Lycamobile UK Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of Lycamobile UK is: +442071320322,322.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): Lycamobile UK, 14 Ealing Road, Wembley, Middlesex HA0 4TL, United Kingdom.
Email Service Support:
For Extra Support:
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at +442071320322,322 to get help from Lycamobile UK.
What is Lycamobile UK?
Lycamobile is a telecommunication company in United Kingdom that was started in September 2006. It provides all Mobile telecommunication solutions to more than 30 million customers. Beside United Kingdom, The company has established virtual network in other sixteen nations including Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden and the United States. As per 2011 records, the company had its Revenue around US$ 1.1 billion; most of revenue is generated from SIM products.
Contact Number of Lycamobile UK for General Inquiries
Phone: 1300-854-607
322 from your Lycamobile
Contact Number of Lycamobile UK From Another Phone
Phone: 0207 132 0322
Contact Number of Lycamobile UK for International Customers
Phone: +44 207 132 0322
Alternative Contact Number of Lycamobile UK
Phone: 9473 3332 / 2154 7171

Lycamobile also uses "GT Mobile" name in many markets. In some markets, both Lycamobile and GT Mobile brands are available. Both offers different options and their service charges are also different. Its list of features includes unlimited text messages and unlimited talk time on most of its monthly plans.

Lycamobile UK Complaints and Reviews

Customer care male
Mr. Conceicao Gago CallsSep 22, 2016

Mr. Conceicao Gago On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
Hi i would like to have a SIM card using my current number please its really urgently.

Customer care female
Ms. Chinthu Shangar CallsAug 17, 2016

Ms. Chinthu Shangar On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
Hi, i top up 20 euro for lyca SIM. And i installed Whats app. But i used whats app calls at home, wi -fi area, but in my account total 20 euro is reduced to 18 euro. Could you please tell me that whats app call also charged?REPLY TO ME AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. From

Customer care male
Mr. Mandar Brahme CallsDec 08, 2015

Mr. Mandar Brahme On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
My Mobile number is 07448606577, Since last two days I am trying to get in touch with customer care as I have recharged my Lyca mobile twice once for ten GBP data plan and once for five GBP Call allowance. And none of them have been provided to me the balance I can see is 0 pence and even the data package is not been allotted. I am really facing a lot of trouble due to this and a lot of discomfort as well.

Customer care male
Mr. Yogender CallsSep 17, 2015

Mr. Yogender On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
Dear team my mobile number is 07448016945 my name is Yogender i call in India today 11:20am. Call 13 minutes, but charge 16p.

Customer care male
Mr. Ganesan CallsSep 03, 2015

Mr. Ganesan On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
Hi team, I Have top up my Lyca Number online, the payments was successful, but the same is not reflecting in my account balance. The details belowPayment StatusSuccessMobile Number447459328059BundleLYCAWORLD 100Total Amount5. 00Reference NumberRD0010864791Transaction NumberQTU0007856099.

Customer care male
Mr. Chirag Daga CallsAug 20, 2015

Mr. Chirag Daga On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
I have not received my free SIM as yet. I have applied on Monday night for a nano SIM. Kindly check and confirm by when I will receive SIM.

Customer care male
Mr. Sameer Shrote CallsAug 03, 2015

Mr. Sameer Shrote On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
Dear Team, i have recharged by one GB data previously which used to auto renew every month. I recently renew with 2GB Data plan, but still am getting the message for renewal of old plan. Please advice on the discontinue of old plan. My No. Is 7438263449.

Customer care male
Mr. A CallsJul 23, 2015

Mr. A On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
Very urgent: a tt: Lyca mobilecomplaint:Received text message from LycA mobile "From one July, calls to 0800, 0808, And 116 numbers will be free to call from your mobile", but it is still charging me for calling 116 numbers etc. On PA YG. This A lie And rip off. My number is 07404729456.

Customer care female
Ms. Fatima CallsJun 30, 2015

Ms. Fatima On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
Hello my recently bought iphone 5c has been stolen in the uk, wembley. I have reported it to lyca customer service and they changed my number so i kindly request you to block the phone that has been stolen. IMEI number - 358536055337696, thank you for your understanding.

Customer care female
Ms. Trinh Diep CallsMay 29, 2015

Ms. Trinh Diep On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
Dear Sir MadamMy name Trinh Diep my phone 07405148254. I tried to make phone call, but your network not work its keep show on the phone end call and NO notification, i only can use text why? i also email to your customer service many hours ago. if you don't sort it out now i will leave your net work and telling all my friend your net work rubbish.

Customer care male
Mr. Jean Mouko CallsFeb 24, 2015

Mr. Jean Mouko On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
Hi sir I'm here I Bruxelles since this morning and I realized that my Lycamobile SIM card is blocked. Could you please unblock it for me? My name is Jean Mouko. Lycamobile number is 07404832421. Kind regards.

Customer care male
Mr. Manoj Ranchor CallsJan 08, 2015

Mr. Manoj Ranchor On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
I have registered with Lyca because I want and history so I can only see the outgoing call It s not showing incoming so please I want the record of incoming call history. I.

Customer care male
Mr. George Dosunmu CallsNov 24, 2014

Mr. George Dosunmu On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
My mobile phone Samsung Galaxy note three has just been stolen in Oshodi market Nigeria. I have reported the incidence to the local police. My mobile number is 07405225570. Kindly block the phone from being used. I am presently on holiday in Nigeria and will return to UK before end of the week. I live at 22Kipling street Salford. M7 2FF.

Customer care female
Ms. Aoife CallsNov 24, 2014

Ms. Aoife On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
My phone will not allow me to call customer service to swap over my number. I have tried several permutations, but none work. My number is 0899543851. I bought this in Ireland, but will be tried to call from Finland.

Customer care female
Ms. Charli CallsNov 20, 2014

Ms. Charli On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
Why has not been given me PUK code. when I ringing up I'm asked to go through lots of options? I'm not on a contract I'm on pay as you go? What is this?

Customer care male
Mr. Furqan Ahmed CallsNov 17, 2014

Mr. Furqan Ahmed On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
Can you please switch off my voice mail services completely? I do not wish to use any Lyca mobile voice mail at all. The UK phone number is 07424932744
Thank you.

Customer care female
Ms. Maqsooda Bibi CallsNov 17, 2014

Ms. Maqsooda Bibi On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
Fifteen minutes of holding and still no answer. Call being important my foot. Very annoying when the recorded message keeps saying "please continue to hold, your call is important to us", another ten minutes still no answer. If it was that important perhaps you would employ more people to answer. The call was made when time in India would be 2pm, 9am UK time. With this sort of customer perhaps time to look else where for a better service provide. Maqsood Bhai.

Customer care male
Mr. Mohan Soothar CallsOct 23, 2014

Mr. Mohan Soothar On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
My mobile number is 07440401636, Lyca to Lyca dialing any number call not going what problem when Lyca to Lyca is free calls.

Customer care female
Ms. Jyoti CallsSep 26, 2014

Ms. Jyoti On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
I am jyoti and got a £15 bundle for unlimited data plan, but the phone screen, that i have exceeded the data limit. Please help or i may not use lyca mobile again.

Customer care female
Ms. Kerry CallsOct 07, 2013

Ms. Kerry On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
I am not able to send or receive text message it's extremely urgent a I am abroad and need to text people where Iam so they can meet me. Please can you help me desperate! Kerry 07448464791

Customer care male
Mr. Satya CallsAug 31, 2013

Mr. Satya On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
There is some value pack of £5 getting renewed automatically every month and money is getting cut. I want to disconnect the value pack. My number is 07405476167.

Customer care female
Ms. Kushmita Sawant CallsAug 24, 2013

Ms. Kushmita Sawant On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
My Lycamobile number.07405711379 was activated on 23rd August. I had loaded ten lbs and have trying to activate Internet which is not connecting. Can you please activate.

Customer care male
Mr. Balwinder Singh CallsAug 18, 2013

Mr. Balwinder Singh On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
I have a unlocked phone, but my SIM does not work in that phone. My phone says it is invalid SIM. What should I do? Can you send me a unlocked phone or something.

Customer care male
Mr. Mohsen Ateaa CallsJul 19, 2013

Mr. Mohsen Ateaa On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
My plan is $39 when I bought this plan I could sent international text massage after week when I send text massage out side United States they did not receive theme I called your office more than ten times, but right now I didn't any solving for this problem.
My phone number is 8606109789 live in Hartford CT 06114
Last case number in your office is 17825619.
I hope get solving shortly .sorry to said I got slot of problem with your services . Thank you

Customer care male
Mr. farhan CallsJul 02, 2013

Mr. farhan On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
Hi my name is farhan akram my problem is my lyca SIM card is block out going and incoming call is block please I used the number and help me

Customer care male
Mr. mohhamed CallsJun 24, 2013

Mr. mohhamed On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
my SIM is blocked i cant call to anyone. this is my no
07405109408. i was using for long time. it happened b4 two weeks ago

Customer care male
Mr. simon CallsJun 18, 2013

Mr. simon On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service

Customer care female
Ms. Cynthia manyika CallsJun 06, 2013

Ms. Cynthia manyika On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
I have been having this swim for almost a year from a friend Thoma's I have been using it especial for my family in south Africa my 19 bundle has run out do I have been trying to register to get 39 bundle.Please can you register my SIM in my name My mobile is 07404034607, my name is Cynthia manyika .date of birth 5/8/67

Customer care female
Ms. munezah safeer CallsMay 21, 2013

Ms. munezah safeer On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
My phone isnt working, its not letting me make calls not even to the help line. I know I have balance though. I'd appreciate if someone contacted me or called me on my lyca number 07466343470

Customer care male
Mr. Neelam Sharma CallsMay 18, 2013

Neelam Sharma On Phone To Lycamobile UK Service
My name is neelam Sharma,want to complaint about your customer help line,couldn't solve our problem,today we called Lyca customer help line.we spoken Lyca agent his name vikram rajavel reference number to today morning call 16416502
Please if you replace our old number to new num
Old number 07438419339