30 Second Smile Customer Service Phone Number

The Customer Service Phone Number of 30 Second Smile is: +1 (800) 431-1902.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): 30 Second Smile, 30 Second Smile PO Box 9169 Van Nuys, CA 91409, United States.
Email Service Support: customerservice@30secondsmile.com
For Extra Support: www.30secondsmile.com
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at +1 (800) 431-1902 to get help from 30 Second Smile.
What is 30 Second Smile?
30 Second Smile is a toothbrush manufacturing company in the United States. 30 Second Smile is an electric toothbrush that is designed to clean the teeth of an individual wholly using a new technique and reach the inside of the mouth where other toothbrush do not reach. This toothbrush is voted as the Oral Dental Care product of the year and is clinically approved by dentists. 30 Second Smile has received a 5 star rating from the experts of the medical field. One can order this product online by going to company's website. The same service of 30 Second Smile listed above is also used for 30 Second Smile customer service, 30 Second Smile battery charger, 30 Second Smile electric toothbrush, 30 Second Smile Amazon, 30 Second Smile electric toothbrush reviews, 30 Second Smile phone number, 30 Second Smile exposed and 30 Second Smile whitening system.

Key Contacts of 30 Second Smile

30 Second Smile is passionate to provide brief support to expand perception of customers with actual information. 30 Second Smile is recommending customers to get in line with care officials whenever facing query regarding products and services. However, the customers are prescribed can interact with the authority through the following given numbers:
  • Customer Care Numbers: Call (800) 431-1902.
  • For Assistance: Call +1800-431-1902
  • To Report Query: Visit http://30secondsmile.com/contact.html

Essential Role of 30 Second Smile

30 Second Smile is an electronic toothbrush, manufactured to provide a genital way of cleaning teeth. 30 Second Smile is an alluring way to clean up an essential portions of mouth and provide an inventive experience of cleaning teeth. However, the enterprise is devoted to explore anticipation of customers in 30 seconds and recommends electric brushes to clean up those portions where other toothpaste can't reach. With an intent to evaluate components of health, the electric brush is strongly recommended by professionals and does not bothers to provide any illness to customers.

Perks Offered By 30 Second Smile

30 Second Smile is prescribing to purchase gadgets online and conventionally recommended to cut of expanses in to three monthly installments via: http://30secondsmile.com/order.html. However, the customers are flourished with 3 years warranty and service, whenever facing disturbances regarding products, the customers can effortlessly interact with officials.