Customer care male
Mr. Andrew CallsJan 22, 2015

Mr. Andrew On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
I was charged 7000. shs for weekly voice bundles, but this expired after one day. 2. My new MTN line has internet barrier settings. I went to the jinja service centre, but these guys do not know anything. Kindly help me because am now using my Airtel line which is not my preferred. My number is 0782084192.

Customer care female
Ms. Nalwasa Phoebe CallsNov 07, 2014

Ms. Nalwasa Phoebe On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
Accidentally, loaded voice bundles which were meant for another number to my phone. I was using my phone to buy for that other number (0774561209) voice bundles. Is there a way the extra bundles can be forwarder to the number? They were meant to go from 0774513151 to 0774561209.

Customer care male
Mr. Batte Benjamin CallsOct 29, 2014

Mr. Batte Benjamin On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
Please unsubscribe me from Math Quiz which takes my 350/= per day yet I have never subscribed for it. I have tried customer care numbers, but they are not going through yet am losing.

Customer care male
Mr. Olaa Elijah CallsOct 22, 2014

Mr. Olaa Elijah On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
i am in Agago; compliant of internet; the modem is very slow for the last three months; strength very low. Down load and upload very low; no response to date yet paid money. Was given reference number to call back; 179919. We in Agago are disappointed; We are praying for help once as customers.

Customer care male
Mr. Julius Okello CallsOct 09, 2014

Mr. Julius Okello On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
I have been dealing in mobile money as a sub agent who got a mobile money transaction card from cell king (currently Godfrey Juuko). However,cell king company needs to be critically monitored by MTN Uganda over several issues of concern. First of all they take a period of four months with out remitting commission to their sub agents which affects the working capital of their sub agents, their own profits, and the profits that at the end accrue to MTN as well.
To me i feel MTN needs to halt producing more money transaction cards for such companies that have grown too big like cell king which have become incompetent in fulfilling their obligations.

Customer care male
Mr. OKUCU ANTHONY CallsNov 07, 2013

Mr. OKUCU ANTHONY On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
Im customer no I am disappointed with your mobile money services. I was registered for the same way back in, but in about, I lost a phone after which my mobile money access was suspended. I tried times in mubende to restore, but failed. Once transferred to gulu i tried from lira, but was referred to kampala. I gave up because i did not have time to queue in kampala. Recently, However a lady from your office called to inquire why i was not using mobile money services and i explained why. She then promised to send the menu for mm services on my phone, Which did not happen. Today when i went to reactivate the mm account. I was made to fill a form, Was sent to the basement where i was again made to fill another form for SIM card registration i was already registered way back in February this year. Upon completing the form the person who was handling my case was no where to be seen. This is very unfair.

Customer care female
Ms. Christine CallsOct 14, 2013

Ms. Christine On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
On Saturday, 12 October 2013, I loaded 3000/- on my phone from my mobile money account. Thereafter I made call to 0782864446 and we barely talked for two minutes and my credit was all exhausted This is not fair at all. Please explain to me how my credit wa used up otherwise I'll never believe in you. The worst of you when we call customer care line you do not atten to us because I have been calling since saturday. What kind of people do you attend to? How do they look like and what qualities do they have? Because I had to use my friend's phone to lodge in my query and I was given a ref. no.96342, after 24 hrs I have calling you to solve my problem all in vain! People call customer service of other networks and their problems are solved there and then why not you? My number is 0776457272.

Customer care male
Mr. muhamadia CallsOct 11, 2013

Mr. muhamadia On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
am in kamwenge and over one month our company line 0382277819. showing searching network.this i reported to mbarara customer centre,they refffered to main office.all efforts to get help ,no one is ready.advise me should i change my line bse i cant reach my customers. o772565933

Customer care male
Mr. Jamesmaguk CallsOct 06, 2013

Mr. Jamesmaguk On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
i hate back up on mtn uganda please cancel now. It has finish my airtime everyday even just now. It always say sending a message. I do not knw to who and to where please cancel now thanks

Customer care male

Mr. GALIWANGO JOHN BAPTIST On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
My SIM card (0782424933)has been blocked as ihave been trying to create apin cord, i have triedt look for my PUK cord, but am not seing it, can you please help me to un block it?

Customer care female
Ms. Grace Nakawooya CallsAug 12, 2013

Ms. Grace Nakawooya On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
Hello there,
kindly help me unlock my phone coz its asking for a PUK which I do not seem to know. Its a Samsung galaxy pocket and the number is 0782151887.


Customer care female
Ms. Esther CallsJun 27, 2013

Ms. Esther On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
Iam currently in S.African, but my mtn Ug line is not going through. It keeps on saying '' number not available'' here is the phone number 0774048174

Customer care female
Ms. Maria CallsJun 24, 2013

Ms. Maria On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
I have been with MTN since 1997 with the same phone number. I am so discouraged on learning that i cant operate mobile money because the company i want to register is not a year old. Why doesnt MTN consider the life of the directors with MTN? How much money to we spend on mtn? Please review that, it chases us away!

Customer care male
Mr. Boniface CallsApr 16, 2013

Boniface On Phone To Mtn Uganda Service
I am in rwanda, but i can not make calls using my mtn uganda line.
my number is +256774098573