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The Customer Service Phone Number of 02 is: 08443851711.
Corporate Office (Headquarters): 02, NA.
Email Service Support: hello@02thinkbig.co.uk
For Extra Support: www.o2.co.uk
Whom to contact for 02?:
You can contact NA for any query related to 02.
General Helpline To Call at: Yo can call at 08443851711 to get help from 02.
What is 02?
02 may be defined as a number or a numeral. 02 is the first prime number in mathematics. If a number is divisible by two, than that number is called even number. We can say that the number is an even number or not by just looking at the last digit of the number, if the last number is even than the whole number is even. 02 is also the smallest and the first prime number. The number 02 is sometimes known as the "oddest prime" because it is the only even prime number in mathematics. Three is the Next prime number after two, so two and three are the only two successive prime numbers.

02 is also a natural number, besides being prime, that has more divisors than any other number comparative to the number itself.

Representation of number 02

Binary 102
Ternary 23
Quaternary 24
Octal 28
Hexadecimal 216

Numeral System Representation of 02

Binary: 10
Base 7:2
Octal: 2
Hexadecimal: 2
Base 24:2

Features of the number 02

1. 02 is a Fibonacci number.
2. In decimal systems 02 is a palindromic number i.e the number that is the same whether you read it backwards or forwards.
3. 02 is a superior highly composite number.

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