Imesh Usa Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of Imesh Usa is: +1 646-810-8700.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): Imesh Usa, 635 Madison Ave, New York, NY, United States.
For Extra Support:
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at +1 646-810-8700 to get help from Imesh Usa.
What is Imesh Usa?
Imesh is third most popular music contribution service in United States. It provides media and file in 9 languages. It is developed by Imesh Inc corporation. The company initial release in November 24, 1999 and Stable release in August 5, 2012. This is written in C++ language. The company is opened in October 25, 2005. It provides many features like Artist Discovery, Community, Music synchronization with MP3 players, Parental controls, iMesh DJ. It gives 14 days free trial to user and also offers 15 million free songs. Imesh is owned by American company Imesh, Inc. The company provides our services in world wide. It is also provides download music, video and other facilities. IMesh gives access to over 15 million songs and videos.

Imesh Usa Complaints and Reviews

Customer care male
Mr. Pat CallsFeb 12, 2016

Mr. Pat On Phone To Imesh Usa Service
You have debited my account and your system won't even let me download the music i want my money back.

Customer care male
Mr. Kevin Gipson CallsNov 25, 2015

Mr. Kevin Gipson On Phone To Imesh Usa Service
I want to cancel my subscription effective immediately and stop the $9. 95 monthly drafts from my account. I've already called once to get this resolved and I will be calling again if this is not. Thank you.

Customer care male
Mr. Roy Burton CallsSep 04, 2015

Mr. Roy Burton On Phone To Imesh Usa Service
I have cancelled my subscription several times I sent you guys an email earlier today Because it seems as if you do not understand English because if you did you would not be still making my account an overdraft every month Please repay me for the overdrafts and stop taking payment on the subscription that I cancelled months ago Roy Burton . I expect the money to be refunded immediately.

Customer care male
Mr. Gerard Broekx CallsJun 12, 2015

Mr. Gerard Broekx On Phone To Imesh Usa Service
You take $19. 95 from my master card-account. Your bill is number 212 7295641NJ. I pay this very period. But winch period and exactly for what?.

Customer care male
Mr. Bruce Joseph Mcdonald CallsMar 25, 2015

Mr. Bruce Joseph Mcdonald On Phone To Imesh Usa Service
I uninstalled iMesh over three years ago and you are still billing me every month. I have done everything I could to cancel this billing. I am going to call your number 1-646-810-8700 and try to resolve this problem. This is my second last resort. My LAST resort will probably be to travel to 635 Madison Avenue, New York, New York, U. S. A. And deal with iMesh person to person. PLEASE Stop billing me.

Customer care female
Ms. Joann Whitaker CallsDec 13, 2014

Ms. Joann Whitaker On Phone To Imesh Usa Service
I have cancelled my account yet you have still billed me for the last three months cancel my account. I have tried to reach customer support with no luck. Stop debiting my account for something i cancelled 4 months ago thank u.

Customer care female
Ms. Mary H Boone CallsDec 08, 2014

Ms. Mary H Boone On Phone To Imesh Usa Service
I think that i need to restart I*mesh music as i cannot access my account. How do i give my cc number to to get going in the loop again.

Customer care male
Mr. Greg Marth CallsDec 08, 2014

Greg Marth On Phone To Imesh Usa Service
I want to cancel my membership immeadiatly. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT, SINCE I CANT SEEM TO REACH ANYONE. Greg Marth

Customer care female
Ms. Mary H Boone CallsDec 04, 2014

Ms. Mary H Boone On Phone To Imesh Usa Service
I don't want to lose the music that i listen to daily. I have many old songs in a library. How can i reopen this account. I paid in October, please respond to my e-mail. Thanks.

Customer care female
Ms. Mary H Boone CallsDec 04, 2014

Ms. Mary H Boone On Phone To Imesh Usa Service
I cannot pull up i*mesh music on my commputer. I am a member and am auto paying Rs 9. 95 per month. I have many songs in my library. How do i re enter in to this program.

Customer care male
Mr. Basil Slaymaker CallsNov 07, 2014

Mr. Basil Slaymaker On Phone To Imesh Usa Service
I have used Imesh for a year and was happy with it. One day it would no longer down-load the licenses so I could play my music. Imesh said to remove it from my computer and re-down-load it. Now my computer's security Malwarebytes and Viper Security will not let me down-load Imesh. They say it is a bad site with viruses. I have tried to get a hold of them without luck If I cannot use it then I need to cancel my subscription. How can you do it if you can not get a hold of anyone? I have called both phone numbers and all you get is an automated message to email them.

Customer care male
Mr. Marc Paul CallsOct 11, 2014

Mr. Marc Paul On Phone To Imesh Usa Service
I have been trying to reach you guys since last week to cancel my account and you guys are no where to be found. Please i want to cancel my account as soon as possible. Thank you.

Customer care male
Mr. shawn mosteller CallsAug 30, 2013

Mr. shawn mosteller On Phone To Imesh Usa Service
I keep getting this message saying that imesh is unable to load due to unsuccessful installation please re install. ive had your site on my computer for a few years and never did anything to it as far as change setting , etc i cant uninstall ive tried to install again are download and it will download and I can use it as long as I do not exit, but if i exit out are turn computer off when I try to get back on imesh it gives same message what can i do i love your site so do not want to lose it