Luvs Diapers Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of Luvs Diapers is: 1-888-665-3257, 1-888-665-3257.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): Luvs Diapers, PO Box 483, Jersey City, New Jersey, United States.
For Extra Support:
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at 1-888-665-3257, 1-888-665-3257 to get help from Luvs Diapers.
What is Luvs Diapers?
Luvs Diapers Company is created by Procter and Gamble. Luvs Diapers was organized in 1837 having central office in New Jersey; United States of America Luvs trademark is famed for baby diapers. Luv’s diapers are a most significant marketed brand of disposable diapers. Brand new Luvs Diapers have the identical mighty leakage protection with an enhanced fit. Luv’s diapers have stuff like cotton soft cover and cloth like mortgages. Diapers Corporation is a trademark of disposable diapers. The Price of those diapers is Very cheapest in the marketplace.

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Luvs Diapers Complaints and Reviews

Customer care female
Ms. Kelsie CallsJun 11, 2016

Ms. Kelsie On Phone To Luvs Diapers Service
I bought a box of luv diapers and i just looked at one and it had black mold in it. I will not use these on my child.

Customer care female
Ms. Bessie Watkins CallsApr 05, 2016

Ms. Bessie Watkins On Phone To Luvs Diapers Service
I do not have a Complaint, I want to know does your Company Donate some of you products to local Community Centers?.

Customer care female
Ms. Tamika Sams CallsSep 02, 2015

Ms. Tamika Sams On Phone To Luvs Diapers Service
I brought a case of luvs pampers size six, 54 count and when my one year old son peeps the gel of the pamper comes out all over my bed and fall.

Customer care female
Ms. Meghan CallsAug 08, 2015

Ms. Meghan On Phone To Luvs Diapers Service
I spent a lot of money on these diapers for night time purposes and they still leak I want my money back.

Customer care female
Ms. Nat H CallsFeb 08, 2015

Ms. Nat H On Phone To Luvs Diapers Service
Just saw a commercial showing the mother cleaning a pacifier by putting it in her mouth and then giving to the baby. That is actually never recommended as the bacteria in mom's mouth will transfer to baby's mouth. I work in a dental department in a local health center. We treat many children and educate our patients and care givers on not to develop this bad habit. I feel you are sending the wrong message and would hope you would have considered this before making the commercial. Be nice for you to take care of both of babies ends.

Customer care male
Mr. Gbadamosi Olawale CallsNov 13, 2014

My name is Gbadamosi Olawale and I reside in Lagos Nigeria. I have no complaint, but instead I will like my wife to be your major distributor of Luvs Diapers here in Nigeria. I will like to know what are the requirements and your shipping procedures down to Nigeria in case of buying huge quantity. Are there any distributor membership card? What are your price list for your distributors? Please I want answer to this as soon as possible. My mobile number is 2348103495480, 2348184288765. Thanks.

Customer care female
Ms. John Jones CallsAug 31, 2013

Ms. John Jones On Phone To Luvs Diapers Service
My name is John Jones. I had the same promblem almost one year ago, but since everything has been fine until two days ago when i bought a size five big box of luvs. There are two seperate stacks of diapers in each box and each stack is wrapped in plastic.The first stack was fine, However the second stack was a major promblem. Everyone of them,when I went to pull the sticky tab over,the sticky tab,they would very easely pull completely off. I had to use scotch tape in order for them to stay on my daughter. I believe if i pay $21.00 for a box of Luvs,they should all work and function properly.The # on the Diaper is 3216u011400418. My address is 208 Howard st. Mount Holly, NC 28120 and my phone # is 704-812-8222. I believe i am entitled to somekind of refund or a replacement of the Diapers.I have called the main office, but today is saturday and you all are closed.Please get back intouch with me as soon as possible so we can resolve this promblem. John Jones

Customer care male
Mr. Gina Garcia CallsAug 14, 2013

Mr. Gina Garcia On Phone To Luvs Diapers Service
I had bought luvs size five diapers for my little boy,but they did not hold up, they leaked really bad, so I decided to try the size six thinking that was the problem, but they were too big, so I went back to size five, but they still leak pretty bad even after an hour. Do your have any suggestions on other diapers that may do a better job

Customer care male
Mr. CallsApr 19, 2013 On Phone To Luvs Diapers Service
I've been using Luvs for about four months now and for the first time I noticed that my daughters thighs are green when I changed her today. It's from the ink/dye on the diaper, hoping this is not harmful to her, kinda disappointed in Luvs:(