7 Eleven Vcom Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of 7 Eleven Vcom is: 1503-228-6322.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): 7 Eleven Vcom, No. 21 Tampines North Drive, 2#03-01, Singapore-528765.
Email Service Support: pr@7-eleven.com.sg
For Extra Support: www.7-eleven.com.sg
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at 1503-228-6322 to get help from 7 Eleven Vcom.
What is 7 Eleven Vcom?
The 7-Eleven is a Singapore based multinational company dealing in the Agro and food products. It is one of the leading convenience retailing store located in Singapore. This company also has its offices in the United States. The corporation is servicing to its customers since its inception in the year 1983. 7 Eleven Vcom has corporate head office in Singapore and provide services through various franchises to serve people around the world.

7 Eleven Vcom Contact Number:

7 Eleven Vcom Business Development Inquiries
Phone: (832) 308-4000
7 Eleven Vcom Existing Customers
Phone: 1-800-786-9666
The customers can call on the following Additional Numbers for any kind of service.

7 Eleven Vcom Operations

The 7 Eleven Vcom offers an attractive ATMs and branch payment system by placing a networking based machine that is known as V-COM used for immediate transactions. This machine facilitate cash withdrawals upto 500 dollars, payment transfers and tracking the records of the transactions. The same service of 7 Eleven Vcom listed above is also used for 7 Eleven Vcom moneygram, Vcom ATM machines, Vcom units, 7 Eleven Vcom locations, 7 Eleven ATM Deposit, Vcom check Deposit, Vcom machine locations and 7 Eleven check Deposit.

7 Eleven Vcom Products:

The company offers wide range of products which are categorized as 7-Select that consists of drinks, chips, cup noodles, party needs, juices, nuts and snacks, Ready-To-Eat includes different meals like combo meals, bakery, packed meals, snacks and sandwiches, Hot Beverages are further categorized as 7-Cuppa with latte, long black, mocha, cappuccino and hot chocolate, Slurpee are the frozen beverages that includes green apple and coke flavors.

7 Eleven Vcom Services

The 7-Eleven Vcom offers customers with wide range of services that include bill payments in which customers can pay bills through mobile phones, banks, at various utilities and others, Top Up Services by using cash, NETS flashpay, prepaid eTop-Up, autopass, NETS cashcard and mobile airtime transfer, Ticket Sales that provides online tickets for play pass in Sentosa and day pass for Universal studios Singapore, cash withdrawal with POSB Cash-Point and Online Shopping Payment to more than 450 stores.

Web Site of 7 Eleven Vcom:

The company offers customers with online facilities at the above website for updates of new products, services, online payment, make bookings, online solutions, menu's and many other services.

Email-Id Address of 7 Eleven Vcom:

The 7 Eleven Vcom provides customers with mail address to send feedback about the company and company services. The customers can mail on the above address for any details either regarding products or payments. The customer care team is available 24 hours to respond for customer queries, comments, etc.

7 Eleven Vcom Head Office Location:

The visitors can visit the head office of the company at the address No. 21 Tampines North Drive, 2#03-01, Singapore-528765.

7 Eleven Vcom Complaints and Reviews

Customer care female
Ms. Raven Addison CallsNov 07, 2016

Ms. Raven Addison On Phone To 7 Eleven Vcom Service
My account is being used for unauthorized transactions and I want the account closed out. My identify was stolen and someone besides my is using the machine for other purposes

Customer care female
Ms. Shelly R Davis CallsOct 07, 2016

Ms. Shelly R Davis On Phone To 7 Eleven Vcom Service
On October three, 2016 at approximately 1230pm I used a cardtronics seven Eleven Vcom ATM machine in Spanaway, WA. I made two transactions of 400. 00 and the machine only dispensed one of the transactions. The second 400. 00 was deducted from my account even though I didn't receive the money. I would like to speak with someone who can help with getting my 400. 00 back. For three days I have been trying to talk to a customer rep using the numbers given even with my own bank with no satisfaction. Please call me at 253-442-7063.

Customer care male
Mr. Shannon Anderson CallsSep 21, 2016

Mr. Shannon Anderson On Phone To 7 Eleven Vcom Service
On 9/20/2016 I used your ATM on 1410 North First Street San Jose, Cal 95112 at seven 11 Terminal - 1896506V. I inputted a withdrawl for $80. 00 then the machine froze and would not even let me cancel the transaction. After several minutes of waiting I went to the Cashier and told him that the machine had froze without dispensing money. We both walked back to theATM machine I noticed there was a receipt printed out and the default screen was showing, but there was no money in the cash dispenser slot. It debited my account as if the money was received. This was not the case can you please credit my checking account for the $80. 00 upon investigation of this machine. Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Customer care female
Ms. Rae Stuntz CallsSep 07, 2016

Ms. Rae Stuntz On Phone To 7 Eleven Vcom Service
My husband and I live in Pennsylvania. Today, someone stole my husband's debit card information somehow and withdrew $400 (in two separate transactions) at your ATM located at 330 North Federal, Fort Lauderdale FL. We have contacted our credit union and I have left a message with the Fort Lauderdale Police and will be filing a report. We will also be filing fraud reports with our credit union. We are at a loss as to how this happened as we have never been to Ft Lauderdale, his card has not been lost or stolen, and it is protected by a PIN.

Customer care male
Mr. Joey CallsJul 12, 2016

Mr. Joey On Phone To 7 Eleven Vcom Service
I made a Geico payment two weeks ago and it has not been applied. There is a problem with your machine. I need a supervisor/ manager/ owner to respond as soon as possible as my insurance policy is goingvto get canceled.

Customer care female
Ms. Sandra Chaviers CallsJan 31, 2016

Ms. Sandra Chaviers On Phone To 7 Eleven Vcom Service
I have an issue with someone using my debit card at a ct vcom location, my bank has refused to help me. At this point what can i do?.