76 Gas Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of 76 Gas is: 1-800-527-5476.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): 76 Gas, 13682 Beach Blvd, City: Westminster, California..
For Extra Support: www.76.com
Whom to contact for 76 Gas?:
You can contact Lyman Stewart for any query related to 76 Gas.
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at 1-800-527-5476 to get help from 76 Gas.
What is 76 Gas?
76 Gas is a group of gas stations situated within United States. The brand name was introduced by Phillips Company. 76 Gas was established in the year 1890 covering more than 1500 locations. 76 Gas forces the driver to take the long cuts, because of the services provided by 76 Gas.

Road Tools Of 76 Gas

1. Honk Suppressor: Honk Suppressor tool is used for the replacement of hunting horn.

2. Quiet Game:76 Gas provide their customers a Game
that will create no sounds and can be played on any smartphone device.

3. Screensaver: 76 Gas screensaver help customer to keep an record of the fuel consumption of their vehicle.

4. Road Stress Reliever: 76 Gas provide Customer
road reliever application that helps them to reduce their stress level.

5. Ticket Talker 3000: 76 Gas provide customer a Very funny application for getting rid of buying tickets. Sometimes IT Works and sometimes it leaves a Smile on the cops face.

6. Why Stopper: Customer can download why stopper app for controlling their kids questions. The app has inbuilt answers for almost every asked questions.

7. Passenger Contracts: Passengers should Know about each and every tool. 76 Gas provides Contact files for those passengers who want to learn about the tools and how the customer should behave while traveling in any vehicle.

Customers Can Find Their Nearest 76 Gas Location by using 76 Gas Locator. The link for the 76 Gas locator is given below:

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76 Gas Complaints and Reviews

Customer care male
Mr. Meme CallsNov 10, 2016

Mr. Meme On Phone To 76 Gas Service
I had terrible service at United Oil station 120 today. Attendant Leonardo very rude when i asked for help with pump because nozzle wouldn't lock and gas kept spilling. Asked him why he ignored me when I pressed help button and he said "we do not go outside". (So why do you have a help button on pump then?)Then he said "looks like it's working fine" despite that it took ten minutes to pump $8 in gas. So he says rudely "you sure you know what you're doing?" I'm an older woman and this is one of the most sexist and insulting comments I've ever heard, and he would never dare say that to a six foot tall man because he knows he would have been drop kicked. I left with no help from him. Woman outside who works there helped me and admitted the pump wasn't working right and she would talk to him. Point is he's a sexist, rude little jerk off punk who needs a new job because he sucks at this one and refuses to help customers.