MTN South Africa Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of MTN South Africa is: +27 11 912 3000 / 808 / 083 1 808/ 0861 23 24 24.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): MTN South Africa, MTN Group Limited, Innovation Centre, 216 14th Avenue, Fairlands, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.
Email Service Support:
For Extra Support:
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at +27 11 912 3000 / 808 / 083 1 808/ 0861 23 24 24 to get help from MTN South Africa.
What is MTN South Africa?
MTN Group is the world's leading mobile telecommunications company that offers a broad line of voice & data communications products and internet services. Additionally, MTN Group provides information technologies. MTN Group its journey in the year 1994 in South Africa. MTN Group operates in more than 22 countries all over the world with 17,509 employees. Among them few are Afghanistan Cyprus, Zambia, Uganda, Republic of Congo, Swaziland, Rwanda, Iran, South Africa, Ghana, Guinea Republi, Syria, Botswana etc. MTN Group opened its worldwide headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. RS Dabengwa is the chief executive officer and president of the group. MTN Group is one of the largest internet services providers in South Africa. The same customer service number of MTN South Africa listed above is also used for MTN help desk number, MTN customer care number South Africa, MTN helpline south Africa, MTN upgrades south Africa, MTN contact details South Africa and MTN direct contact numbers.

Important Contact Details Of MTN South Africa

There are a number of ways that customers can contact MTN South Africa for assistance on specific topics. Useful contact information listed below.
TopicMailing Address
MTN Prepaid Customers083 173 / 173
MTN Contract Customers808 / 083 1 808 / 087 805 0530
Customer Service173 / 808
Queries about MTN Network Coverage083 900 1212
Web & Online Shop queries0831233032
MTN Direct Sales083 123 3667

MTN South Africa Career Services

MTN South Africa Carrier Services aims to provide carrier quality connectivity, infrastructure, and quality products and services by leveraging MTN’s world-class network. This is done through three leading commercial teams: Interconnect, International Roaming and Managed Infrastructure. MTN’s Interconnect solution and transit to other local and African Operations encompasses telecommunications terminating in South Africa as well as the routing of international traffic through the prospective partner. MTN has ensured that all licensees can easily interconnect with the MTN network. In order to seamlessly connect to MTN’s infrastructure, partner networks will be required to provide physical links to the respective media gateway.

MTN South Africa Online Shopping Portal

MTN Group as means deals with information technology sector puts every nerve in action to invent innovative communicating blends designed in most appropriate way for instance online shopping portal by the help of which customers are getting so closer by clicking in order to makes shopping of MTN product easy and safe.

MTN South Africa Complaints and Reviews

Customer care female
Ms. Babalwa CallsOct 18, 2016

Ms. Babalwa On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Hello All,

I have been trying to get hold of MTN legal for weeks now with no Luck, my account was handed over to a collections company due to skipped payments. I paid all amount in arrears and requested that the collections company email me and MTN legal to notify them of the changes and that they must reinstate my account including my cell phone number. To date i have not had feedback. I am due for an upgrade and missed out on a special deal from last month, and it seems i will miss out on October's one as well. I need to be contacted ASAP to get this matter resolved. Cell number partaining this complaint is 0834496521. My current active cell mumber is 0817738100.

Customer care female
Ms. Karabelo Dolly Mubvakure CallsJul 04, 2016

Ms. Karabelo Dolly Mubvakure On Phone To MTN South Africa Service

My number was upgraded without authorization by MTN Direct in April, I have requested for the reversal of that upgrade ever since and it is being ignored. I also requested for that same number to be migrated and being told it can not because of the upgrade. I have been charged ever since then on the expired contract amount and I am very very unhappy about being ignored and being charged for such things.

Customer care male
Mr. Justice CallsJun 25, 2016

Mr. Justice On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Good morning
I have a serious concern. I'm losing airtime. Last time I checked my balance I had more than R170 airtime, but yesterday when I wanted to make a call I noticed that I only had R25 airtime left. Will you please check how did this happen.

Customer care female
Ms. Monalisa CallsJun 13, 2016

Ms. Monalisa On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I have never really had problems with MTN up until now, when my contract was due for renewal and my so called last bill was as high as if l had just started paying for a new phone, when I asked why it was high I was told it was payments from 2010-2013 that had not been paid. I found that very strange and hard to believe as payments are easily pushed forward to the next month and suspension follows fast. I have been battling with the issue since April and have revised one of the payments to this action I have quickly received a notification about suspension, how twisted is this. Less we forget am still being debited despite my query being rectified. I am truly dissappointed and hurt and inconvenienced by all this. If there are no penalties to cancelling this contract I would rather consider that. REQ6661366 is my latest reference number amongst many. Can anyone please help clear all this.

Customer care female
Ms. Henrietta Erlank CallsMay 17, 2016

Ms. Henrietta Erlank On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Dear MTN,
My cell number is 083654240
I did my upgrade on Saturday, 14/05/2016 and was told that my contract would start on 16/05/2016. Up till now I still have no service. I have been trying to call for assistance, but to no avail. PLEASE ASSIST.

Customer care female
Ms. Ingrid mbele CallsMay 14, 2016

Ms. Ingrid mbele On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
The store spotcene send my mRNA tells tablet to be checked because was slow they call to the store that I must pay R330.00 I deposit the amount at absa on the 4/4/2016 when the call to find out Lifa told the store that they have seller the tablet so I want back my R330.00 please mtn can grap mone/tablet my money is in you account you number number is40-5947 005484 080746 please return back my money send it to sportcene manager Bongani he will call me to fetch it bear with me please

Customer care female
Ms. Precious N Dlamini CallsJan 26, 2016

Ms. Precious N Dlamini On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Good day

I had a two year contract 0785708542 with MTN which ended in November 2015. The last debit went off in December 2015. I called the 808 number to cancel the contract and confirm when the last debit would be and a consultant whose name I cannot recall confirmed that it was indeed December. However, I got billed again for the month of January which I fail to understand. I called MTN once again on Thursday (21 January 2016) and spoke to a consultant named MPHO who assured me that this would be fixed and that I would not get debited. MPHO promised to send me a confirmation email on Friday, but he never did that. I woke up this morning (26 January 2016) with a notification that MTN had taken my money I demand my call records from October till date I am very unhappy about this and I plan on taking this matter to the OMBUDS MAN
I refuse to get taken advantage of THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

Customer care female
Ms. Hazel Mashiloane CallsJun 18, 2015

Ms. Hazel Mashiloane On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
My two numbers have been suspended, I know that they can only be activated after the first of next month, so where do I go on the first of next month to get my numbers activated again, because your call center is on strike. I just called the 011 912 3000 number and the lady who answered my call put me through to customer services knowing very well that they are on strike.

Customer care male
Mr. Mtungwa Skosana CallsApr 20, 2015

Mr. Mtungwa Skosana On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I have a phone contract with MTN which I've held for a few years now. My phone was stolen in Feb 2014 and I blacklisted the phone and followed all the necessary procedures for a stolen phone. Luckily, the phone was recovered by SAPS and it is now back in my possession. I have been trying to unblock the phone with MTN for months now, but it is still unusable. I followed the procedure to unblock the phone - more than once -, but my request has been ignored. I have called the help desk, and when I do get through, I am still not assisted. I am now just basically paying for nothing because I cannot use my device and I have had enough with MTN's poor service, as I do not think I will renew this contract. Please assist, my number is 0761870752.

Customer care male
Mr. Wesley Pillay CallsMar 10, 2015

Mr. Wesley Pillay On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Good Dayi submitted my tablet for repairs, i am unable to get hold of anyone at MTN, please can the battery be replaced and my unit returned to me urgently, i am still paying for my contract whilst my unit is with MTN Reference number

Customer care male
Mr. Joseph Oppon CallsFeb 05, 2015

Mr. Joseph Oppon On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Please very urgent. I am in Zambia and my roaming is not working. Please help very desperate. Number is 083 340 4277. Please I am contactable on 071 074 9088.

Customer care male
Mr. Raoul CallsNov 18, 2014

Mr. Raoul On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
My 24 month contract registered on my mother's name expired last year April. We want to close the contract or switch it from contract to prepaid. When I dial 808 or the alternative land-line number, I am required to enter a PIN. I do not know what the PIN to the phone is as I never set one before and was never required to use it to unlock my phone. I want to know how I can end the contract by speaking to a person and NOT an automated machine? I understand that my mother needs to give verbal consent to end it,, but if we can not get through to someone who know how are we ever supposed to close the contract, otherwise we have to go to the bank and stop the debit order. Can anyone help me please, contact number 0832680301.

Customer care male
Mr. Andre CallsNov 12, 2014

Mr. Andre On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I did phone to customer service with a reception problem. The support i received with this urgent issue was no good and unhelpful. I expect that somebody to call me and I need to resolve this issue. Alternatively I will walk away from MTN after 18 years with you. Call me on 0833318660.

Customer care female
Ms. Ilze Victor CallsNov 12, 2014

Ms. Ilze Victor On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I am a client of MTN from several years. I bought a Samsung tablet. I went to MTN in Vredenburg after talking to a lady from head office. I wanted a SIM and data for my tablet. They send me away as I do not have proof of address with me. They can look on their system, for we are customers from several years now. I find it very poor service. I consider to go to another network, where the service is better. My number is 0832999624. I would appreciate your rapid response.

Customer care male
Mr. Elias Mokhua CallsAug 08, 2014

Elias Mokhua On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I am Elias Mokhua From Thaba Nchu house number 18723 bultfontein1 thaba nchu, so since I claim my cell number With fax, so I lost my simcard on January this year and that SIM it was one my best because I applied rica agent with it, so all my pay have done on the same cell numbers, my old SIM cell number 0836810288. So I would like to get them back because is more than 24hrs your not even reply me, even I called about 105 times no answer on your customer care line, give me detail on SMS please when you reply.

Customer care female
Ms. Depney CallsAug 06, 2014

Ms. Depney On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Good day telesales agent called me saying he is from mtn my number is been chosen offering me a r50 airtime, but i will pay r39. 00 offering me some other funeral covers which i was not interested in, but i gave him my details. The SMS that i received is not from mtn is from this 0861999979/support@milc. Co. Za or www. Milc. Co. Za. Is this part of mtn or it is a scam. Please assist.

Customer care male
Mr. George CallsJul 21, 2014

Mr. George On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Hi My name is george i am located in cape town (stellembosch ), would you tell me the quickest way to do a SIM swap i have been trying many time, now i have five SIM cards and i do not any of your operators able to help me, please just tell me exactly which number to dial or the best place to go to get helped because none of your helpline number works.

Customer care male
Mr. Colllin Mojapelo CallsJul 21, 2014

Mr. Colllin Mojapelo On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Hi i was robbed off my iphone 5s on Saturday the 19. 07. 2014 at night between meadowlands and dobsonville my cellphone number is 0838226869 and my imei number is 358843058170631 please assist in blocking the phone.
Regards Collin.

Customer care female
Ms. Lesley CallsJun 27, 2014

Ms. Lesley On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I have bought a new SIM card and rica it at pick and pay lambton eastrand. When i got home it says the rica is barred and i need to activate the SIM for internet services. The kit number is s09435296 SIM number is 264 990 6718 PUK nr is 159 13651 and the bar code is 009 697 787 083. Please i need assistance urgently. My alternative nr is 082 696 2671.


Customer care female
Ms. A L Hobbs CallsMay 29, 2014

Ms. A L Hobbs On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
We live on a game estate near in barnardsvlei, north west province. We use a dongle with mtn airtime. Our problem is that the signal is so poor that we often cannot get onto the internet. The cellphone number is 073 6001483.
Please can you help regarding why we have a very bad signal.
Thank you.

Customer care female
Ms. Qaqamba CallsFeb 16, 2014

Ms. Qaqamba On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Hello i have a problem with my phone whenever i buy airtime it doesn't last long. Can you please check if i have any subscriptions and get rid of them for me?

Customer care female
Ms. A M Manuel CallsFeb 16, 2014

Ms. A M Manuel On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
My husband passed away in November 2013. I went to cancel our contract, asked to keep my number, mtn said ok bring death certificate. I did and mtn changed their story, have to pay full amount to settle contract then i can keep my number. I do not want to change my number as there are many things to finalize because of my husbands passing. I need to cancel his part of the contract. Please help.

Customer care male
Mr. Tumo CallsFeb 15, 2014

Mr. Tumo On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Hi, i have a problem with my number 0734319940, i have being using it for eight years, but now its seems as if i am sharing it with someone, please can you please check for me which this number belongs to. I will be pleased to have your respond soon.

Customer care female
Ms. Deleney CallsOct 29, 2013

Ms. Deleney On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
This is my 4th Re-furbished phone and this Blackberry 9300 model is the problem, MTN could of advised me to take another model and I would of paid the different, So tired of the waiting period which, I lost too many clients over the four times I have sent my phone in.

Customer care female
Ms. Marlene Volschenk CallsOct 23, 2013

Ms. Marlene Volschenk On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I renewed my Top Up contract. Still had R260.00 airtime from previous contract. Now that is just taken away (stolen). It is the same contract I had just renewed for another two years. What happened to my airtime.

Customer care female
Ms. Miss NP Nxumalo CallsOct 19, 2013

Ms. Miss NP Nxumalo On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Hey, my account was credited with my monthly airtime and buddle on the 17th..but now i have no internet connection. When i make a phone call..they say my account has been suspended. My debt order comes out on the 31. My number is 0810220714..please help because now i can not make or receive phone calls.

Customer care female
Ms. Emma Ndala CallsOct 14, 2013

Ms. Emma Ndala On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
This morning I bought air to the amount of R24.00.From that balance used R10.00 to buy data bundles.However I have discovered that the bundles amount hasn't been deducted from, but my airtime has.Why is this?As it's not the first time it happens.

Customer care male
Mr. Bill CallsOct 13, 2013

Mr. Bill On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Trying to contact MTN service thru 808 is lije trying to penetrate Fort Knox!

Selection one just takes you back to tge STUPID "Yello" message.

Trying one of my alternate numbers also does not HELP

Try getting set up on Website - an absolute pain

Mtn do notknow how to spell customer service being spojen trough a numeric selection snd getting niwhere is Pretty useless


Customer care male
Mr. Kenneth CallsOct 13, 2013

Mr. Kenneth On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
my SIM card with the number 0732150771 was damaged and i bought a new SIM card with the number 0718247649 and i want to SIM swap my new numbers (0718247649) to my old numbers(0732150771), but when i call the customer service 173 for help they ask me '1)when was the last time i load airtime' 2) give your three numbers that you called 3) whether i was on callpersecond or zone etc. How would i know those questions cause my SIM is damaged with the info and the numbers were on that SIM cars, is there other way that i can get help cause i really need those numbers. PLEASE help me I am desperate. Reply as soon as possible to

Customer care male
Mr. Cassiem CallsOct 08, 2013

Mr. Cassiem On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I had a top up contract which came to an end i did`nt renew it now both of my phones says SIM not provisioned.I when to the forchini store where i took out the top up contract i was told that i need to rica the card.That do not make any sense because it was rica before i took out the top up contract.I did what i told.Even called the mtn call centre they told me that i have to wait for 48 hours.It is two weeks now i am just contacted you telling you that your services stinks and buying me today two new sims card on another network.had enought of mtn even with the top up there were always problems.customer care not helpful and problems don`t get sorted.uphappy was loyal customer.

Customer care male
Mr. Kenneth John Smythe CallsOct 04, 2013

Mr. Kenneth John Smythe On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I have emigrated to the U.K. and am no longer in position to use my MTN cell phone and number is there any way of terminating my contract with MTN. My cell number 0832908147 and my I.D. number is 5202275006085.

Customer care male
Mr. Stanley Smith CallsOct 02, 2013

Mr. Stanley Smith On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I am very sorry if i am on the wrong site, but if you can please forward this to the relivant department. I was on one October at the Zevenwacght shopping mall mtn store and was helped by Jason. This is not the first time that i have been helped by him. The eXperiance was one of the best i have ever had by customer care personal. I would like it that you please take note of his excelent customer srevice and always willing to help a person. I was helped just before closing time and this did not even bother him one bit. He is a real assit to mtn and i wish him the best. So 10000% to mtn Zevenwacght mtn`s Jason well done and keep it up.

Customer care female
Ms. Miss C Joseph CallsOct 01, 2013

Ms. Miss C Joseph On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Sim swap query not resolved after upgrading on the 3/10 call centre operator assisting named Leseko Tsele was very rude, argumentative with disrespectful tone.

The call was made around 2.33pm, he placed me on hold for 15 minutes whilst I could hear his entire conversation.

I had to end the call and call back for further assistance.

He could of politely suggested my details need updating and handled the call professionally instead he provoked a negative conversation and was very unhelpful.

I still have no resolution on my query and was tole by another operator that my query has been escelated.

Customer care female
Ms. Lisa CallsSep 30, 2013

Ms. Lisa On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Im in the Eastern Cape I am using a prestigio tab i bought airtym amounting to R30 when i checked it was R20 I then converted R10 into MB when I am trying to transefer the R10 to my sister it kept on telling me about system problems when i check my airtym now its only R2.28 where is my airtym this is not the first tym my airtym just vanishes into space plsss can you explain my no 0732271300

Customer care female
Ms. Nadine CallsSep 29, 2013

Ms. Nadine On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I renewed my BIS a week ago and now I received a message from MTN that I must renew my service in 48hours. What's happening? It normally needs to be renewed in 4weeks time Please get back to me asap. This is not the first time

Customer care female
Ms. cathrine CallsSep 28, 2013

Ms. cathrine On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Hi I applied for a contract phone in July at jabulani mtn store in soweto my application was approved two days after, they told me thayt they will call me to come and collect my phone as soon as thy receive stock. It's been two months now and thy haven't called me I called the shop last month and they told me that they haven't received stock number is 0782720024

Customer care male
Mr. Mr Arendse CallsSep 27, 2013

Mr. Mr Arendse On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Wow! I am seriously disgusted by the way call centre agents handle queries,and to top it all off a person has to wait so long for your call to be answered,let me guess(too little staff?)I do not think so?provide staff with proper training and specially focus on phone etiquette,because I am not sure if I spoke to a agent or whomever that person consider's herself to be within your company.Problems will always arise, but it needs to be dealt with in the most professional manner within the shortest space of time where possible.This not my first complaint too mtn although it is my first time too actually mail my complaint because seemingly there is always problems with agents that cannot here you clearly or they asking you to call from another number and then they just conveniently drop the phone.

Customer care female
Ms. phiwe CallsSep 26, 2013

Ms. phiwe On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I have a problem with mtn customer service I've been calling mtn customer service about my fone which is having a problem of not receiving a landline number which start with017 it my work contact number i reported last year September it been a year now i do not get a reply I am still waiting if i call them they will say it stil with technical department all i need is my fone to be fixed because it a network problem or to update me. My cell number is 0838431892

Customer care female
Ms. jabsile CallsSep 26, 2013

Ms. jabsile On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
On the 26/09/2013 I went to Harrismith Mtn shop to upgrade my contract, only to find that I can not upgrade because it is already upgraded.

Now, following this message what package was I suppose to receive from Mtn and what am I upgraded for because I haven't receive anything.

An urgent respond and clarity is needed here, please
------ SMS ------
From: +2783930035200586
Received: September 6, 2013 10:19
Subject: MTN N1 FACILITY CENTURION has been...

MTN N1 FACILITY CENTURION has been unable to contact you regarding delivery of your package. Please contact our office on 011-552-1491. OF222177089 is your ref

Customer care male
Mr. janco CallsSep 25, 2013

Mr. janco On Phone To MTN South Africa Service

I received very poor service from your MTN cape gate branch.
I want to do a account swap from one account holder to another, six months ago I handed in all the papers what needed to be handed in for the account swap, but they lost the papers and for a second time in April 2013 I handed in papers and also got lost now for the third time they said everything get done online and I just sign the papers for the account swap and it would only take 24 – 48 hours.

I was by Anel at the cape gate branch 15 September 2013 and now it’s 25 September 2013 and still waiting for a response. I did phone the cape gate branch and ask for the manager and Nadia said she will try to speed things up, but no response yet. I’ am getting fed up and wondering if I rather should change to another cellular network.

Account number A0823025
Cell number 0832754136
Account swap from SF de Bruin to J de Bruin

Kind Regards

Janco de Bruin

Customer care female
Ms. Nthabeleng CallsSep 17, 2013

Ms. Nthabeleng On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
My airtime keeps on disappearing everytime I recharge eversince the 50% mahala airtime promo ended. I brought R30 airtime lastweek and it was finished in less than 4days and I just made on call under a min. I brought R15 airtime today afternoon and after making a call to mtn numbers under a minute, I am left with R5, what is going on. Dissatified customer. My number is 0837232504

Customer care female
Ms. Kelly CallsSep 15, 2013

Ms. Kelly On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I bought a new phone from mtn and I've been trying for two days to activate my simcard and everytime I dial the number they cut me off! So if that's the service from mtn its pathetic because I have wasted so much of airtime from another phone trying to activate my simcard

Customer care male
Mr. Takalani CallsSep 10, 2013

Mr. Takalani On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Can you please refer to Req:2444443 after I have done an upgrade on the 14/06/13, from bb to sumsung my contract hasn't been changed, went to the store so many times still not resolved to date.

Customer care female
Ms. Desiree Naidoo CallsSep 07, 2013

Ms. Desiree Naidoo On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Good day, I am not sure what subscription in on my number at the moment and it is eating my airtime...the only subscription I want to have is for my three monthly caller tune update please assist by cancelling all other subscriptions...I tried calling the 173 number, but its saying the number is incorrect....your assistance will be greatly appreciated...

My cell number is email is

Customer care female
Ms. genolee CallsSep 06, 2013

Ms. genolee On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Its been two nights in a row that my network just disappear. I can not use my social networks after 20:00 and its really making me angry. I have been with mtn all my life, but if this is what their internet services going to be like. I am hardly considering to swop to a other network. I am unhappy and disappointed.

Customer care male
Mr. jACOBUS CallsSep 05, 2013

Mr. jACOBUS On Phone To MTN South Africa Service

Customer care female
Ms. Andrea Ferris CallsAug 26, 2013

Ms. Andrea Ferris On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
MTN is robbing me and my friends!

Yes, implementing the new BIS program that is not BIS anymore for all blackberry's. Our blackberry's are not downloading and our BIS is not being paid for, yet we still pay our monthly contract punctually. And the contract states that we are paying for the BIS + R100 AIRTIME + 25 FREE SMS'S. Now why is not it working? And why are we being robbed? And why can not anyone at any MTN shop give us an answer?? This is an outrage.

Customer care female
Ms. palesa CallsAug 25, 2013

Ms. palesa On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I haven't being using my SIM card for six months and my yesterday transfer me 50rand airtime. Today I wanted to use my SIM card it said SIM not provisioned.the number I am enquire is 0780319494.

Customer care female
Ms. Steph CallsAug 08, 2013

Ms. Steph On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I did a number swap at Centurion Branch phone still inactive and all mtn are saying is that they are off line. I asked for a refund of money already paid for the service, but they refusedWhat is a person to do. Head Office also could not assist me. Now I have an inactive SIM card.

Customer care female
Ms. Tired CallsAug 06, 2013

Ms. Tired On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
My husband renewed his contract with mtn, and took out the deal where he get the Samsung galaxy pocket plus phone and with it you get the Samsung TV he took the contract out on 30June 2013 and up till todays date which is 2013-08-06 we have not received the TV???

Customer care female
Ms. Evangeline CallsAug 06, 2013

Ms. Evangeline On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Hi,my name Evangeline Belcher,I wanted to port my moblie number,to mtn network,Last friday I phone 173 tthey told me to port my number to this 083port2us.I did message was delived,but till this day I did not get no message telling me to change my SIM card,I really want to change to Mtn network and keep my number,please Email is ,contact number 0820777104.thank you.

Customer care female
Ms. francina snyman CallsJul 31, 2013

Ms. francina snyman On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I sended my phone away for repair by Swellendam MTN shop. After they send my phone away, the technical assessment report says,'' BEYOND ECONOMICAL REPAIR and NOTE: A BER DETERMINATION IS MADE WHEN THE COST OF LABOUR SPARE PARTS EXCEEDS 75% OF THE CURRENT REPLACEMENT VALUE OF A NEW DEVICE AND WHEN THERE IS NO ECONOMICALLY VIABLE REPAIR SOLUTION OR ALTERNATIVE AVAILABLE. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT THE DEVICE BE SCRAPPED AND DISPOSED IN AN ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MANNER'' and also when my phone came back my front cover was loose. My contract at MTN are not yet expired. What must I do? 0787882200

Customer care male
Mr. Mr Nkonyeni CallsJul 31, 2013

Mr. Mr Nkonyeni On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
After I lost my phone a month ago, I tried to do a sim-swap. It was impossible because of the irrelevant questions they asked me like when last did you buy airtime and how much was that airtime.

Customer care female
Ms. Mandisa Yolanda Mkhize CallsJul 31, 2013

Ms. Mandisa Yolanda Mkhize On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
My name is Mandisa Yolanda Mkhize. I am sad to say I am a very un-happy customer who has been treated unfairly regards to my Mtn loyalty points. I urge I please be called back about my query regarding my loyalty points as I have had no help whatsoever from the consultants aswel as the supervisors I have spoken to. My cell no 0788655586

Customer care male
Mr. Gregory Smith CallsJul 29, 2013

Mr. Gregory Smith On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Good day,

I was contacted by a MTN sales agent to do an upgrade.During the call I asked if this was the best package on offer at the time and he indicated that it was.I noticed a better package and contacted the call center to cancel the upgrade. A week later the cancellation had still not been action-ed. I went to the N1 City MTN Store in Cape Town and spoke to Anele Ref# 101839473 he promised to escalate. This did not happen. Two weeks later I spoke to Mr. Minaar at the same store REQ # 2410775. Two weeks later and still no cancellation. Could someone please assist.

Gregory Smith

Customer care female
Ms. Sakina CallsJul 25, 2013

Ms. Sakina On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Good morning. My name sakina and I am actually complaining that yesterday 24 July 2013 i have rechargedd with R30 mtn voucher and selected the service of R30 for my blackberry till than i have not been connected yet i reboothed my phone twice. Please can you ceeck on the problem my cell number is 0733968397. Thank you i would really appreciate it.

Customer care male
Mr. shaheen CallsJul 17, 2013

Mr. shaheen On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
hi i've been trying to sort out my mail and the outgoing server which is is not responding, what do I do ? how do I go about sorting out this problem ? email me on

Customer care female
Ms. Annah CallsJul 17, 2013

Ms. Annah On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Hi,my name is Annah and I am using a BB 9320 the thing is I was using 8520 and everything was ok I could access eveyrthing without extra charges, but now I found out that my whatsapp is the one making my airtime to be deducted,so I do not understand I thought BIS covered averything jusy like it did with my 8520 so I am not happy because I didn't experience this while I was using my 8520.

Customer care male
Mr. MTN SUCKS CallsJul 15, 2013

Mr. MTN SUCKS On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Thank you guys,if been with MTN for years now got the same number since Ericsson just came to Play some time in the 1994/96 i think.But recently I just got troubles from them,after paying R1000.00 per month i think i deserve better service.They do not get back to you they always trying to ROB me.once they got you hooked they do not care about you any more.When last did a contract user get free weekend or something like that we Just need to pay and they just collect. The call center is a waste of good time 30min to one hour on hold I might be no1 to them, but In community I am followed.

Customer care male
Mr. Tshepiso CallsJul 05, 2013

Mr. Tshepiso On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I have been contacted by someone claiming to be from from a debt collector representing MTN claiming I owed MTN for a cellphone contract, the no used to call is 0871501841, I went to MTN Bedford centre spoke to a gentleman by the of Thabo who confirmed using my ID no that I do not have a profle with mtn, but I am insettled. Contact 0826653612

Customer care male
Mr. Tshepiso CallsJul 05, 2013

Mr. Tshepiso On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I have been contacted by someone claiming to be from from a debt collector representing MTN claiming I owed MTN for a cellphone contract, the no used to call is 0871501841, I went to MTN Bedford centre spoke to a gentleman by the of Thabo who confirmed using my ID no that I do not have a profle with mtn, but I am insettled.

Customer care female
Ms. Lemeez CallsJul 04, 2013

Ms. Lemeez On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I just took out a contract deal that MTN was advertising for 2GB of data,a router and a 3D tv. MTN told me it would take 3-5 working days for the TV to be delivered I am still waiting!

Customer care male
Mr. Zano CallsJul 03, 2013

Mr. Zano On Phone To MTN South Africa Service

Customer care female
Ms. Thabisa CallsJul 02, 2013

Ms. Thabisa On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Hello! I've recently bought airtime for my Mtn starter pack my number is 0780297850, but I couldn't find blackberry bundle options on your customer service. your customer care service line doesn't seem to work and I cannot get help on why my airtime keeps disappearing without any use. And why I can not buy bundles

Customer care female
Ms. Anathi CallsJul 01, 2013

Ms. Anathi On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I entered an airtime for about 3x and when i was about to enter it for the 4th time i was told that am no longer allowed to use this service i should contact the customer service whats wrong?

Customer care female
Ms. Anathi CallsJul 01, 2013

Ms. Anathi On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I entered an airtime for about 3x and it was incorrect now when am entering it for the 4th time iam told that iam no longer allowed to use this service i should contact the customer service whats wrong?

Customer care female
Ms. mmathoto lephadi CallsJun 30, 2013

Ms. mmathoto lephadi On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I tried to connect to SMS roaming while in South Africa befoe boarding to the USA on Friday 28 June 2013. I have received a message to call 173, but i am already in the USA and am i do not have connectivity at all. Kindly assist as i want to roam on SMS. My number is 082 828 74552; Ms Mmathoto Lephadi; ID 5609260858082

Customer care female
Ms. Noxolo CallsJun 29, 2013

Ms. Noxolo On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I have been loyal to mtn for year most of the time there's problems with the network coveraged, but lately my problem has escalated to dealing with some of your rude agents they are not helpful at times they are unprofessional and rude and I end up not having my quiry solved.

Customer care female
Ms. kay CallsJun 26, 2013

Ms. kay On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
It was said that the system without unlimited downloading is back how far is this true or must we still suffer and pay for downloading I am not geting any joy from this network I am using mtn for the ast 13years I would hate to change please. Email me correct information is the old system coming bck

Customer care male
Mr. Cobus CallsJun 25, 2013

Mr. Cobus On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
NO One is answering the customer care line
Waiting for over an hour

I wanted to see if I can upgrade to Samsung S4, Now i won't. I'd rather go to vodacom

Customer care female
Ms. ms Q CallsJun 24, 2013

Ms. ms Q On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I fil like th agents wu answer our calls do not know a thing coz all th ever say is "call after three hours. We also dnt know whts happening" . "Its a technical problem restart your phone" my BIS is not working and its bin hours and these are the answers I get. These ppl answering our calls

Customer care female
Ms. Debbie CallsJun 24, 2013

Ms. Debbie On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Can you tell me if there is a current competition Exxonmobile Mahala 2013 Reno E79RSA. We have been notified we are winners, but want to check it is not a scam. The Call Centre contact number we have been given is 0787516089.

Customer care female
Ms. liza CallsJun 19, 2013

Ms. liza On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I am a mtn user, I have a blackberry and I am suscribed to blackberry services and yet when I go on the internet to download videos or songs, the networkcoverage is always bussy or not responsive why is that?what a waste of my money maby I should think of switching back to vodacom

Customer care male
Mr. J A Barkhuizen CallsJun 19, 2013

Mr. J A Barkhuizen On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I am in cyprus and do not have a signal. Had the same problem last year in Croatia . Had to buy a local SIM not tel me to phone I cannot. Can only do Wifi. My number is 0844664366 I am J A Barkhuizen.

Customer care female
Ms. Shiela CallsJun 18, 2013

Ms. Shiela On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I bought two sililar contract phones in December 2012. In April one of the phones went in for repair, few weeks after it went dead and I took it in for replacement as it was still under warrantee. It was rejected, but I do not think it was checked because there was no note explaining why it was rejected. I also think it was rejected because they noticed that it was almost end of warrantee. The answer the lady who was assisting me got from them was that it was rejected because of the minor scratches. I was not given any other option (e.g. repair) and I believe now they expect me to pay.

Customer care female
Ms. chantelle CallsJun 16, 2013

Ms. chantelle On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
it is impossible to get hold of a service agent. All the numbers in your site is not working.I can not complain about service with MTN because that would imply that I actually received some. I am changing to vodacom. Service shocking If anybody is interested in solving my query, please contact me 0739028018. The only thing that sets you apart from your competitors is service.. How sad that you're customers can not reach you.

Customer care male
Mr. Mr TP CallsJun 07, 2013

Mr. Mr TP On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I have the same problem as Mr TT below except that I only started to support MTN from March this year. I took ou a contract on a two Gig data packet which is absolute worthles to me, because I do not get 3G signal at my home.
I have spoken to customer care numerous time as well as to the network co-ordinator in my area. He gave me an antenna and I have try get hold of him since then. three Days ago I spoke to him again and he promised to contact me to make arrangements. Needles to say nothing happened.
My question is : Why must I pay for a service that I am not getting?

Customer care male
Mr. Gideon CallsJun 03, 2013

Mr. Gideon On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I am buying an mtn is taking my airtime if it is not gonna stop an I want my airtime back coz I do not make calls an my bis is always on, but you always an every day take airtime y plse stop it or I am chance two another network.

Customer care female
Ms. keshnie pillay CallsMay 28, 2013

Ms. keshnie pillay On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Hi my name is Keshnie. I am subscribed to MTN R50 top-up. I received my top-up yesterday,27 May 2013,I had R50.00 and today,28 may 2013, my airtime is now R29.44. I didn't call anyone. I do not know how my airtime is disappearing. Please help ASAP. Email me

Customer care male
Mr. arnold haasbroek CallsMay 05, 2013

arnold haasbroek On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
Hi I have a problem with my blackberry 8520 curve when ever I want to use the wap it says THIS IS A WI-FI SERVICE PLEASE ENSURE YOUR DIVICE HAS AN ACTIVE WI-FI CONNECTION AND TRY AGAIN. I do not understand this because every one I know can go on with no problem can you please help me I can not even use my whatsapp because of this my email is my cell number is 0731724024. Thank you hope to hear from you soon

Customer care male
Mr. mohammed CallsApr 26, 2013

mohammed On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I am very upset. I get 200 MB per month and airtime, but then why is my airtime getting cut together with my megabytes. It is not supposed to be getting cut at the same time. Please reply

Customer care male
Mr. TT CallsApr 23, 2013

TT On Phone To MTN South Africa Service
I've been a loyal MTN customer for 14 years, but staying with mtn is no longer a option. There is no enough network coverage, when I download things from the net it fails because there is no network coverage again, but my MB decreases any way. How much of this poor service should we handle. I am disappointed! What is the point really staying with the network that doesn't deliver on their promises!