Infinity Ward California Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of Infinity Ward California is: +18183860072.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): Infinity Ward California, 15821 Ventura Boulevard, Encino, California 91436-2915, United States.
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For Extra Support:
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at +18183860072 to get help from Infinity Ward California.
What is Infinity Ward California?
Infinity Ward additional of activism. Infinity Ward designed the video show game like Call of Duty, Call of Dutya and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Activism Blizzard is the owner Infinity Ward company. Its first headline, Call of Duty won 90 Activity of the Season awards and 50 Editor's Option Awards. Infinity Ward was founded in 2002. Its headquarter is located in Encino, California, United States. Infinity Ward develop games that support every operating system and are easy to install as the games has a inbuilt software that helps the user to install these games easily and Infinity Ward produces games for people belonging to all age groups as well as different walks of life the games of company include war games, racing games, games for kids and fighter games that are loved for all. The aim of company is to provide a real experience of gaming to the game lover as the games contain extremely good graphics and thrilling sound of bullets and blasts that make them attractive for the players.
Valuable Contact Number of for All General Inquiries / Support
Phone: +18183860072

Main Products Of Infinity Ward

  • Racing games that comprises of different types of car and bike racing loved by kids where a player choose their cars and bikes and compete with others by passing through many hurdles.
  • War Games these kind of games are loved by all and are most purchased brand of the company as the games provide a thrilling experience of fighting with monsters and a player wins points after every victory that points can be used to barrow specific weapons and moves.
  • The Infinity Ward also produce kids games that include puzzles that helps to develop a creative attitude among children's.

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Infinity Ward California Complaints and Reviews

Customer care female
Ms. Justin Gutierrez CallsNov 22, 2016

Ms. Justin Gutierrez On Phone To Infinity Ward California Service
I joined a lobby in the middle of the game and didn't show my name and I was playing on someone else's name and his rank then I backed out and still had his rank and it stayed there I was prestige 1 rank 39 then deranked to no prestige rank 42 my name on ps4 is NATIONRAIDERS2 and his name is NoApplauze

Customer care male
Mr. Nick CallsMay 21, 2016

Mr. Nick On Phone To Infinity Ward California Service
Hey I'm trying to download cod ghosts and I did on disk one, but I go and click on multiplayer and it tells me I got to get a required download and it forces me back to main lobby were it says campaign multiple and stuff and it said that it will be added to my active download, but it won't 99%of the time and when I does it stays at 0. I wanna play the game I bought.

Customer care male
Mr. Daniel Curry CallsMar 24, 2016

Mr. Daniel Curry On Phone To Infinity Ward California Service
I got deranged on MW3 and I was wondering if you could give me my rank back please I played for a two weeks straight and I do not want to do that a gain can you give me level 80 back please I'm on PS3 my name is danotheinfern0 please help me.

Customer care male
Mr. Marvin Powell CallsJan 03, 2016

Mr. Marvin Powell On Phone To Infinity Ward California Service
Hello my profile on modern warfare three was deranked and i was wondering if you can get my rank and stats back my name is METHMAN_111690 thank you.

Customer care male
Mr. Roberto Long CallsOct 27, 2015

Mr. Roberto Long On Phone To Infinity Ward California Service
It would be great, and thousands of people agree, if Infinity Ward could make Call of Duty Modern Warfare two on the next generation systems Please see to it and put it in the work.

Customer care female
Ms. Nefertiti Woods CallsAug 28, 2015

Ms. Nefertiti Woods On Phone To Infinity Ward California Service
Last night while playing ghost my game have gotten hacked for the third time I loaded into the lobby that had a player that was a visible in killing everyone as soon as they spawned so I backed out the lobby loaded into another lobby when i looked at my stats my kd was at 0. 00 I had about eight million deaths and 20 kills with four games played. What can be done? The last time I had an issue my prestige and everything I unlocked get rest for things I had no control over. And the first time this happened my game got corrupted so I had to delete everything. My ID is AssassinYuki and my system is PS3. Side note last month I get a few notifications saying I request to change my password, but I didn't make request.

Customer care male
Mr. Chad Osborne CallsMar 29, 2015

Mr. Chad Osborne On Phone To Infinity Ward California Service
Have one complaint, my call of duty modern warfare got hacked an can not level up my guns, an can not get a hold of a home to fix it.

Customer care male
Mr. Brian Grant CallsMar 18, 2015

Mr. Brian Grant On Phone To Infinity Ward California Service
I have been wrongfully ban from ghost I would like some answers on why and will you fix this problem I have been a big fan of cod right from world at war to ghost and never had a complaint till now I do not cheat hack or boost I do not even own a computer I just have a 360 and a tablet that is it.

Customer care male
Mr. Damian Reid CallsDec 08, 2014

Mr. Damian Reid On Phone To Infinity Ward California Service
My account was hacked back last week and who ever hacked it has hacked call of duty ghosts and now has got me band for good and i would like to be able to play on call of duty ghosts again as i had no in tension of hacking the game.

Customer care male
Mr. Gabriel Wicker CallsNov 28, 2014

Mr. Gabriel Wicker On Phone To Infinity Ward California Service
I was banned by hackers on call of duty duty ghosts on the ps3 and i was wondering if you can unbanned me.

Customer care male
Mr. Fayde Kamzi CallsNov 12, 2013

Mr. Fayde Kamzi On Phone To Infinity Ward California Service
I made someone the leader of my ghost clan and now it will not let me leave the clan it says that I am in my other friends clan, but it says I am in another clan also I need help add me on Xbox if you know how to help me Fayde Kamzi.

Customer care male
Mr. Mustafa CallsNov 09, 2013

Mr. Mustafa On Phone To Infinity Ward California Service
I wanted to say you need to fix the trophy called "they look like ants" because I took out every single enemy and didn't acquire it so I was hoping you could get me the trophy or fix it or something please thank you by the way the game that has that trophy is call of duty ghosts.

Customer care male
Mr. scott CallsNov 08, 2013

Mr. scott On Phone To Infinity Ward California Service
The call of duty ghosts app doesnt work for the motorola xt555c smart phone. It says that my device is not compatible for it and i was wondering if you could please fix that problem i would very much appreciate it thank you.

Customer care female
Ms. hunter CallsSep 29, 2013

Ms. hunter On Phone To Infinity Ward California Service
people go this hacked client code where they are invisible.. unfair much?? yes. all you guys need to do is open MW3 and update it one more time. The update can take away all the cheats and hacks people got.

Customer care male
Mr. Ryan CallsAug 20, 2013

Mr. Ryan On Phone To Infinity Ward California Service
I have 272 headshots with the pm-9 in modern warfare three, but i did not get the title for it nor the 500 kill one and i have about 800 kills.

Customer care male
Mr. Wilson CallsJul 11, 2013

Mr. Wilson On Phone To Infinity Ward California Service
I got deranked and I was on prestige 11 level 70 can you please give me back my level and prestige and my guns/attachments