Lebara UK Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of Lebara UK is: 0870 075 5588 / +440 203 036 3001 /.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): Lebara UK, 25 Copthall Avenue, London, EC2R 7BP, United Kingdom.
Email Service Support: care@lebara.com
For Extra Support: www.lebara.com
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at 0870 075 5588 / +440 203 036 3001 / to get help from Lebara UK.
What is Lebara UK?
Lebara is a telecommunications company which released the first ever low price worldwide support in Netherlands in 2004. Lebara company is one of Europe’s increasing mobile companies, with some 4 million effective clients globally and functions in eight nations. The mobile’s brand markets in communication strategy which also focused on marketing strategies, PR & focused advertising. Lebara operates in Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and UK etc.Lebara initial product was international telephone calling cards. The same customer service number of Lebara UK listed above is also used for contact Lebara customer service, call Lebara customer service, Lebara service status, Lebara call centre, Lebara support, Lebara top up from Abroad, Lebara mobile head office UK and Lebara reseller.

Careers At Lebara UK

At Lebara UK our greatest asset is our people believing that by enabling our people to make the most of their talents and to be outstanding, we are able to deliver outstanding value to our customers. Working at Lebara means taking responsibility, mastering challenges and continuously growing as part of a diverse and global team. Contribute to our success through various exciting career opportunities and be part of the world’s leading logistics company. Lebara is a place for people that want to make the world a better place and achieve great things. We provide an environment and support to make this happen.

Some Important Email ID's Of Lebara UK

By the help of below given email addresses of

Lebara UK

, customers willing to know more about the products and services may know much more for example:
SectionEmail Address
General Enquiriesinfo@lebara.com
Media Enquiriespress@lebara.com
Investment Relationsinvestor@lebara.com
Talk Emailtalkinfo@lebara.com

Lebara UK Complaints and Reviews

Customer care female
Ms. Sharanya S Kumar CallsJan 06, 2015

Ms. Sharanya S Kumar On Phone To Lebara UK Service
I am unable to activate call waiting. When I tried to activate it. I get a message saying that the provider gave an unexpected response. Please help.

Customer care male
Mr. Osarobo CallsDec 21, 2014

Mr. Osarobo On Phone To Lebara UK Service
I bought a 15 pounds lebara 800 or 1000 minutes to call Nigeria. I lost the SIM card with the minutes which I have not used up to about five minutes of. I would like to get back the SIM with the minutes on it. This is my lost Lebara number 07467566028. Thanks.

Customer care male
Mr. Mahesh CallsSep 16, 2014

Mr. Mahesh On Phone To Lebara UK Service
I am receiving calls, but out going calls are not going, when ever i dial it disconnects in few seconds

Pl advise my number is 07990346331.

Customer care male
Mr. Pius Mankrado CallsMay 28, 2014

Mr. Pius Mankrado On Phone To Lebara UK Service
I am a first time lebara customer on UK plus, but cannot use the internet or the allocated data, though the voice and text are ok. I get the message " could not activate mobile data network, you are not subscribed to a mobile data service. " I would be grateful if a solution to my problem could be found. My mobile number is 07823743123.

Customer care male
Mr. Viswa CallsFeb 14, 2014

Mr. Viswa On Phone To Lebara UK Service
I am facing trouble to make a call to India. The problem is when i make a call to India (either land number or mobile number)every ten seconds the call got disconnected. Till yesterday evening all the lines were good and i made calls to India. I am seeing this problem from today morning onwards. Can you please do the favour to me. Thank you.

My number : 0758 7788 639.

Customer care male
Mr. Olusola Gabriel CallsOct 30, 2013

Mr. Olusola Gabriel On Phone To Lebara UK Service
I was,sent an SMS that I will get a free 1gb of data once I recharge with any amount. I did and also followed the procedures sent to me via SMS for the activation of the free 1gb, but I have not been able to browse the net and enjoy the free data. Kindly assist. My line is 07831067527, email is sola4gabriel@gmail.com.

Thank you.

Customer care female
Ms. Neelam Nehra CallsSep 22, 2013

Ms. Neelam Nehra On Phone To Lebara UK Service
I tried to top up my phone several times, but was not successful I do not know why this is happening. I get email from you that it could not be done not giving me the reason. My number is 07407211679 . I need to know what the problem is as soon as possible . As I need to top my phone and use it Qcrd is my image code

Customer care female
Ms. eleanor CallsAug 24, 2013

Ms. eleanor On Phone To Lebara UK Service
I can not top up my phone why? How can I top up I need to make a call ASAP

Customer care male
Mr. bogdan81 CallsAug 23, 2013

Mr. bogdan81 On Phone To Lebara UK Service
I am a libara customer my libara contact number is 07443319462, is not working I do not know what is the problem I can not call any one or nobody can contact me please sort it out the problem as soon as possible my email is bogdan.naghi@yahoo.com.
Thank you!

Customer care female
Ms. Lily CallsAug 07, 2013

Ms. Lily On Phone To Lebara UK Service
please why is there no FREE customer service number for lebara? I do not see why lebara customers should pay to call lebara customer care. It is not acceptable

Customer care female
Ms. Josephine fiyai CallsJun 21, 2013

Ms. Josephine fiyai On Phone To Lebara UK Service
I did a top up for £10 yesterday, and made and international call for abt 15mins and another local UK call that lasted about 19mins. Now I've got no call credit on my phone. Please check what's the problem is and let me know if I get a refund.

Customer care male
Mr. jorge calderon CallsJun 19, 2013

Mr. jorge calderon On Phone To Lebara UK Service
My telephon number is bloqued..pleace i need a code number to active .the service my email is escorpionjorge@live.com. plece is very important for mi thanks

Customer care male
Mr. Dami CallsJun 18, 2013

Mr. Dami On Phone To Lebara UK Service
I ordered my nano sim, still waiting to receive it. My number is 07407083522. To deliver to 20 Brookfield Road, flat 3, Manchester M8 5SE. Can you check the status of my SIM please as I do not have a phone right now

Customer care male
Mr. chimezie ukaegbu CallsJun 07, 2013

Mr. chimezie ukaegbu On Phone To Lebara UK Service
I was ill treated, abused and duped by lebara. I have used the unlimited topup for more than three times until recently last month when my number was barred for flimzy excuse that i used my unlimited topup more than expected.
After much explanation to one of the worst customer service ( a lady) whoinsulted my and i on the phone and vowed to make sure my number remained barred. All my loyalty and dedication to lebara for more than three yrs were not considered. I was duped by lebara of my bal.

Customer care male
Mr. dheeraj kumar CallsJun 02, 2013

Mr. dheeraj kumar On Phone To Lebara UK Service
i bought a new connection on 2/6/12 i top up with the help of voucher my contact number is 07867038994. i want to acctivate unlimited plan 29, but it ID asking payment method i do not want to use card payment i bought a voucher 30 pound then i dod call on customer service they charge ten p per minute very shit service . i am not satisfy with your service please call me i mention my no above

Customer care male
Mr. Surendra kumar CallsJun 01, 2013

Mr. Surendra kumar On Phone To Lebara UK Service
I am your customer more than two years, now i need micro SIM of my same no 07423263511.
kindly send as soon as possible

S kumar

Customer care male
Mr. Rafik CallsMay 22, 2013

Mr. Rafik On Phone To Lebara UK Service
I am a libara customer my libara contact number is 07435656356, is not working I do not know what is the problem I can not call any one or nobody can contact me please sort it out the problem as soon as possible my email I'd is halarafik@ymail.com

Customer care male
Mr. SAMIR RANJAN PRADHAN CallsMay 15, 2013

SAMIR RANJAN PRADHAN On Phone To Lebara UK Service
Hi, I am unable to activate Call Waiting facility in my Lebera number. Please assist on priority. Name: SAMIR RANJAN PRADHAN mobile number : 07570140639 Thanks, Samir Pradhan

Customer care male
Mr. Theodoros Nicolaou CallsApr 27, 2013

Theodoros Nicolaou On Phone To Lebara UK Service
My prepaid SIM card is blocked because I have wrongly Pinned
the access pin code. I do not know the PUK code, either.
Please, assist to the full recovery of my prepaid SIM card.

Please, reply at theonicolaou@yahoo.gr or at the telephone
number 0627448491,

Thank you...

Customer care male
Mr. Raman CallsApr 01, 2013

Raman On Phone To Lebara UK Service
I buy lebara SIM card before 18 March and I have unlimited offer to India, but last night stop the my offer because I have more day like 18 April and my offer stop last night I do not knw y can you explain me please ?