Adnoc United Arab Emirates Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of Adnoc United Arab Emirates is: +971-2-6020000 /.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): Adnoc United Arab Emirates, Post Box 898, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
For Extra Support:
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at +971-2-6020000 / to get help from Adnoc United Arab Emirates.
What is Adnoc United Arab Emirates?
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company shortly known as ADNOCis one of the globe's major oil organizations taking advantage of wide oil and gas supplies in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company generating over 2.7 million casks of oil a day. ADNOC using a complete place of about 83,600 rectangle miles, the UAE has 700 miles along the Arabian Beach and 100 miles surrounding the Beach of Oman. ADNOC Submission has also spent substantially in state-of-the-art hunkering features at the Ying power Zayed Slot of Abu Dhabi to allow the refueling of delivers at enough duration of appearance and leaving. ADNOC is the fourth largest oil company which was founded in 1971. Its headquarters is situated Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The same customer service number of ADNOC United Arab Emirates listed above is also used for ADNOC Group of companies, ADNOC careers, ADNOC distribution, ADNOC salary, ADNOC vacancies, ADNOC hospital, ADNOC recruitment and ADNOC hospital vacancies.

ADNOC Office Addresses In United Arab Emirates

ADNOC being the national oil company that deals in storage, distribution and oil storage through out United Arab Emirates drives its business undertakings on big scale. The officials may be reached by the interested persons through the below given branch offices as mentioned below:
02 6722322, 02 6722244
Abu Dhabi head officeSh Zayed Street next to National Drilling Company and UNB building P.O.Box: 418802 6771300
Al Ain officeAl Muwaiji Area / Bin Ham Building, behind Big Book Shop
PO Box 1099
03 782880003 7828544, 03 7811455
Sharjah officeAl Durra Tower next to Al Fardan Center (15 Floor) Buheira Corniche Road, Al Majaz 306 556 400006 556 4242
Western Region officeBehind ADDC Office, next to Etisalat PO Box 50055 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates02 894322202 8846878

Adnoc United Arab Emirates Complaints and Reviews

Customer care female
Ms. Joyce Pinto CallsSep 25, 2016

Ms. Joyce Pinto On Phone To Adnoc United Arab Emirates Service
I was having a flat tyre issue today morning. So went to adnoc station the supervisor Mr Neil of the tyre department refused to advice me about the problem with my tyre and rule out the possibility of a puncture in the tyre and only insisted on replacing all four tyres. He did not advise his subordinate to check the tyre and he said he would not do the tyre puncture repair if any as the tyres required to be replaced. I am a lady driving a Linclon MKX and recently did my regular servicing with premier motors who have advised me my tyres are in good condition also i have Successfully reregistered my car in April 2016 and the vehicle has passed the testing
This is very tromertising as i had to reach my office today for a very urgent report and just because the supervisor wanted to sell the tyres to me i am here wasting my time runing around.

Customer care female
Ms. Suhail Shaikh CallsDec 24, 2015

Ms. Suhail Shaikh On Phone To Adnoc United Arab Emirates Service
Assalamilakum . To whomsoever it may concern, My name is suhail be I am Asian but it dsnt mean that your staff should treat me as poor . I want to complain about two staff of Shahama gas station opposite to deerfields mall. On 22nd night around 9:30pm your staff let me wait for 30 mins in the gas station ( check the CCTV ) . When I ask what's the matter he just said don't talk and showing me finger and when I ask why you are letting me wait he just said its a shift change but nothing such written if shift is change you will not fill . I can recognize the two staff and I also need a call feedback and if you need I will come to the station and show that two staff . Name : Suhail Shaikh Cont

Customer care male
Mr. Ajaya Ravindran CallsNov 17, 2015

Mr. Ajaya Ravindran On Phone To Adnoc United Arab Emirates Service
Many ADNOC Gas Stations are not accepting Credit Cards. I faced the issue recently in the two pumps near Yas Mall Abu Dhabi (both sides of the highway). They say that they will only accept cash and advised me to use ATM. I faced the same issue with another pump in Electra St as well. Many a times, gas stations refuse to accept credit cards. Please resolve this issue at the earliest and be customer friendly.

Customer care male
Mr. Sayed Ali CallsSep 13, 2015

Mr. Sayed Ali On Phone To Adnoc United Arab Emirates Service
I like to make a complaint against a Petrol station held in Salama, Umm Al Quwaien. For giving a very bad and Rude services, I have filled my cars tank every where in UAE, but I never faces such type of service any where, even the Supervisor at this petrol station is also not taking care of. All the peoples filling fuels are misbehaving with customers and talking in a very Rude way. Also when they are free they didn't come early to serve the peoples.

Customer care male
Mr. Aneesh Ajayakumar CallsSep 06, 2015

Mr. Aneesh Ajayakumar On Phone To Adnoc United Arab Emirates Service
I have a long complaint. Please provide me with your mail ID. I can explains everything. I have typed everything in the message box and it showed an error since I am not allowed to write more that 1000 characters. So please provide me with the mail IDThank you, Aneesh.

Customer care male
Mr. Aneesh Ajayakumar CallsSep 06, 2015

Mr. Aneesh Ajayakumar On Phone To Adnoc United Arab Emirates Service
Dear Sir/madam, I am really upset about the incident happened to me in your adnoc petrol station Al qasba(sharjah). I have gone there for an oil change at 21:50 today(05/09/15). When I went there, there was a car inside the pit and the car was taking out of the pit after the oil change. Then the next car entered the pit and mine was the next car as there were no other cars in the queue. I parked my car near the pit without disturbing the other cars which came for filling fuel and it was right in front of the pit. Then another car came and the guy in the car asked me whether my car is waiting for the oil change or not. I said yes and I saw him going near the person who was doing the oil change. Then I saw one of the person who was filling the fuel for the cars advising others to stand in the queue for changing the oil. But I could not find anyone parking behind me. Then the car who came just before me for the oil change was taking reverse and I was preparing to take my car.

Customer care male
Mr. Gag CallsJul 28, 2015

Mr. Gag On Phone To Adnoc United Arab Emirates Service
Went for a oil change in dibba adnoc near police station on 27-7-15 3. 45 asked them to change filter, but it was not changed, but charged for. Please advice your staff to be professional not to spoil company reputation. Thank u.

Customer care male
Mr. Yasir Zaman CallsDec 04, 2014

Mr. Yasir Zaman On Phone To Adnoc United Arab Emirates Service
Unfortunately last time, when I went to a petrol station in Al Ghafia Sharjah I got really very bad experience. I ordered for dh 50 fuel and gave the attendant my debit card he swiped I got SMS of amount deduction and he took long time for recent then he said to wait and take my vehicle to parking as it may take some time. I parked my car to wait for my debit card while I was waiting for attendant I got one more SMS of deduction of amount from account for fuel. It was first time I experienced I was doubtful the attendant came to me with recent for signature I asked him whether he swiped the card twice for that he said he swiped only once. I said I would like to check my online account as it never happened before with me so I used my mobile in front of him it was showing two transaction were made he denied I called my bank confirmed in front of him also he said check your bank the next day I brought the statements also they said It happened with others also they can not help it.

Customer care male
Mr. Theyab mohammed CallsOct 01, 2013

Mr. Theyab mohammed On Phone To Adnoc United Arab Emirates Service
I came to petrol station in alain which is albateen 9:49 pm today 1/10/2013 and I ask one of the labor why the car wash close he told me finish duty When I talk to the supervisor his name najmaldeen he said the labor driver he will not wait then I told him this is not a reason he should come when they finish them work he told me without any care I will be responsible for anything So please would you take an action in this case and thanks a lot

Customer care male
Mr. DETTO VARGHESE CallsJul 06, 2013

Mr. DETTO VARGHESE On Phone To Adnoc United Arab Emirates Service
Hi Sir/Madam,

we have to register with adnoc.

now preparing to fill its registration form..

but have some doubts on that..

sub section 2.3 -work experience

can you please guide me how to fill this form...?


Detto Varghese