7 on Your Side Arkansas Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of 7 on Your Side Arkansas is: +1 501-324-4357.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): 7 on Your Side Arkansas, 401 Main Street, Little Rock, AR 72201, United States.
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at +1 501-324-4357 to get help from 7 on Your Side Arkansas.
What is 7 on Your Side Arkansas?
7 On Your Side is a television channel which broadcasts many programs in the United States. It is also famous as KATV and owned by Allbritton Communications Company. It broadcasts its first program on December 19, 1953. The channel used digital programming for broadcasting its programs. The 7 On Your Side provides sports, news, weather report and many other shows for the people. It also helps to solve the customer complaints regarding any issue of television channel. The same phone number of 7 on Your Side Arkansas listed above is also used for 7 on Your Side Arkansas phone number, Arkansas weather, Katv news, good morning Arkansas, 7 on Your Side craws for a cause, Pamela Smith Katv, Katv craws for a cause and channel 7 daybreak.

Visiting Address Of 7 on Your Side Arkansas

Visit at the below mentioned address to contact with the representatives of 7 on Your Side Arkansas for any query:
401 Main Street, Little Rock,
AR 72201, United States

Customer Care Numbers Of 7 on Your Side Arkansas

7 on Your Side Arkansas always welcome their customers to procure best service. Customers who need guidance related to the services can contact to the officials with out any fear and hesitation by using the contacts written below:
  • Main Phone: 501.324.7777
  • Main Fax: 501.324.7852
  • News Tipline: 501.324.7760
  • News Director: 501.324.7807
  • General Sales: 501.324.7706
  • General Manager: 501.324.7806

Careers At 7 on Your Side Arkansas

7 on Your Side Arkansas offers an exciting platform to the unemployed youths of United States. Unemployed applicants who are interested to be a part of the association are welcomed in the 7 on Your Side Arkansas. For more details regarding careers, please feel free to visit at the given website:

7 on Your Side Arkansas Complaints and Reviews

Customer care female
Ms. Carol Jameston CallsNov 19, 2016

Ms. Carol Jameston On Phone To 7 on Your Side Arkansas Service
National Park Medical Center in Hot Springs, the senior care unit. My 80 year old husband went in to have adjustment to his Alzheimer's drug and they over drugged him and he fell and had to have surgery. On his left hip. Because of the lack of care he was discharged with out the proper care for therapy for his hip. And when taken to private care home was found to have a very redness on his bottom, still fighting to get that cleared up, . He was walking when he went into that unit, and now he is bed ridden, cannot walk and needs to be feed. He is also on hospice care. All of this because of there lack of care and Dr Charles Lane lll was very uncaring when I said he was not ready to be discharged. His medicare time was not up, but this very rude so called DR did not care. I am so upset this will be the 1st time in almost 58 years of marriage that we will not be together in our own home. Please if you can look into this. Thanks you. Carol Jameston .

Customer care female
Ms. Sha Helloms CallsSep 05, 2016

Ms. Sha Helloms On Phone To 7 on Your Side Arkansas Service
Recently, leased space at Pines Mall in Pine Bluff. My complaint, landlord refuses to fix anything. The air conditioning is not working, cabinet doors have fallen off, to name a few. My business is baking and it's so hot in the kitchen, my butter melts, can not prepare my frosting properly, and pretzel can not cool, therefore, impacting profits. Overall, conditions of the mall are terrible. Please assist me and the City of Pine Bluff, in making this slumlord, fix up and repair the mall.

Customer care female
Ms. Latonya CallsJul 08, 2016

Ms. Latonya On Phone To 7 on Your Side Arkansas Service
I'm a parent of a special needs child that has been physically and verbal and mental abused numberus times since he stated school he now going to the 6th grade with ADHD several chactoristic of autism and developmental delays which requires full time supervision. It's also hard when your the parent that also works with the district as a uncertified /Subteacher that have jeopardized parents income by signing off on classified documents and falsying grades and experiencing bulling from all levels of staff do to me reporting what our hand book tells us to do so as a employee. I took that truthful risk to get put out position of working with the LRSD . I was physical injured by a student that was being bullyed by staff and children because he was the manorty in the classroom 4th grade white male they called the police on him but did not file a incident report which hinder me from getting proper treatment plus the young man is a special needs child that receives mental service and their so

Customer care male
Mr. Keith Coleman CallsJun 07, 2016

Mr. Keith Coleman On Phone To 7 on Your Side Arkansas Service
I'm Keith Coleman , live in Hampton Ar. I saw were you did a think on life net, about three weeks ago I was taken to Camden with chest pain, i do have a heart trouble, so that was what they were looking at, i told them that i had been home for four days sick and didn't think it was my heart, and it was my gallbladder, but they did not fine it that day so that is when they call LifeNet to come take me to Little Rock, will in a week I got a bill from them for 59, 999. 00 that is alot of money for me, I want to pay what i own them, but that is to much i think, I read on here were you have already did a thing on them, and see were they said something about some people do not pay, so it look like they are billing the one that can or will for those that want,
just would like to know what you think i should do

Keith Coleman .

Customer care female
Ms. Raina Houston CallsApr 14, 2016

Ms. Raina Houston On Phone To 7 on Your Side Arkansas Service
I'm having a issue with Walmart an money gram an terrywood apts

Customer care female
Ms. Sharon Morrison CallsMar 09, 2016

Ms. Sharon Morrison On Phone To 7 on Your Side Arkansas Service
I am contacting you because for the past six years I have been harassed by an individual who has made false police reports to my home, drove by my home cursing, calling my phone repeatedly, showing up at my home early hours of the morning, dropping her children on the front steps of my porch driving off and making threats. I have gone to the prosecuting attorney's office with many police reports. There only response has been to send a letter to cease and desist. I have been told that too much time has lapsed between events. I've been told to contact a private attorney. Awareness to the lack of power of the AGs' Office.

Customer care female
Ms. Tiffany Duckery And Dexter Mack CallsMar 02, 2016

Ms. Tiffany Duckery And Dexter Mack On Phone To 7 on Your Side Arkansas Service
My name is Tiffany Duckery I am A woman who has lost her parental rights due to my religous beliefs I have the DNA from the father who is now trying to get his chance at getting our children and they wont even allow him a fair hearing or say so concerning his children please help this matter of getting our children back please contact me Ms. Tiffany Duckery at 501 835-1768 or the Mr. Dexter Mack at 501 392-7792 concering the fight for our rights to get our children thank you ASAP.

Customer care female
Ms. Deborah Mcvay CallsFeb 25, 2016

Ms. Deborah Mcvay On Phone To 7 on Your Side Arkansas Service
I have had my service disconnected today with Dish TV. We have an outside antenna that gives us all the channels we need. We are on a fixed income and this is one service we can do without. Hesitated calling, because I expected they would give me the third degree about why I wanted to disconnect. And they did
It is now disconnected. They are telling me that we must return all the equipment in boxes that will be sent to us. We pay postage. The biggest problem I have is they think we are going to get on our roof to remove the dish itself (this is their equipment). I am 63, my husband is 67, do not think either of us will be climbing on the roof to remove their equipment. They will send someone out, but charge us $99 to remove their equipment. If we do not return the equipment there is a charge of $349 for the equipment. Please help, this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of.

Customer care female
Ms. Billie Arnold CallsFeb 08, 2016

Ms. Billie Arnold On Phone To 7 on Your Side Arkansas Service
Hello, My number is 501-259-2275. My complaint is about Ivy Hall Towing in Jacksonville. These people are shady. They keep giving you different prices on how much to get your car out of impound and that was on the same day. Then if you cant afford to get your car out they will let you get your personal items out at the charge of $400. 00. But your personal effects do not include any kind of clothing, money, tools or anything of that sort. If you have a cell phone and legal papers in the car you can get those. These people are making a killing off of the cars they impound. They have the prices so high that normal hard working people cant afford to get their car back. So Ivy Hall gets to keep them and sell them. There is a lot more to this story. Thank you.

Customer care female
Ms. Louise Keeley CallsDec 03, 2015

Ms. Louise Keeley On Phone To 7 on Your Side Arkansas Service
Louise Keeley 501766 5005 I am having a problem with ar-kla-tech out of Malvern ark cannot get them to come finish my job. I have paid them in full.

Customer care female
Ms. Louise Keeley CallsDec 02, 2015

Ms. Louise Keeley On Phone To 7 on Your Side Arkansas Service
I need someone to contact me Louise Keeley 501-766-5005. I have had a bad experience with ark-la-tech shop builders. They started work on October nine and is still not finished I have made the mistake of paying in full. And now owner says he is finished. Have all dates and pictures. I need help bad.

Customer care female
Ms. Karen Teague CallsDec 01, 2015

Ms. Karen Teague On Phone To 7 on Your Side Arkansas Service
Coast To Coast Carports, Inc. Invoice 13714Did not fulfill their contract and will not return my calls.

Customer care male
Mr. Michael Lemley CallsNov 18, 2015

Mr. Michael Lemley On Phone To 7 on Your Side Arkansas Service
Benton Fence Company installed a fence @ my home. Cut my landscape light wires. Told me to have my landscape guy fix it. Now say they are not responsible.

Customer care female
Ms. Heather Horton Morgan CallsNov 02, 2015

Ms. Heather Horton Morgan On Phone To 7 on Your Side Arkansas Service
I purchased a dog from Matt Little (McCrory, AR) in Dec '14 he informed us that the litter's registration papers from AKC were "not in yet. " This went on until Feb '15. He sent us the to file online. We received another letter Jul 15 saying"A parentage DNA verification analysis was being conducted on a dog in our dog's pedigree. The results indicated that our dog couldn't be the offspring of the parents to which it is registered. I message Matt to express my irritation, he did not reply for several wks when he did he stated "it was just a mix up with the swab, no big deal. "Now, almost 11 mo later we receive a letter stating the investigation was inconclusive. " Granting us "conditional registration" even though we paid extra $ for FULL registration/pedigree. eight people message me their stories too. Including fraudulent charges on Paypal, to selling dogs that weren't his, forging signatures, selling dogs w/ hip dysplasia. I have conversations saved and I have the documents w/ evidence to prove. HELP.

Customer care female
Ms. Teresa Long CallsOct 29, 2015

Ms. Teresa Long On Phone To 7 on Your Side Arkansas Service
Purchased car from Bryant Motors, drove the car to Memphis on. Car died wouldn't start. Replaced battery with 04/11 sticker, spark plugs, starter and oil. Car then started, but knocking terribly. Towed to a shop, engine is shot. Called dealer, said I should call the warranty company which I had already done. Will cost $1000 to get engine torn down to determine the cause, but they are certain it is oil seals not covered by the warranty. So $900 in expenses, $1000 to tear the engine down and have to put a new engine in it which is $4600, total 6500 I haven't even made the first payment. Mr. Gibson said he had the car serviced, but service shop and say they have never had the car. Went to try and talk with him today with my fiance and he refused and got one of his goons to come out who threatened me and when my fiance stepped in, assaulted him. Called the police and am now dealing with the prosecutor. 501-317-9677.

Customer care male
Mr. Larry Bozart CallsMay 12, 2015

Mr. Larry Bozart On Phone To 7 on Your Side Arkansas Service
Augusta Sheriff Dept. Taking my pets while I am at work. Because of false information. Due to stress I ended in the hospital for a heart attack. I have been told to pay a big amount of money to get my dogs back. Please help.