Lycamobile Australia Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of Lycamobile Australia is: 1300854607 / +61-1320 58 / 1800 642 008.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): Lycamobile Australia, Australia.
Email Service Support:
For Extra Support:
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at 1300854607 / +61-1320 58 / 1800 642 008 to get help from Lycamobile Australia.
What is Lycamobile Australia?
Lycamobile is the telecommunication industry. Lycamobile is the huge global service provider with low cost intercontinental Mobile phone calls. This company Likewise functions beneath the 'GT Mobile' brand, which competes in lots of the same markets as the Lycamobile brand. The Lycatel brand is not itself utilized as a calling card company, but acts like a parent company used on a variety of branded prepaid phone cards. Gt Mobile also generally known as 'Gnanam Telecom. Lycamobile mobile phone network operates in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Lycamobile was builted in September 2006.

Lycamobile Australia Toll Free Contact Number
Phone: +61-1320 58, 1800 642 008
Lycamobile Head Corporate
Phone: 44 20 7132 0322
Valuable Contact Number of Lycamobile Australia for Customer Service
Phone: 020 7132 1100
Contact Number of Lycamobile Australia for Lost and Stolen
Phone: 020 7132 1101

Lycamobile Australia Complaints and Reviews

Customer care male
Mr. CallsDec 03, 2016 On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
hi my lyca mobile phone 0470763 and 0469015689 currently have no net work so connection so i cant cant call and answer call too.pls solve my problem that i can get network connection as soon as possible.thanks

Customer care male
Mr. Godjok Dau CallsNov 19, 2016

Mr. Godjok Dau On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
I need this number 0470624715 because I have to use since 2012 in four years ago. Now it no working I need to be keeping in my number, I do not need to change.

Customer care male
Mr. Khosrow Haidary-gazik CallsOct 02, 2016

Mr. Khosrow Haidary-gazik On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
Hi dear i am khosrow haidary gazik acc 20060202150 Rf 49525986 on31/8/2016 charge me $20. 00 the same day charge me $10. 00 from visa credit anz ?.

Customer care male
Mr. Iqrar Hussain CallsAug 18, 2016

Mr. Iqrar Hussain On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
Hi my name is Iqrar Hussain can you please send me call history 1st June till today my number is 0469601337.

Customer care male
Mr. Swati CallsJul 07, 2016

Mr. Swati On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
I bought unlimited bundle of talk and text, but expired half way through the month. I have many days left for the month, but not sure and have been on customer service
(122) hold for more than an hour. I see charges from call history and looking at their offer (still online available) I see no fine print mention. I have snapshot of call log which i have been for more than an hour. I have recorded video of it too. Lets see how i get contacted now.

Customer care female
Ms. Shahgul Mozafari CallsMar 24, 2016

Ms. Shahgul Mozafari On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
My SIM card is not working about five days i can receive a message and a call, but can not call or message any where else.

Customer care male
Mr. Mohd Saleh CallsMar 01, 2016

Mr. Mohd Saleh On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
The money got suspended and I sent you the document.

Customer care female
Ms. Fatima CallsAug 04, 2015

Ms. Fatima On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
My SIM is not working from last four days, it says SIM registration failed. My phone number is 0470617717 please guide me how to get this issue fixed?I immediately want my phone to be open and I do not even have any other phone or way to call the helpline.

Customer care female
Ms. Dhara CallsJun 25, 2015

Ms. Dhara On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
I am unable to call on landlines. My job requires a lot of calls to be madee. Funking help me fst.

Customer care male
Mr. Boniface CallsApr 28, 2015

Mr. Boniface On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
My credit is deducted from anonymous number 19940011 and I have tried to send 'stop' to them without success. They purport to say to call 1800197150, but it not going through. Please fix this today. Otherwise come tomorrow will buy another line. Boniface kikami.

Customer care male
Mr. Hayrullah Sayan CallsMar 09, 2015

Mr. Hayrullah Sayan On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
Shit service. They put me on hold for 40 minutes and that's when I hung up as there was still no response. I bought 20 dollar lyca credit and after only sending one message my balance showed Zero dollars. I have called the customer care number through another phone to complain and was put on hold forever. I want my 20 dollar credit back please.

Customer care female
Ms. Salvatricia Ingwe CallsMar 05, 2015

Ms. Salvatricia Ingwe On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
For two month now I have not been able to call a particular number. But I have no problems with Calling number other numbers. Please respond. I have called customer service number it seem that no one is available. 2784.

Customer care female
Ms. Ayla Urun CallsFeb 28, 2015

Ms. Ayla Urun On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
I have been on hold more than 30 minutes. I had enough no one is picking up from this number please do not play with people this is ridicules.

Customer care male
Mr. Nada CallsFeb 24, 2015

Mr. Nada On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
My SIM card on roaming mode how i can chande lyca SIM card from roaming mode to local mode please give me response of call in customer service.

Customer care male
Mr. Tajinder CallsFeb 24, 2015

Mr. Tajinder On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
I am calling to customer service from morning to till evening, but there is not any response from lycamobile services.

Customer care male
Mr. Danish Ahmed CallsFeb 24, 2015

Mr. Danish Ahmed On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
Hi Lyca, I want to switch to lyca mobile. My new SIM card is 8961190010037584608. My AMAYSIM number is 0432189314 and account number 12369033911, my DOB is 18/08/1987. Please fix this. I have three email already and tried calling couple of times. Please advise how long this will take I do not have any phone service. RegardsDanish email:dahmed02@gmail.com0432189314.

Customer care male
Mr. Kamalpreet Singh CallsFeb 20, 2015

Mr. Kamalpreet Singh On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
My number is locked they are asking SIM network unlock PIN so i am on hold for more than 30 minutes so please my Lyca number is 0469158525 so please solve my problem my con number is 0433077786.

Customer care male
Mr. Adeel Aslam CallsFeb 12, 2015

Mr. Adeel Aslam On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
Hi there, I tried to port in my Live Connected number ( 61401320469) to your network, but it was rejected. I want to know if Live Connected numbers are portable to the Lyca Mobile network, please?When entering my details, the option I found was only 'Live Connect', not 'Live Connected', is this the same network? I also entered that my current number is Prepaid, but it's a Post-Paid number. All my other porting details were correct, could this have been the reason for being blocked? If so, is it possible for you to send another request to port my Live Connected number to the Lyca Mobile network, please?My details are as follows:MR AdeelAslamPh: 61401320469Live Connected account number is 407714Address: 19 Somerset Close WERRIBEE VIC 3030Connection type: Post-paid with Live Connectedregards, ADEEL ASLAM.

Customer care female
Ms. Poonam More CallsJan 05, 2015

Ms. Poonam More On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
Can you please stop all the services of number 61 469839797. Lyca system is automatically deducting the charges from my account. I can see the transaction happened on 2nd Jan 2015 for $5 internet pack. Currently I am outside Austrlia and SIM is not working to dial *137

Customer care male
Mr. Md Muhit Hossain CallsDec 21, 2014

Mr. Md Muhit Hossain On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
Hello, I have problem in the main screen asking gmail account and password. But I forgot my gmail account and password. How can I use my mobile? My lyca mobile number-0469954616.

Customer care female
Ms. manjula venkatesan CallsSep 16, 2013

Ms. manjula venkatesan On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
had purchased
lyca $2 SIM just yesterday, and had recharged it for $20. I had used about less than $2 yesterday on calling India. I have lost the SIM card numberw. What should I do? The SIM no.was0470138706.

Customer care female
Ms. janavi CallsJul 17, 2013

Ms. janavi On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
I am not able to receive and make calls from my lyca mobile yesterday..
i seee only emergency alls on the display

Customer care male
Mr. Faruk CallsMay 21, 2013

Mr. Faruk On Phone To Lycamobile Australia Service
Nobody have switched my nomber. Please switched my nomber. I called at 612, but nobody have responded because it was so busy.please notify me by calling in this nomber 7162227048 as soon as possible.