African Bank South Africa Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of African Bank South Africa is: 0861 111 011 / 0861 000 351 / 011 256 9000.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): African Bank South Africa, 59 16th Road Midrand South Africa.
Email Service Support:
For Extra Support:
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at 0861 111 011 / 0861 000 351 / 011 256 9000 to get help from African Bank South Africa.
What is African Bank South Africa?
African Bank Limited commonly referred to as African Bank is a commercial bank in the Republic of South Africa. African Bank provides loans up to Rs180,000 with relaxed conditions of up to 84 months to repay. The lender is a additional of its holding company called African Bank Investments Limited. The two areas, in which Africa Bank Investment strategies Limited operates, include underwriting of unsecured credit score risk, through the supply of loans, and the marketing of furniture and appliances for cash and credit score both within and outside the Republic of South Africa. African Bank is the greatest unprotected loan provider in South Africa- a region commonly regarded to be depending too intensely on the use of loans, with this type of funding growing quickly across the nation. African Bank headquarters is located in Midrand, South Africa. The same customer service number of African Bank South Africa listed above is also used for African Development Bank South Africa, African Development Bank South Africa office, African Development Bank South Africa vacancies, African Bank careers South Africa, African Bank loans South Africa, African Bank savings and African Bank Sasolburg.

Job Opportunities Offered By African Bank South Africa

African Bank is made up of people who make a difference in everyday life. We offer extensive possibilities for talented and innovative people to enjoy career paths filled with success and personal growth. Professionals in fields of administration, finance & accounting, project management, legal collections, call centre, sales, information technology, human resources, marketing, auditing, risk management, credit analysis, economics and many more are the core of our excellence.

Work Culture At African Bank South Africa

African Bank strongly encourage dialogue and ideals that will both enhance and ease our work culture; at African Bank, the bottom line is: when you have fun at work, work becomes fun! African Bank strongly believe in meritocracy and there are opportunities galore for the young and restless. This coupled with the strong core values of Integrity, Commitment, Passion, and Seamlessness & Speed enable us to take from strength to strength.

Contact Details Of African Bank South Africa

If customers need to talk to African Bank officials on the phone, via email or to visit us in person, you can find all our contact details below. Customers can also send us your feedback, or find out how to report a lost or stolen card, We're here whenever you need us.
Head Office:
59 16th Road, Midrand, Johannesburg
Postal Address:
Private Bag x170 Midrand, 1685 Johannesburg

Important Numbers African Bank South Africa
Head Office011 256 9000
Insurance 0861 007 966 / 011 564
Customer Service Centre0861 111 011
Debt Counselling011 256 9323087 807
Collections011 207 4500011 207 4500
Consumer Advocate's Office011 256 9073011 207
Loans Fraud Reporting0800 633 6330800 633

African Bank South Africa Complaints and Reviews

Customer care female
Ms. Monica Moretsele CallsSep 23, 2016

Ms. Monica Moretsele On Phone To African Bank South Africa Service
I made an arrangement for you to collect money on the 30th of each and every month. But now i see you go any time, last month it was the 26th of August and again you went to the bank on the 7th of September 2016. Now i owe the bank unpaid debit orders. I have now decided to pay you cash at the branch. I am prepared to pay off this account. I will not skip any payment unless if something beyond my control happen.

Customer care male
Mr. David Ndou CallsJul 15, 2016

Mr. David Ndou On Phone To African Bank South Africa Service

ID NO 5703165724083.

Customer care male
Mr. Zukile Stoffel Bobanie CallsOct 07, 2015

Mr. Zukile Stoffel Bobanie On Phone To African Bank South Africa Service
Good day my name is zukile bobanie ID no 8112295056084 i would like to get a arrangement letter to prove that i agree to pay R500 on my account as from 30 October please send me a copy via email.

Customer care female
Ms. Mmathapelo Mosupyoe CallsSep 10, 2015

Ms. Mmathapelo Mosupyoe On Phone To African Bank South Africa Service
I went thought your website looking for your customer care email address. Please direct me to the right site. I need to know about my credit card. Identity number is 7706170414085I hardly ever have my phone on which is why am not giving you my contact numbers so I would be happy to get a reply through my emailI just need an explanation as to what what happens I've paid off my loanI actually need to know how long am I gonna pay it offRegardsMmathapelo.

Customer care female
Ms. Noriah Khoza CallsFeb 10, 2015

Ms. Noriah Khoza On Phone To African Bank South Africa Service
Good dayMy name is Noriah Khoza and my ID Number is 8402060474087 and I settled my outstanding loan and the credit card, but unfortunately the service provider told me that African Bank cannot close the credit card so I must keep so my concern is I do not want the credit card anymore and definitely I am not going to need it in future, so please cancell the credit card since I do not owe Afrian Bank a cent.

Customer care female
Ms. Deliwe Diale CallsNov 09, 2014

Ms. Deliwe Diale On Phone To African Bank South Africa Service
Hi my name is Deliwe Diale. This is not a complaint, but i do not know who must i send this message to. I have a problem. I have two loans and a credit card with African bank, but i could not pay them. My last payment was month end in March i think. My husband was dismissed at work in April and now I am the only provider supporting two families and my brother, who is in university now. It is not that i do not want to pay these loans, but my situation is very difficult, because i also have children who are in school going. So, i am asking if it wouldn't be possible that you reduce my payments to what i can afford. Please understand my situation i want to pay your company. My Id number is 8812150396083.

Customer care female
Ms. Thulisa CallsJul 15, 2014

Ms. Thulisa On Phone To African Bank South Africa Service
I have a huge complaint towards african bank, I settled my loan account in February 2014. I have not received any settlement letter since, They have been promising to email it to me and my name still looks bad at the itc because it is not yet cleared. Please help.

Customer care male
Mr. Joseph CallsJul 02, 2014

Mr. Joseph On Phone To African Bank South Africa Service
Hello Sir, i lost my job long time ago and i could not pay my african bank account. My account number is 6727372002 and my i d number 8705215458080 my cell number is 0826018835 and 0747345549. Please call me i want to start paying now.
Thank you very much.

Customer care male
Mr. louis CallsNov 07, 2013

Mr. louis On Phone To African Bank South Africa Service
Good day dear Mr/Miss I just want to find out about my payment on a loan that I made a couple of years ago I've been under debt counselling for about two years now and I just wat to make sure how much do I still owe you guys, the debt counselling says they can not tel me how much I still owe. Can I send my I'd to you and will you be able to help me please. Regards Louis Harrison.

Customer care male
Mr. Peter CallsOct 20, 2013

Mr. Peter On Phone To African Bank South Africa Service
i need the settlement amount for the loan i took.

my name is Tumelo Peter Kalanko

Please send the details and amount on

Customer care male
Mr. MR Stander CallsOct 17, 2013

Mr. MR Stander On Phone To African Bank South Africa Service
Good day. Have two African bank loans. To be debited weekly. Last week both were debited four installments. I reversed the debit orders and went to my branch in palm springs to ask assistance. I wasn't able to go back again to go pay the correct amouts at Ellerines. This week, expecting african bank to debit the correct amounts for last week and this week, again I was debited four weeks installments on both loans! I have other things to pay as well! And I cannot take off work again to go to african bank or to reverse debits

Customer care female
Ms. yes CallsOct 14, 2013

Ms. yes On Phone To African Bank South Africa Service
Hi I am chelsea jantjies iv applied for a loan a while back I got fired an I am stil at home, but would like to pay you guys off every month how much do I owe you and how much is the minimum I can give my I'd 8709030254088

Customer care male

Mr. MPSANE BLESSING MANKGE On Phone To African Bank South Africa Service
Dear African Bank I did applyed for a loan on 03 September 2013 everything went well as I signed agreement documents and the lady that helped me told me that I must just wait for some few hours for head office to comfirm my employment, but even today I am stil waiting and I am comfused,what I want from them is to tell me what is the problem so that I can go to another banks my I'd is 8412246567084 my cell no 0766156508 can you please let me know what is the matter please.

Customer care male
Mr. faizel mansfield CallsSep 04, 2013

Mr. faizel mansfield On Phone To African Bank South Africa Service
Hi. I have faxed my retrenchment letter three times already, but you guys still debit my account. The insurance suppose to pay and I need the 780 rand back in my account because I did pay insurance against retrenchment. The place I worked at is closed and I am out of work. My name is faizel mansfield and my I'd number is 7501225252089. Please I have been paid out for six months previously by your insurance and I still do not work and african bank head office did contact me and I did do what they say and I done it three times. What the fock. Nothing gets done. I fax and fax and fax and refax the docs how many times.

Customer care male
Mr. Hennie CallsAug 30, 2013

Mr. Hennie On Phone To African Bank South Africa Service
I have a creditcart with africanbank, but now they have take R399.00 extra for what i want my money back or is this how you steal money from your client's.The reference is:LDETECTOR 9521000557640130830NAEDO DR0;My normal installments is R617.50 and if have never mis a payment now you doing this to me,i what this sorted out ASAP.

Customer care female
Ms. lungiswa CallsAug 07, 2013

Ms. lungiswa On Phone To African Bank South Africa Service
I am lungiswa njokweni custormer of African I want ti know what can I do becouse I am in arrears in my acc bbcz I apply for debt review and because of I have lolot of debt even in community I couldn't able to pay properly and the debt review cancell my acc with them now I want to know if is any thing I can do or yafrican bank can do to help me I am bankrupt my ID no8612180805081 cell no0733258686 I am realy need help I owe nedbank, multyloan

Customer care female
Ms. Agnes Salamina Manganye CallsJul 24, 2013

Ms. Agnes Salamina Manganye On Phone To African Bank South Africa Service
Hi I applied for s loan online and one of your consultant called me to take my details and said I qualify and should go to the branch which I did.when I get to the Tramshed branch in Pta the consultant couldnt go into my applicstion and when she called head office they told her there was an error in my logging in so the problem must be sent to Gazelle linking via email and she send the email three times, but no response till today. I even called customers service and was told to go to the branch again and when I get there the problem still arise up until

Customer care female
Ms. ivy sphiwe CallsJul 11, 2013

Ms. ivy sphiwe On Phone To African Bank South Africa Service
i need a loan broke what do you need.i have two loans dat iam paying every
mnth please help i have serious money problems only for this number is

Customer care female
Ms. Nobulelo Shezi CallsJun 20, 2013

Ms. Nobulelo Shezi On Phone To African Bank South Africa Service
My problem is I've been defaulting payments so I would like to make arrangements to start again with my payments my ID number is 7410160663088 and G Shezi my cell number is 0847753431

Customer care male
Mr. zuko CallsJun 08, 2013

Mr. zuko On Phone To African Bank South Africa Service
Dear african bank yesterday I applied for an loan by da goodwood mall african bank evry thng was successful so da lady that helpd me said I shud wait for a call, till today I havnt received da call and I need da money urgently...plz can you assist I wana knw wats goin on I am Zuko 0766803208.