Ikea United Arab Emirates Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of Ikea United Arab Emirates is: +971 4 203 7555, Fax: +971 4 203 7620.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): Ikea United Arab Emirates, Dubai Festival City, P.O. Box 50618 Al Rebat Road, dubai.
Email Service Support: IKEAuae.PR@alfuttaim.ae
For Extra Support: www.ikea.com
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at +971 4 203 7555, Fax: +971 4 203 7620 to get help from Ikea United Arab Emirates.
What is Ikea United Arab Emirates?
Ikea United Arab Emirates is an retail industry that deals in Self assembly furniture. Ikea United Arab Emirates has 139,000 employees. Ikea United Arab Emirates was founded in 1943 having headquarters in Netherlands, South Holland. Mikael Ohlsson is the Chairman and CEO of the company. The IKEA company having 12,000 products. The ikea company product such as IKEA starbox, serveware, swedish food, dinnerware, cutlery, glassware, jugs, place mats, napkins, cable managment accessories, bathroom mirrors, cooking accessories, ovenware, bakeware, washing machines, bathroom storage, toys, cot mattresses, furniture sets, armchairs, dinning chairs etc.
Ikea United Arab Emirates is an online platform offering precise perks of shopping online. Ikea United Arab Emirates is an ideal retail store configured to customize belief of expensive assets with flexibility to shop online. The enterprise is influential in furnishing conclusive tools at convenient cost and offers boundless household products while keeping consideration of budget.

Customer Care Support of Ikea United Arab Emirates

Customers from global routes are specifically recommended to make an exclusive connection with the customers care representatives. However, the customers are pleased with influential information and gratified with legitimate support.
  • Customer Care Number: +971 2 493 5888 / +971 4 203 7555
  • To Report Queries: Visit http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_AE/customer_service/contact_us/contact.html

Ikea United Arab Emirates Services

Ikea United Arab Emirates is decent in furnishing privileges of purchasing multiple goods in convenient manner and authorizes customers to avail the perks of branded products at discount costs. However, the customers are bound by nothing to expand the perception of procuring complimentary perks and specifically promoted to compare the costs of exclusive products with other online stores. The enterprise is embarking activities within the boundaries of the nation and delights customers with premier products such as:
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Bathroom Appliances
  • Cooking Recipes
  • Textile
  • Electronic Gadgets

Ikea United Arab Emirates Facilities

Ikea United Arab Emirates is configured to explore anticipation of customers with predominant branded products, conclusively provided with one year warranty and service. However, the customers willing to trade with the institution of prescribed to register an official account via: https://secure.ikea.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CreateUser. The customers are also delighted with flexibility to settle the steam of expanses online or conventionally required to pay at the time of delivery. Moreover, the delivery takes proposes time of 2 to 10 business days.

Ikea United Arab Emirates Complaints and Reviews

Customer care male
Mr. Kimathi CallsSep 06, 2016

Mr. Kimathi On Phone To Ikea United Arab Emirates Service
Hi Ikea

Am a totally disappointed customer who bought a TV trench from your warehouse in Dubai. I paid for delivery and installation however your team only delivered. I called your office without response. two days later someone calls from your office informing me that I had been allocated another reference number (19667) and as such someone would get in touch with me on the installation date - now the week is almost over and no one has called me. I do not really understand why you are treating your customers this way. I wish I had not shopped at your outlets- your customer service is very poor or someone is sleeping on their job sorry to say.

Customer care male
Mr. Kimathi CallsSep 01, 2016

Mr. Kimathi On Phone To Ikea United Arab Emirates Service
Hi I bought TV bench and paid for delivery and installation. To my suprise your team only delivered and they refused to install. I really do not understand how you're treating your customers. I would assume that if someone has paid for something he / she should get the service. Now it appears like am begging for the installation whereas I have paid for that service. Can someone assist please because this is unacceptable.

Customer care male
Mr. Khaldoun Khouli CallsJun 09, 2015

Mr. Khaldoun Khouli On Phone To Ikea United Arab Emirates Service
Dear sir, I used to buy a lot of things from IKEA worldwide and this is my first complain since I have bought a curtain for my new office and I show IKEA Dubai photos of my windows and a my glass partion, and they have asked for AED 180 and I bought the curtains according to this and I have booked appointment for fixing them, and what I faced is the following :A very bad communication with the guy who planed to come, and he promised to come ten AM this Tuesday, He come late 11:30 AMHe has asked for AED 500 more since he say my window is big, I planned for important meeting with one of my overseas agents today afternoon, he did not fix it just he asked for this extra amount and he escaped, I was busy in my kids graduate celebration. Your service by using such people is absolutely bad and I am not appreciated what I have faced. My phone number is 0552928560I need a solution for this .

Customer care female
Ms. Michaela Jaksch CallsMay 20, 2015

Ms. Michaela Jaksch On Phone To Ikea United Arab Emirates Service
Dear Ikea team, I called you two days ago and got no further response. I am a frequent customer at Ikea and bought recently a bed pad, Sultan Tafjord, No 70155630 for 1095 AED. Unfortunately we only realized after unpacking the item, that it was too small- keeping the plastic was not possible as it is so tightly packed that we had to cut it. I have the receipt and the unused pad. I would need to change it to 1. 80 x2. 00 meters. Thank you for your support in advance, Dr. Michaela Jaksch , my phone is 050 6406447.

Customer care female
Ms. Iyad Alsaka CallsFeb 11, 2015

Ms. Iyad Alsaka On Phone To Ikea United Arab Emirates Service
We had a delivery the day yesterday with a broken chair and the delivery team number 09 promised to change it today, but no one has come. Could you please arrange for the replacement delivery as soon as possible. Number is HD15020100570Team number 09Transaction number is 20079771.

Customer care female
Ms. Lamis Chahoud CallsFeb 09, 2015

Ms. Lamis Chahoud On Phone To Ikea United Arab Emirates Service
I've been trying to call for two days, with no reply This is not acceptable, and it's too time-consuming. Delivery team calls me to notify me of date and time, and she hangs up before i can even confirm or change the day. How unprofessional is this?

Customer care female
Ms. Cynthia Demian CallsNov 06, 2014

Ms. Cynthia Demian On Phone To Ikea United Arab Emirates Service
I tried to call you to report two damaged items, i received by delivery today. After finally someone answered my call she put me on hold for ten minutes without an answer. When i tried to call back no one was picking. This is unacceptable and unprofessional. I was shocked by this disrespectful attitude coming from such a reknown store. Please note that i will not be buying anymore from your store.

Customer care male
Mr. Ali Hasany CallsOct 15, 2014

Mr. Ali Hasany On Phone To Ikea United Arab Emirates Service
They did not pick the phone at all, when called to customer care representative.

Customer care female
Ms. Suzanne CallsSep 26, 2013

Ms. Suzanne On Phone To Ikea United Arab Emirates Service
We purchased for our client various items for delivery and assembly on 23.09.13 reference nbr HD1309105696 - we were told October 1st would be delivery date. We gave two contact number and were told by Winston in delvy dept he would call us the next day to advise if it was possible for an earlier delivery 24th no call 25th we tried the whole day to get thru to your contact number 04 2037698/ tol free/57/58 numbers all they do is slam the phone down event at 8pm toll free answered spoke maureen who promised to call me back never happ.This morning i have been ringing from 957 till now which is 10.37 i then tried 04 2037555 and have just spoken to a Ms Stefanie who checked only to find despite the date on our paper showing October 1st she has October 2nd which is the reverse to what is required. She assures me she will come back to me in 3-4 hours lets see she said i shl call the Ikea numbers to recheck later which frankly is impossible to do as the above numbers only disconnect or slam phone

Customer care male
Mr. Syed Aziz CallsJul 12, 2013

Mr. Syed Aziz On Phone To Ikea United Arab Emirates Service
It's five months now I bought two kitchen CABNETS along with other furniture, my order delivered in three episodes in three month, but still three parts r left and its spoiling my CABNETS .i do not know which kind of dealing is this.y do not you tell us that this is not available now at the time of selling?

Customer care female
Ms. Helen Miller CallsJul 08, 2013

Ms. Helen Miller On Phone To Ikea United Arab Emirates Service
Dear Ikea people,

I am looking for a paper IKEA catalogue. This year's or last year's catalogue will be fine. How can I get one quickly? I need it on or before Sunday 14th July. Please email me at helenapu@gmail.com or call me on +372 54 736 552. I am in Dubai until Sunday 14th.